James McAvoy Talks DAYS OF FUTURE PAST And What He'll Do For A Star Wars Audition

Days of Future Past star James McAvoy seems to really want an audition for a Star Wars stand-alone film. And the screenwriter for DOFP will also be working on the stand-alone Star Wars movies. So what did McAvoy do for/to him to give a good impression? Check it out after the jump.

Yesterday we heard the Days Of Future Past star express his love for the Thudercats, and how he thought Lion-O could be a huge role for an actor. While appearing on the Empire Podcast this week, McAvoy talked a little bit about Simon Kinberg, the screenwriter for Days of Future Past. Kinberg will also be contributing to Disney's stand-alone Star Wars movies, so McAvoy wants to make a good-impression on the writer so he can land an audition.

"He’s in everything. He’s a great guy. He’s so smart thematically and structurally. He just knows how to make these things work. He’s a great guy. I had a great time working on X-Men, the first one and the second one with him. Not the FIRST one, but our first one with the new guys. We got to work even more closely on Days of Future Past."

And on Kinberg being on set, he says, "When you’ve got that a story and that many cast members, you need to orchestrate it well. That’s going to happen in editing as well and probably with pickups. Every single movie you do, whether it’s a big one or a small one, they always have some kind of additional footage shot. Even better is to do it on the day. You always get on set and find stuff that works great on the page doesn’t work well on the screen. You get halfway through the film and you go ‘that stuff that we changed four weeks ago with that scene doesn’t work with that character now, but we still need them to come up and really have their time here so we need to change it.’ You need somebody like Simon who can work fast, who can be insightful and get to the core of what the script needs really quick. To watch him problem solve as we went was incredible."

Even though he hasn't auditioned for Star Wars yet, the actor says he would really like to, so much that he may have did some things for Kinberg. Some things that he didn't necessarily need to do. McAvoy jokes that he slipped him a couple of coffees... oh and also felt the writer's bum a wee bit.

"I have not auditioned for Star Wars. Something is rotten in the state of equity, I’m telling you. No. Although I have just been working with one of the writers of the new series, Simon Kinberg. I slipped him a couple of coffees, felt his bum a wee bit, you know what I mean? “Any chance big man?” So yeah, I’ve put in the work."

Now we don't exactly know if James McAvoy makes good coffee or not, but touching Kinberg in the bum might have just been that little extra deed to possibly get him an audition for Star Wars. McAvoy also shared his thoughts on Peter Dinklage‘s recent comments about Bolivar Trask not really being a villain. He says that Dinklage is lying and that Bolivar Trask can suck his... um... Little Professor X.

"He’s lying. He’s a liar [laughs]. Well, you know, I think villainy has to be inspired by something whether it’s ambition or malevolence, just natural malevolence or…I don’t know like ‘I need to be loved’ or ‘I never got hugged by my mum.’ Whatever it is, there’s justification for all sorts of villainy. If ambition is his justification for villainy it’s still villainy to me. Bolivar Trask can suck my mutant you-know-whats if you know what I mean."

It appears as though Charles Xavier really doesn't like Bolivar Trask. It is clear that McAvoy has a love for Star Wars and would really like an audition. Many actors are aiming for a role in any one Disney's new Star Wars movies, so being the one they choose is going to be very tough. Hopefully he gets the audition he was trying to get from Kinberg. And in regards to Days of Future Past, he does have a point about Trask. He may not be completely evil, but there is probably some villainous aspect to Trask? Do you consider Bolivar Trask a villain, and if McAvoy lands a role in a Star Wars film what role do you think he should play? Sound off below!

X-Men: Days Of Future Past stars James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Ellen Page, Halle Berry, Peter Dinklage, Anna Paquin and Shawn Ashmore. The film is set to hit theaters May 23rd, 2014.
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