MOON KNIGHT Head Writer Responds To Theories Ethan Hawke's Arthur Harrow Survived Meeting With Jake Lockley

Moon Knight Head Writer Jeremy Slater has responded to theories that Ethan Hawke's Arthur Harrow could have somehow survived his encounter with Jake Lockley in the finale's standout post-credits scene.

In the Moon Knight finale, Arthur Harrow became Ammit's new avatar. After he was very nearly beaten to death by Jake Lockley (not that we knew it at the time), Harrow was used as a means to trap the Egyptian God inside his body by Marc Spector/Steven Grant and Layla El-Faouly. 

Left in a mental asylum (the process clearly took its toll on the former Moon Knight), it appeared that's where his story would end. However, a post-credits scene revealed that he was taken from the safety of that institution by Khonshu and Jake, with the latter seemingly shooting Harrow dead in the back of that limo - although we didn't technically see the villain die. 

It seemed pretty obvious from those gunshots, yes, but with no body, well, he can always come back. Ethan Hawke recently suggested that could happen, but Moon Knight Head Writer Jeremy Slater has a different take. 

"That’s the way I wrote it on the page," he said when asked if Harrow is dead. "Again, because you don’t actually see a body, no one’s ever dead until you see the body."

"We had that teaser pretty early on in our story. I didn’t want to introduce Jake until the very end because I knew that it was going to be hard enough to make the audience care about the relationship between Marc and Steven if it was just the two of them. And I knew that if you put three personalities in there, it would just become a mess and that it would be too hard for the audience to track."

"So the goal from the very beginning was we’re going to save Jake for the teaser. He’s going to be the one who kills Harrow," Slater continued. "But the fact that we don’t see a body, and I think the fact that everyone loved Ethan Hawke so much and had so much fun working with him on this project, I think they’re just kind of keeping a few cards in their deck just in case the circumstances are ever right."

"It could have been a flesh wound. It could have been a warning shot. I don’t know. In my mind, he’s dead. But again, the person who gets to answer that is whoever kind of tells the next Moon Knight story."

So, Harrow is dead...unless Marvel Studios decide he isn't! The character was far from the best villain we've seen in the MCU, and Hawke definitely elevated him to a large degree. While we're sure future Moon Knight stories could make use of Ammit's unhinged avatar, it feels like his story has been told. With that in mind, revisiting him could run the risk of retreading old ground. 

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