This INCREDIBLES 2 Fan Art Will Have You Thinking About The Possibilities Of A Gritty Reboot

This INCREDIBLES 2 Fan Art Will Have You Thinking About The Possibilities Of A Gritty Reboot

The wholesome, throwback goodness of The Incredibles 2 is definitely something to treasure in this day and age but this concept art from Warrick Wong will have you wondering about a gritty reimagining.

By MarkJulian - Jun 28, 2018 04:06 PM EST
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Picture this- fourteen years after The Incredibles 2, Jack Jack, Dash and Violet are now adult superheroes operating as a threesome. What happened to their parents? It seems they perished in some mysterious accident or battle, leaving their children to continue fighting the good fight.

Of course, the incredibly powerful Jack Jack is the team's heavyweight but Dash and Violet definitely shouldn't be overlooked.

The concept art comes by way of Australia-based concept artist,  Warrick Wong, who you can follow on Instagram.  He has a Patreon and accepts commissions. 

Click the next button to check out adult versions of the Parr children.

Wong went on to explain that in his gritty reimagining of the Parr family, Mr. Incredible and Elasti-girl are dead and it's Violet who now leads the family. She's gone full-on alt. as evidenced by the massive tattoos on her neck and thigh.

Is that Dash or The Flash? The adult version of the speedy Incredible certainly has what looks like Speed Force lightning surrounding his body.  And if we're following Speed Force rules, blue lightning would mean Dash is incredibly fast!

Wong actually started with concept art for Jack Jack. Now years older, it seems he's learned to wield all of his powers at once and here, he's channeling laser beams, torch, and his monster form.

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ThatAlexDude - 6/28/2018, 4:18 PM
RocknRolla - 6/28/2018, 4:26 PM
@ThatAlexDude - Hell Yes! This is what I was hoping for with 2, but I can see this as a third one! This is bad ass.
knocturnalzen10 - 6/28/2018, 4:19 PM
beautiful work, this would never happen ...... but again great work
hufflepuff69 - 6/28/2018, 4:25 PM
Hopefully the kids grow into their own superhero identities, and aren't still wearing those costumes into adulthood.
incredibleTalk - 6/28/2018, 4:29 PM
Live action Incredibles 2020!!!
GreenieGobbie - 6/28/2018, 4:29 PM
Ugh. I haven’t seen the second movie yet and now after reading this article now I know. Thanks, CBM.
TheLight - 6/28/2018, 4:29 PM
incredibleTalk - 6/28/2018, 4:30 PM
Live action Incredibles 2021!!!
MrCamw1 - 6/28/2018, 4:31 PM
No Mrs. Incredible???
Zoldyck93 - 6/28/2018, 4:33 PM
My Hero Academia?
Menks123 - 6/28/2018, 4:35 PM
Great artwork!

But no, definitely doesn't have me wanting a gritty reboot.
DashParr - 6/28/2018, 4:40 PM
DashParr - 6/28/2018, 4:42 PM
Nice artwork still! You can tell a lot of time and creativity was spent on these.
grif - 6/28/2018, 4:44 PM
lol whats with all of the shitty tattoos?
Spidey91 - 6/28/2018, 4:47 PM
@grif - the designer wants to go for an Oscar.
DashParr - 6/28/2018, 4:45 PM
Jack-Jack having complete control over all his powers is both a terrifying and interesting thought.
Spidey91 - 6/28/2018, 4:46 PM
live action? f*ck that, make it an anime (and a little less edgy) and I will watch the sh*t out of it.
kirbyfan - 6/28/2018, 4:58 PM
Love the concept, love the artwork, and I love the fact that they are still wearing the costumes, shows their pride!

Live action would be absolutely incredible!
bcom - 6/28/2018, 5:06 PM
JosephCronos92 - 6/28/2018, 5:10 PM
I'd love to see adolescent Jack Jack with grown up Violet and Dash dealing with old Mrs and Mr Incredible, and how they want to be their own kind of Super/ Vigilante while their parents are pressuring them to keep The Incredibles name alive, Mr and Mrs facing the fact they are becoming too old and how their body is betraying them to the point were they have to accept actual retirement from being Supers, maybe having an awful sickness triggering that. Jack Jack's basically a freak and society's having a bit of hard time accepting him and that affects the growing adolescent, go all X-men on him.

Ok myabe i went a bit too dark lol but something on those lines would be great.
marvel72 - 6/28/2018, 5:13 PM
What if Snyder made The Incredibles?
ChrisNolan - 6/28/2018, 5:18 PM
@marvel72 - To me all those tattoos make it look like David Ayer's Incredibles III
grif - 6/28/2018, 5:18 PM

MUTO123 - 6/28/2018, 5:25 PM
MUTO123 - 6/28/2018, 5:27 PM
Also, I don't know if anyone's posted about Harlan Ellison passing away.
Dotanuki - 6/28/2018, 5:31 PM
@MUTO123 - ought to be a main page article. The guy was a god!
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