MARVEL'S AVENGERS Will Finally Add Spider-Man To The Game This Month In With Great Power Hero Event

MARVEL'S AVENGERS Will Finally Add Spider-Man To The Game This Month In "With Great Power" Hero Event

Quicksilver May Still Be Dead In The MCU, But He Is Getting An AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Marvel Legends Figure
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Quicksilver May Still Be Dead In The MCU, But He Is Getting An AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Marvel Legends Figure

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Forthas - 6/22/2018, 9:32 AM
I could kind of see it if all of his drones came together and became a giant robot!
MutantEquality - 6/22/2018, 9:48 AM
@Forthas - would have either been glorious and epic or...super corny. Love to see a deleted scene though.
Vigor - 6/22/2018, 10:15 AM
@Forthas - I want ant man to right giant ultron lol
BIGBMH - 6/22/2018, 11:03 AM
@Forthas - ?t=1m47s
Forthas - 6/22/2018, 11:11 AM
@BIGBMH - That was simply terrible!
BIGBMH - 6/22/2018, 12:09 PM
@Forthas - Lol, well now you know how it probably would've gone in AoU
RegularPoochie - 6/22/2018, 6:05 PM
@Forthas -
knocturnalzen10 - 6/22/2018, 9:33 AM
Ultron had such limitless potential , he was supposed to be the pure insanity the avengers fought not rational :/ ..... would've been a good bal between loki and thanos
cocaegelo - 6/22/2018, 9:34 AM
I remember the guys from the Omelete (Brazilian website) talking about a visit they did in the Set and the "Megazord Ultron", but in the end they didn't used. Better imo huaduhd
Benjamitesandwich - 6/22/2018, 9:35 AM
THAT would have been sweet! I still think Ultron is out there. Oh how I wish Hank Pym was still credited with his creation, though. Maybe that could be a plot for a third Ant Man: Hank makes it known that Tony gotten ahold of hos original plans for an Ultron unit or something like that. I just want Ultron calling Hank "Father."
Ronan3Accuser - 6/22/2018, 9:38 AM
aflynn - 6/22/2018, 9:44 AM
I don't love the idea, the concept art is nice but it feels very DC-ish to me, glad it was skipped.
CWBNGAJEEPGUY85 - 6/22/2018, 10:07 AM
@RageDriver2401 - I personally loved BvS:UE and just recently purchased Justice Lauge. My son is into Superman and Batman (we’ve darn near worn out Spider-Man: Homecoming because he’s watched it so much). Do I understand the criticism; yes. Do I agree with it; no. I loved both movies and all of the DCEU so far. It’s been great to see the transformation of Superman. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult for someone to say, “eh, not my favorite movie” or “I didn’t like it at all” and leave it at that. Instead people bash other people over an opinion ABOUT A MOVIE! There was one guy on here, I don’t remember their screen name, but he said Gal was not the REAL Wonder Woman....well no kidding, she’s a comic book character! Long Live DC and Long Live Marvel!
RageDriver2401 - 6/22/2018, 10:17 AM
@CWBNGAJEEPGUY85 - I did that with Spider-Man 2 when I was a kid, I watched it pretty much everyday for a while. 😂

And hey, Gal Gadot is stunning.
HeraldNumber7 - 6/22/2018, 9:45 AM
"Ultimately (and I think for the best) it was rejected, likely because as cool an image as it is it doesn't make a great deal of tactical sense over an overwhelming swarm of bots, and probably would have taken more bots than would have been realistic for Ultron to produce!"

true, but there's no reason the bots couldn't have joined together to make smaller scale versions of this, in addition to the giant swarm.

it just would have been nice to have a different fodder battle than the Attack on NY.

i really like AoU, but if Whedon was more slick he could have cribbed from Mark Waid and done a twist of JL: Tower of Babel...

have each Aveneger face off against a version of Ultron that was specifically "designed" to stand-in for their weaknesses. in the same way Ultron (Prime) was a stand-in for Tony & Bruce's character faults.
RageDriver2401 - 6/22/2018, 9:46 AM
Unpopular opinion, but I liked Age of Ultron. James Spader sounded really great as Ultron to me. And I enjoyed the story. Hulkbuster vs. Hulk was also pretty great.
aflynn - 6/22/2018, 10:02 AM
@RageDriver2401 - It has it moments for sure but with the bar being so high and the only competition to reflect on being its own company I think there was room for improvement.
GhostDog - 6/22/2018, 9:46 AM
AOU > Avengers 1

Menks123 - 6/22/2018, 9:48 AM
@BlackBeltJones - Agreed.
RageDriver2401 - 6/22/2018, 9:54 AM
@BlackBeltJones - I agree. The story was way meatier (for the lack of a better word). And well, James Spader.

OmegaDaGrodd - 6/22/2018, 10:53 AM
@BlackBeltJones - I go back and forth on this alot, but I think I summarize this by saying Avengers flies higher while Ultron is much denser. Hard to find to pick one over the other
GhostDog - 6/22/2018, 2:37 PM
@OmegaDaGrodd - I prefer the density of AOU I guess. Its a meatier that digs into the characters more than Avengers imo. The team felt more tangible in AOU for me. Fully realized. Which I get, Avengers was forming a team, but I just liked the feeling of the team feeling lived inm
LordDaredevil - 6/22/2018, 4:18 PM
@BlackBeltJones - After watching all of the films a few weeks back for Infinity War, I absolutely agree. While it has it's flaws, I had a hard time rewatching the first Avengers. It was great for it's time and I think Marvel's first team up will always be iconic but the film has definitely aged poorly and a lot of sequences feel really hokey/cheesy.

Age of Ultron on the other hand definitely handles the Avengers and the characters with a certain degree of weight and seriousness that the first film doesn't, which I feel like makes it an overall better viewing experience.
heisei24 - 6/22/2018, 9:59 AM
Reminded me of this:
RageDriver2401 - 6/22/2018, 10:02 AM
@heisei24 - LOL! This scene is the first thing I thought of when I saw those images.
blackandyellow - 6/22/2018, 10:09 AM
One of the weakest MCU movies and Disney knows it. They canned Whedon's ass even though he delivered them back to back billion dollar movies.
JonC - 6/22/2018, 12:28 PM
@blackandyellow - disney didn't can whedon. he got burnt out on the time schedule and the studio wanting to override his decisions.
Forthas - 6/22/2018, 10:24 AM

Avatar 2 may include elements inspired by Maori culture
Forthas - 6/22/2018, 10:25 AM

Comcast expected to counter Disney offer
NinnesMBC - 6/22/2018, 10:29 AM
@Forthas - The plot thickens.
knocturnalzen10 - 6/22/2018, 10:30 AM
@Forthas -
Forthas - 6/22/2018, 10:46 AM
@NinnesMBC - I know the CEO's of Disney and Comcast hate each other, but business is business...they should just split the baby!
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