Avengers: Age of Ultron is finally playing in US theaters, and we want to know what you thought of Joss Whedon's sequel to the 2012 $1.5 billion hit! Is it the mightiest Marvel movie to date or a crushing disappointment after the first instalment in the franchise? Hit the jump to cast your vote...

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By JoshWilding - May 02, 2015 06:05 AM EST
Avengers: Age of Ultron hasn't been the critical darling that The Avengers was in 2012, but the sequel has most definitely not been panned, while it also looks set to far outperform the first movie at the box office. Either way, it's yet another tick in the win column for Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios, and it should race past the $1 billion mark in a matter of weeks. Now that's impressive!

The sequel has been out now for over a week internationally and is currently showing in US theaters, so we want to hear what you think about Avengers: Age of Ultron in the poll and comments section below. The reaction so far has been mostly positive, and while it seems some were disappointed that it didn't quite recapture the magic of seeing the team assembled for the first time, the majority just appear to be happy to spend more time in the company of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. It does however at least appeared to split opinions to some extent.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is also likely to be Joss Whedon's final outing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, making it all the more significant. Don't forget to check out my review of the movie by clicking here. You can also find my "controversial" thoughts on why the sequel tops Man of Steel in a very specific way right here. Otherwise, rate the movie below, and then share your thoughts in the usual place. Those of you who haven't seen it yet may want to watch out for spoilers...

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Brainiac13 - 5/2/2015, 6:01 AM
4/5 for me........Best not to say anything else....@Natebest is watching ;)
01928401 - 5/2/2015, 6:02 AM
Before voting, actually ask yourself: was it really the best thing you've ever seen or was it just great? Was it the worst thing you've ever seen or have you been convinced it's bad because it has flaws?
CapedBaldy - 5/2/2015, 6:04 AM
3/5 for me.Needed more "VISION"
Ultimates - 5/2/2015, 6:04 AM
I have to watch it again but 3*, maybe 4*
DrKinsolving - 5/2/2015, 6:04 AM
Age of Ultron rocked!!

Watching it again soon, can't wait!!
LastOfKrypton - 5/2/2015, 6:05 AM
Hellsboy - 5/2/2015, 6:06 AM
Vision was great, Hawkeye was great
But that dialogue was horrendous at times
marvelstudios - 5/2/2015, 6:07 AM
It's a 4 for me. But a high 4. Would've been a 5 for me if the story was a bit more fleshed out, also if it had more vision and if they hadn't killed off Quicksilver. And maybe if it had toned down the humour just a notch.
McNyagano - 5/2/2015, 6:09 AM
GhostDog - 5/2/2015, 6:10 AM
4/5 it was an tepid and fun ride! Most fun I've had at the movies. Earnest performances, great fan service, best action in a cbm I've ever seen, and warm hearted Hawkeye family moments were great. Had its flaws (mainly ultron suffered the most but the performace was good) but it was still good. Whedon balanced so many threads mastefully. Idk any other director who could balance all these characters without having it fall aPart. Every character had a moment. A lot to balance while also setting other stuff up. Done very well without crumbling. Great send off for whedon.
GhostDog - 5/2/2015, 6:11 AM
And Vision is a new fan favorite! Baddest mother[frick]a in any cbm haha
GhostDog - 5/2/2015, 6:12 AM
I've seen it twice. Gets better wit's second viewing when you can really absorb everything
14 - 5/2/2015, 6:13 AM
3/5, too much was unexplained right from the start
Emblemmaniac - 5/2/2015, 6:14 AM
Brainiac13 - 5/2/2015, 6:16 AM
I think Man of Steel is way better! ;)
01928401 - 5/2/2015, 6:17 AM
If they would have cut the romance bullshit and focused more on Ultron/made him more menacing/less human and maybe went about Thor's discovery of the Infinity Stones a different way, then I would have definitely given it 5 stars.
Brainiac13 - 5/2/2015, 6:18 AM
Has anyone read any of the X-Men First Class comics?.....I'm planning on buying the Wolverine Trades..
Ghostyy - 5/2/2015, 6:18 AM
I might be the only one on this site who still hasn't seen this. 3 hours to go!
avengersleagueofjusticeforamerica - 5/2/2015, 6:18 AM
Wtf...... this isnt about that turd. Im sure the one soldier that Superman saved in that movie would agree with you though.
Highflyer - 5/2/2015, 6:18 AM
MrCBM56 - 5/2/2015, 6:18 AM
Such a f*cking thrill ride. A bit bloated and some choppy editing, CGI was really off at times, but damn good entertainment. Whedon will be terribly missed.
Ineedrevelation - 5/2/2015, 6:19 AM

Very boring and poorly paced. I was falling asleep during it last night. This will go down as the Iron Man 2 of Phase 2.

Downright boring... but still better than The Dark Knight Rises.
whittaflash - 5/2/2015, 6:20 AM
Not great, but bad. Feels kinda wrong to say it was just okay. Pretty good I guess. I think a lot of people have simply been caught up in the hype
Ineedrevelation - 5/2/2015, 6:21 AM
No wonder Marvel wants to get rid of Whedon. They were right when they said the first Avengers wasn't cinematic enough. Whedon wants cheesy cartoon heroes and the Marvel universe has completely outgrown him.

Bring on the Russos and Civil War!
Comicbookguy543 - 5/2/2015, 6:22 AM
4/5 it was an amazing film and I LOVED the character development.....only things I had a problem with were Quicksilver being a wasted character and the Vision not really having time to shine (he had good scenes but I wanted more) And the fact my country was where the Hulk VS Hulkbuster fight took place was awesome XD
kinghulk - 5/2/2015, 6:22 AM
im seeing it again after and i loved it
Brainiac13 - 5/2/2015, 6:22 AM

I'm shocked that you hated it..
SirGoraf - 5/2/2015, 6:23 AM
BvS has a tough time beating this. 4.5/5. Voted 4/5. Vision and Hulk v Hulkbuster was awesome.
WinterSoldier33 - 5/2/2015, 6:26 AM
3.5/5 so ill round up
Ineedrevelation - 5/2/2015, 6:27 AM
And my god... how much of a non threat was Ultron!?! God he was terrible! Such a waste of a good villain. I really hate when the villain isn't a threat to the hero/heroes in a film.

The villain always ALWAYS needs to be more powerful / scary than the protagonist! Otherwise there's no genuine feeling of consequence.

And *SPOILER ALERT* quicksilver's death was so stupid and random! I really should've been Hawkeye. With that whole backstory thing he should've died. That would've really hit the team hard.

Man this was so boo. Get Whedon the [frick] out of here NOW.
brickwall - 5/2/2015, 6:27 AM
3/5 for me.

Nowhere near as funny as the first Avengers film, a lot of the jokes in this seemed forced and quite a few fell flat.

Ultron could have been a better villan, but was not used to great effect.

Guardians and Winter Soldier are much better films, hopefully the Russo's will bring something fresh and inventive to Infinity War parts 1 and 2.
Ineedrevelation - 5/2/2015, 6:28 AM

Me too bro. Me too.

Total nerd, marvel fanboy and I'm not ashamed to admit it but this was so boring. I didn't hate it. I hate The Dark Knight Rises. This was just really dull.
r3negade - 5/2/2015, 6:31 AM
It was great. I caught it in IMAX. It got a full 5* from me. Not as good as the first one, but it came really close.
Luis75 - 5/2/2015, 6:32 AM
4/5 Great Movie.
LEVITIKUZ - 5/2/2015, 6:33 AM
It sucked. Nate said so.

Marvel sucks. DC sucks. Hellboy is King.

That's why Hellboy 2's RT is better than AOU.
kylo0607 - 5/2/2015, 6:35 AM
5/5. Loved every minute of it! May actually see it for a 4th time before the end of its run (I am in the UK).
SuperCat - 5/2/2015, 6:35 AM
Haven't seen it yet :(
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