Is There A New BATMAN ARKHAM Video Game On The Way?

Is There A New BATMAN ARKHAM Video Game On The Way?

WB Games is teasing a major reveal in March and the method of delivery has many gamers zeroing in on the fact that the teaser bears striking resemblance to a past Batman: Arkham Origins teaser.

By MarkJulian - Feb 01, 2017 01:02 PM EST
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If you recall, last December, we reported on a rumor that stated that WB Games was working on a new Batman game that would star Damian Wayne.  Moments ago, a new teaser surfaced on the IGN France account that a major WB Games announcement was set to be unveiled on March 8.  It only took moments for gamers to comment on how similar the color, text and font was to a similar teaser for Arkham Origins - WB Games' prequel to Rocksteady's Arkham games.  If WB Games' Montreal Studio is indeed working on a Damian Wayne Batman game, it clicks that IGN France would get wind of the news first. 

As always, we'll let you know more details the second we have an offcial confirmation, debunk or rumor from a credible source.  In the meantime, check out CBM's sister video game site,

Previous teaser for Batman: Arkham Origins

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MarkJulian - 2/1/2017, 1:34 PM
My first thought was that this was for Injustice 2 but that game doesn't come out until May...
Knightrider - 2/1/2017, 1:37 PM
Doubt it is going to be that Superman game, at this point I would be happy for EA to make a sequel to Superman Returns on Xbox so I can play a new Superman game
TheArkhamKnight - 2/1/2017, 1:38 PM
Please make this game PSVR capable similar to Resident Evil 7. Can you imagine that?
SummersEssex - 2/1/2017, 1:40 PM
The only thing I want more from the Arkham series is for them to change the awful ending of Arkham Knight. Terrible. They teased so much throughout all 3 games and Arkham Knight was so much fun to play, but the ending did not deliver.
GhostDog - 2/1/2017, 1:41 PM
@SummersEssex - I agree. Ending was bad.
SummersEssex - 2/1/2017, 1:49 PM
@ComicsBornAndBred - Could have been so good, too. All the set up was there for a perfect ending. Really loved the game throughout, even the batmobile stuff that I wasn't looking forward to. Big ol' letdown. That's actually the whole last two years of gaming for me, epic games I'm excited for that are a blast to play but are not satisfying in the end.
ODanil - 2/1/2017, 2:00 PM
@SummersEssex - @ComicsBornAndBred - can you guy elaborate on why the end was bad?

I mean the Riddler stuff was complete bulsh*t, 90% of us had to see the whole ending on youtube.
GhostDog - 2/1/2017, 2:05 PM
@ODanil - hahaha RIDDLER was bullshit.

Nothing really feels resolved. We get left with a bunch of questions that didn't need to even be raised if they'd used any other type of ending. Instead, no, Batman doesn't die heroically. He dies selfishly, covering his own ass. It just wasn't interesting. I found the final "boss fight" kind of underwhelming. I thought we were going to get a badass hand to hand combat fight but nope just another tank fight. That sucked.

I have a hard time accepting that Bruce exposed his identity and that he didn't have some sort of contingency plan in case he was accidentally unmasked. I was expecting to see some kind of twist or some back up plan other than what happened. In a sense, scarecrow actually accomplished what he set out to do by unmasking the Batman. He destroyed the myth and idea behind what Batman was. Batman existed because he wasn't just a man; he was the unknown. People always fear what they do not know. By putting an actual person behind the mask, scarecrow destroyed the legend; made it human. Bruce may have saved Barb, Jim and the city, however he lost everything he used to protect those things.
Mrcool210 - 2/1/2017, 2:12 PM
@ComicsBornAndBred - It is a contingency plan though, bruce fakes his death, or at least it's hinted that he does, since those thugs see the scary demon batman at the very end.
GhostDog - 2/1/2017, 2:23 PM
@Mrcool210 - I understand the plan but I didn't like it. Loved the game until that point (and the lackluster Jason in Arkham Knight reveal we all saw coming).
ODanil - 2/1/2017, 3:03 PM
@ComicsBornAndBred - Oh yeah. I was 100% sure he would come up with something like "the gas made you think I was bruce wayne" and make Jason wear the cowl for a while till the dust settled. I didn't buy that Bruce didn't have a contingency plan that would alow him to dismiss any thought that he was Bruce Wayne (and that aols wouldn't involve his death)

I liked the scary bat at the end though. I got it was Bruce using the scarecrow gas, some people have other theories.
auditore - 2/1/2017, 3:27 PM
@ComicsBornAndBred - the riddler stuff started as a fun thing to kill time but by the time we got to arkham night they got ridiculous the fact i need all of them to get the real ending is ludicrous
OrionPax - 2/1/2017, 4:46 PM
@ODanil - I ran through all of the Riddler stuff pretty easily,and i enjoyed the ending! it kind of left it open as to who was in the cowl now,obviously someone who doesn't mind using Scarcrow's fear toxin!
CutlockCrew - 2/1/2017, 6:07 PM
@ComicsBornAndBred - I think what people are forgetting though is that Arkham City is really the only game with an exceptional story. Arkham Asylum was critically received because of its gameplay and graphics, not its half assed rip off of Grant Morrison's work. These games sell on gameplay and Knight's biggest flaw was making the Deathstroke fight a tank battle.
GhostDog - 2/1/2017, 6:08 PM
leethario - 2/2/2017, 1:43 AM
@SummersEssex - lets be honest, the whole game sucked. Such a come down after the Asylum and City. The bat-tank was awful and they screwed over deathstroke so bad.
SummersEssex - 2/2/2017, 6:24 AM
@leethario - I still really liked it, but they TOTALLY screwed over Deathstroke. Origins had such a great fight between them and we got nothing on this. It was definitely too much tank stuff throughout, but I still liked the game overall. But that ending...
SummersEssex - 2/2/2017, 6:26 AM
@auditore - Agreed. They shouldn't make you do that to get the full ending. Ridiculous.
SummersEssex - 2/2/2017, 6:31 AM
@ComicsBornAndBred - It starts in Arkham City (amazing game) with him telling Robin he doesn't need help and then he does it a million times with Robin, Nightwing, and Catwoman throughout Arkham Knight. They play up the whole lone-wolf thing so much (which they should, because he is), but I was sure (and excited) that the ending would be Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman, Jason, Gordon, and Oracle all coming in to help him and show him that there are people that care about him and can help him. Then they all fight off a whole freaking legion of bad guys. The cutscene alone would have made the whole game for me, and then if they let you switch characters to fight like you can throughout the game? Even better. It was just a crappy ending. Arkham Knight, Uncharted 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, too much build-up, not enough closure. Come to think of it, that was my problem with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, as well. Looking forward to the new Spiderman game, maybe they'll get it right.
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