Andy Muschietti Is Reportedly Still Attached To Direct The DCU's BRAVE AND THE BOLD Batman Movie

Andy Muschietti Is Reportedly Still Attached To Direct The DCU's BRAVE AND THE BOLD Batman Movie

DC Studios Co-Chair James Gunn Weighs In On The Joker's Definitive Origin Story
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DC Studios Co-Chair James Gunn Weighs In On The Joker's Definitive Origin Story

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cala - 3/21/2016, 8:42 PM
If everything that happened in this show happened while Batman was actually suited up, it'd make way more sense and be way better. Next season seriously needs a time jump.
CopperCrow - 3/21/2016, 8:56 PM
@cala - This shit should be happening while Batman is away being trained.
PapaEmeritus - 3/21/2016, 8:46 PM
My fave Clayface is Preston Payne.

GhostSurfer - 3/21/2016, 9:29 PM
@PapaEmeritus - Looks like Mysterio
PapaEmeritus - 3/22/2016, 8:21 AM
@GhostSurfer - Not so much... only the appearance perhaps. His suit keeps him alive from melting away like an exoskeleton... he's a walking toxic protoplasm. Too cool! LOL
BlackStar25 - 3/21/2016, 8:49 PM
Did anyone else get a little rapey vibe from Penguins father. Anyway that last guy The Riddler killed is the last of Gordon's Special Squad if I'm not mistaken.
Yaf - 3/21/2016, 10:05 PM
@BlackStar25 - That's just cause it's Paul Reubens.
CopperCrow - 3/21/2016, 8:55 PM
This show is perfect for anyone who has never heard of Batman before.
Humperdink - 3/21/2016, 9:30 PM
@CopperCrow -
Boomdoggin - 3/21/2016, 9:01 PM
This show is terrible. Please stop watching it so ratings drop beyond repair. Eventually they'll wise up and do a Daredevil-/ BTAS-style Batman TV show, but not until this shite gets cancelled.
Luminus - 3/21/2016, 9:29 PM
Annnd there goes the idea (again) that Batman is responsible for the creation of his villains. Goffy a$$ show.
GAThrawnIGF - 3/22/2016, 8:27 AM
@Luminus - Except he WASN'T responsible for creating some of his villains. Penguin, Catwoman, Red Hood (the one who became Joker), Clayface, Hugo Strange, Ra's al Ghul (and thus presumably Talia), probably Black Mask all existed before he made his presence known as Batman. The ones we know for certain came after are Hush, Two-Face, Poison Ivy (and she's actually the right age on the show for this to happen), Man-Bat, Firefly, Riddler (although he was a small-time criminal for some time, presumably before Batman arrived), Harley Quinn, and Mr. Freeze. The problem is that it's hard to figure out some of these because it's assumed that the 40s-60s were all one or two years in Batman's life because Robin only aged in the late 60s and early 70s.
Luminus - 3/22/2016, 11:44 PM
@GAThrawnIGF - He created the extreme versions of them. The Red Hood, for example, became the Joker only because Batman exists.
Foolsgoldfinger - 3/21/2016, 9:32 PM
Don't you guys realize that "Gotham" exists on another Earth within the Multiverse, just like Arrow, Flash, and Legends exists on another Earth different from Supergirl? And they all exist on different Earths than the DC Cinematic Universe too. In Gotham, of this particular Earth within the Multiverse, the villains create The Batman, instead the other way around in the movie universe. Until the Multiverse was explained on the Flash, I could see people not familiar with DC being a little confused, but anybody that's a fan of DC should realize what Warner/DC is trying to do with the established Multiverse concept. If you want your more familiar Batman mythos, stick to the movies. If you can't hack the alternate universe of Gotham...don't watch it! The general audience, and the DC Multiverse savvy fans are loving the series. A lot! And by the way, "Smallville" was the first DC series to expound on the Multiverse.
CaptainAmerica - 3/21/2016, 9:35 PM
@Foolsgoldfinger - no, they don't, they're dumbasses.
Boomdoggin - 3/21/2016, 9:36 PM
@Foolsgoldfinger - I get that it's an alternate universe, but it's also a worse story than the standard one, and the existence of this show is stopping us from getting a much-more-awesome live-action version of Batman that we seriously deserve by now (after Smallville, Arrow and Daredevil have teased inferior episodic dramas that a Batman show could do even better).
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