JOKER: FOLIE À DEUX Poster Sets The Stage For Next Week's Trailer Debut

JOKER: FOLIE À DEUX Poster Sets The Stage For Next Week's Trailer Debut JOKER: FOLIE À DEUX Poster Sets The Stage For Next Week's Trailer Debut

As expected, the first official trailer for Joker: Folie à Deux, which stars Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga, will debut next week during CinemaCon in Las Vegas. Come check out the first poster now!

By RohanPatel - Apr 02, 2024 12:04 PM EST
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Following yesterday's rumor, Warner Bros. has confirmed that the first official trailer for the highly-anticipated Joker: Folie à Deux will debut next Tuesday during the studio's annual CinemaCon presentation, where it's highly probable that the film's 4x Academy Award-director Todd Phillips will be in attendance. 

The upcoming psychological thriller sees Joaquin Phoenix (Gladiator; Walk the Line) reprise his Academy Award-winning role as Arthur Fleck, a.k.a. the Joker, and will subvert expectations by sending the iconic DC villain on what's being described as a musical adventure, which we're going to learn a lot more about next week.

Joining him on his second adventure is fellow Academy Award-winner Lady Gaga (A Star is BornHouse of Gucci), who will step into the role of the Joker's psychologist-turned-paramour Dr. Harleen Quinzel, a.k.a. Harley Quinn. Set photos have already revealed that she'll be sporting several colorful looks in the film, so expect their whirlwind romance to kick off with a bang.

In addition to Phoenix and Gaga, Primetime Emmy-nominee Zazie Beetz (Deadpool 2Atlanta) will also reprise her role as Sophie Dumond, while the supporting cast consists of Academy Award-nominee Brendan Gleeson (The Banshees of InisherinEdge of Tomorrow), 2x Academy Award-nominee Catherine Keener (The 40-Year-Old VirginThe Adam Project), Jacob Lofland (The SonMaze Runner: The Death Cure), Steve Coogan (Tropic Thunder; Philomena), Ken Leung (Rush Hour; Old), Harry Lawtey (IndustryThe Pale Blue Eye), Leigh Gill (Joker; Game of Thrones) and Sharon Washington (Joker; Michael Clayton).

Unlike the previous installment, which was made on a modest $70 million production budget, the second chapter will boast a considerably higher price tag as it reportedly cost around $200 million to make. Considering the first film grossed over $1.079 billion at the global box office, it seems as though the studio is extremely bullish on the sequel possibly reaching the same heights, or completely surpassing them. 

As per new DC Studios head James Gunn, Joker: Folie à Deux will not be part of his soon-to-be-launched DC Universe, but will instead be an "Elseworlds" project, along with Matt Reeves' ongoing The Batman series. 

Warner Bros. presentation runs from 4 PM to 6PM PST on April 9th, so the trailer should be available to view online sometime during that time frame, if not, immediately after the presentation concludes. We'll have it here on ComicBookMovie shortly thereafter, so be sure to check in and join the discussion!

Check out the official poster below:

Forever alone in a crowd, failed comedian Arthur Fleck seeks connection as he walks the streets of Gotham City. Arthur wears two masks -- the one he paints for his day job as a clown, and the guise he projects in a futile attempt to feel like he's part of the world around him. Isolated, bullied and disregarded by society, Fleck begins a slow descent into madness as he transforms into the criminal mastermind known as the Joker.

JOKER: FOLIE A DEUX's First Trailer Debuts To Over 167 Million Views In Its First 24 Hours

JOKER: FOLIE A DEUX's First Trailer Debuts To Over 167 Million Views In Its First 24 Hours

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ItsNotForMeWahh - 4/2/2024, 12:42 PM
Apprehensive about this but hopefully it works out!
UrbanTheEmcee - 4/2/2024, 12:48 PM
This is probably going to get critic praise, but I don't see it being a hit with casual's.
DudeGuy - 4/2/2024, 3:15 PM
@UrbanTheEmcee - what else do you see?
User Comment Image
ModHaterSLADE - 4/2/2024, 12:51 PM
Phoenix is one hell of an actor, looking forward to it.
Nomis929 - 4/2/2024, 12:52 PM

User Comment Image
marvel72 - 4/2/2024, 5:31 PM
@Nomis929 - Have you seen this, I would love to own it but I haven't got the room really.

Nomis929 - 4/2/2024, 7:12 PM
@marvel72 - Whoa! That's very life like.
marvel72 - 4/2/2024, 7:24 PM
@Nomis929 - I like the addition of the steps and round the back the dressing room doing make up.
braunermegda - 4/2/2024, 12:52 PM
that poster looks like those horrible fan arts josh posts praising as jawdropping pieces of art
ShimmyShimmyYA - 4/2/2024, 1:36 PM
@braunermegda - bosslogic type of art
marvel72 - 4/2/2024, 12:52 PM
Not sure about this one, not a fan of musicals but I do love the first movie, so hopefully the trailer sells it too me.
Nomis929 - 4/2/2024, 1:23 PM
@marvel72 - Same. Not a fan of musicals at all, but I learned my leason the last time about doubting this franchise.

On this very site I said the First movie wasn't needed and would NOT be well received, and I was really, really wrong and happy that I was because the first movie was one of the best movie going experiences I ever had.

User Comment Image
marvel72 - 4/2/2024, 2:20 PM
@Nomis929 - Exactly right,my good man, exactly.
HammerLegFoot - 4/2/2024, 12:52 PM
OT: I just saw a fan cast of Ewan McGregor as Professor X and I wouldn't hate that actually
DrReedRichards - 4/2/2024, 5:58 PM
@HammerLegFoot -

Mark Strong remains my top pick for classic Xavier, but McGregor wouldn't be half bad either, especially if thy take inspiration from the recent Genosha run
MotherGooseUPus - 4/2/2024, 12:56 PM
I feel im in the vast minority on this one but.... i hated the Joker, and think its sooooo overrated. thought it wasn't good at all and the fact they are making this a musical.... baffling and a HARD PASS from me... but i hope others enjoy it; simply not for me
EZBeast - 4/2/2024, 1:11 PM
@MotherGooseUPus - I didn't hate it but found it very underwhelming. This one, because it is a musical, really doesn't get me excited but I am cautiously optimistic.
MotherGooseUPus - 4/2/2024, 2:09 PM
@EZBeast - whatd you think of Godzilla x Kong? i'll be going this weekend, i hope. heard its very over the top ridiculous and i'm ok with that... heard its like the showa era of godzilla movies, which isnt my fav and im all about the Heisei era... but im sure ill like it
WruceBayne - 4/2/2024, 2:59 PM
@MotherGooseUPus - I’m in the minority with you. I didn’t hate the movie but when it was over I had no intention on seeing it again.
And the musical angle for the sequel is just dripped in crazy sauce to me.
MotherGooseUPus - 4/2/2024, 3:28 PM
@WruceBayne - I watched it once and will never watch it again. The sequel being a musical is such a risky move for sure. Idk if it'll pay off or not, but I will not be there to support.
Origame - 4/2/2024, 3:41 PM
@MotherGooseUPus - it's OK. I've alerted the angry mob.

EZBeast - 4/2/2024, 3:46 PM
@MotherGooseUPus - It is absolutely insane. Like there are so many plot holes, random shit, the story is all over the place, and very questionable decisions but the monsters are a blast. It is definitely a showa era film with the vibe of 90s action cartoon show and I just can't stop thinking about it. Kong is great and suko the small ape ended up being a great side character and not just something to sell toys surprisingly, I liked the skar king but can't deny they should've done more with him, and really enjoyed the hollow earth stuff. The humans were dumb but i enjoyed Dan Stevens charisma and would like to see him back. Ngl godzilla was treated as like a side mission which was highly disappointing but his scenes are some of the most memorable at least.

Overall it was fun and people can judge but I turned my brain off and had a good time but do not try to look at this film logically for any reason or you'll implode. Of the monsterverse films it's on the lower end but beat kotm for me.

Let me know when you see it and what you thought!
TheGreenRanger - 4/2/2024, 12:59 PM
This being a comicbook movie is a stretch at best.
JFerguson - 4/2/2024, 1:03 PM
The textures look like a boss logic fan art.
The hair isn’t greasy enough. Can’t have a Joker performance without globs of grease in that mane.
SuperBatCap1 - 4/2/2024, 1:08 PM
I just don't get why this has to be called Joker.

Like, you take out the subtle (and not earned) references to the Wayne's and Gotham City, you could just call It "Clown" and have the same film speaking on mental health issues, chaotic thinking and our blindspots in poverty and infrastructure.

Like, I don't see this as a comic-book movie at all.
TheVisionary25 - 4/2/2024, 1:14 PM
@SuperBatCap1 - I mean ,Phillips has pretty much said that the only reason he made it Joker was to give it the DC Brand so it could sell to a wider audience

It’s smart (if not disingenuous) from a business perspective.
Origame - 4/2/2024, 3:42 PM
@SuperBatCap1 - I mean, you can say that about any cbm. And had they done that, people would've insisted its basically just a joker movie anyway.
valmic - 4/2/2024, 1:13 PM
It’s so photoshoppy. It looks so fan made. Man remember when we used to get great, unique posters.
Baf - 4/2/2024, 1:14 PM
This is the perfect time to release this film. Whether you like the movie or not, Joker is just off cannon enough to avoid the "Superhero Fatigue" distinction.
Great for the "Elseworlds" brand tho...
mountainman - 4/2/2024, 1:15 PM
This movie is going to make less than the first one.
marvel72 - 4/2/2024, 2:34 PM
@mountainman - Maybe, it might attract Gaga fans though and the first movie was very good, so that might help.
mountainman - 4/2/2024, 2:49 PM
@marvel72 - It certainly has some stuff going for it. I’d just say that the overall CBM fatigue, the poor view of DC as a brand, and the musical elements will all make it make less money.

Still will do well most likely. Just not a billy.
BeNice123 - 4/2/2024, 3:26 PM
@mountainman - ill take you up on that offer. Ill send my Venmo.
TheVisionary25 - 4/2/2024, 1:17 PM

I didn’t care much for the first one personally but I am somewhat intrigued by this due to the musical element & cast…

Hopefully it turns out better than the original for me atleast then!!.

Anyway nice poster , kinda reminds me of this…

User Comment Image
SuperCat - 4/2/2024, 1:33 PM
User Comment Image
marvel72 - 4/2/2024, 4:01 PM
@SuperCat - Cool man.
marvel72 - 4/2/2024, 5:24 PM
@SuperCat - You know how to blow minds with that gif.

Have Heath Ledger Joker hanging out of the other window from The Dark Knight.
ObserverIO - 4/2/2024, 2:07 PM
Obviously WBD have run out of money completely now and can't even afford marketing for their next DC picture.
BeNice123 - 4/2/2024, 3:04 PM
@ObserverIO - they dont need marketing for Joker. Its, “The Joker.” The best [frick]in villain in the entire Galaxy, besides Vader.
lazlodaytona - 4/2/2024, 6:14 PM
@ObserverIO - JOKER only had two trailers for its marketing.
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