My Thoughts On Black Panther 2's Potential Main Villain and Plot

My Thoughts On Black Panther 2's Potential Main Villain and Plot

With Black Panther 2 yet to start filming, Michael B. Jordan's return as Killmonger may also point to who the villain for the sequel as well as the storylines for the studio to loosely base it on . . .

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While Black Panther 2 is sure to be set after Avengers: Endgame and with Chadwick Boseman set on reprising his role as T'Challa, the king who in response to the corruption of his father T'Chaka, has brought Wakanda out of isolation and now connected with other nations around the world, sharing vibranium with others for many purposes as well as setting up shop in his late uncle's old apartment as a facility for social outreach and many more in store, only one thing remains.


With Michael B. Jordan being set on reprising his role as Erik Killmonger for the second movie, he wouldn't return just as an anonymous ghost in the ancestral plane. Especially after he had cut off access from the world to the spiritual plane. No. Killmonger has got too much potential to not go another round with the king of Wakanda and is sure to be resurrected like so from the comics but that would mark him as the sequel's secondary antagonist which leaves the main antagonist of the next movie to be the one who resurrects him. He may not be from Black Panther's rogues gallery of villains but much like Ego, Ronan, Ghost, and others who were utilized in Marvel Cinematic films, this villain is sure to work efficiently as the big bad of Chadwick Boseman's next stand alone. He is the one villain that has been due to appear on the big screens not since Iron Man 3 but since the very beginning. As Iron Man's arch nemesis, he will act as the next potential foe to the Black Panther with an endgame that should work with Wakanda now connected with others in the outside world. It is none other than . . . T

he Mandarin (the real one this time) played by Keanu Reeves (John Wick)
Keanu Reeves to play Mandarin

Mandarin is a megalomaniac who wields the power of ten magic rings and is a master martial artist.

Since doing the one shot "All Hail the King", the Mandarin that Tony was on the hunt for since the start of his journey is still at large and with Red Skull having made his return in Avengers Infinity War and with Killmonger set on returning for the Black Panther sequel, the time has come for Kevin Feige and the rest of the staff at Marvel Studios to bring the actual version of the Mandarin from the comics into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and this time, they are to do the power rings either with Makulonian, Asgardian, or Wakandan backgrounds to support their adaption and make sure they have the character blend in with the more civilized part of the franchise so they don't resort to any irritating surprises like they have with Kingsley's character in Iron Man 3.

Keanu Reeves to play Mandarin

Plus with Killmonger on the line for a return and another round with Black Panther, the MCU's actual Mandarin that runs the Ten Rings Paramilitary organization should be depicted as the same warrior king mentioned by Jackson Norris who much like Thor and other powerful beings has longevity and whatever he'll use to bring N'Jadaka back from the dead should also be the source of what is keeping him alive, even if it means making him the MCU's Ra's al Ghul. For Barnes, actor Sebastian Stan is sure to be back for the sequel and this time he'll be going by the alias White Wolf and with that alias, he's gonna need to wear the White Wolf suit while accompany T'Challa on his next adventure.


Shuri will return with a new lab set up in her late uncle's apartment which is now renovated as a social outreach facility.
Black Panther galerie photos_22

Kiber the Cruel will appear as one of the Mandarin's lead scientists and technicians and Scoot McNairy is to return as Jackson Norris.


Nakia will be back running the social outreach facility in Oakland but with Killmonger set to come back from the dead and with Disney having acquiring the rights for Marvel characters owned by Fox, Storm will be sure to make her MCU debut so if it helps make things less boring, Marvel should consider killing off Nakia instead of keeping her alive just to make T'Challa break her heart in a love triangle. Especially since she's the one who ruined N'Jadaka's plans just from sneaking the last herb out of the garden to revive T'Challa to intervene with the weapons shipment.


Others like Okoye and M'Baku are sure to come back for the sequel. Now for the general of Wakanda, Okoye is either to have less screen time by remaining in Wakanda or at least make sure she and the Dora Milaje grow some hair on their heads so they're not bald anymore. Especially now that Wakanda since the wake up call of Killmonger has become connected with the rest of the world.

Especially Nabiyah Be. For playing Killmonger's girlfriend she should return as a resurrected Linda who is to become the MCU's Madame Slay if the director has interests in bringing Killmonger back from the dead to be more exact.


Yeah, most of you wouldn't agree with this cast of stars and characters because you all rely so much on the comics and that many of you would rather have Doctor Doom as the villain because of his recent comic book appearances. But he won't work. Not because he's the arch enemy of the Fantastic Four or due to the flaws of the reboot in 2015. It's because Doom is the kind of supervillain that conquers to take what he wants and steal power all for himself.

Which is why Marvel should consider utilizing the real Mandarin of the Ten Rings as the main villain for Black Panther 2, not only because he was the first to bring Killmonger back from the grave but with the master of the rings himself having a huge distain for technology as well as T'Challa having Wakanda share all of its technology and vibranium with other nations around the world and Russia as well for foreign aid and refuge programs, Iron Man's arch enemy should work.

This movie is to be loosely based on the Hands of the Mandarin storyline and Iron Man Annual #5 which was released in the year of 1982.

Oh and one more thing, since Walt Disney and Marvel are both the destributers of the Marvel Cinematic films as well as Shuri mentioning Disney Land at the end of the first movie, Ryan Coogler and Marvel should look into filming scenes with T'Challa and his sister in Disney Land and it wouldn't matter when in the sequel should happen as long as they look into it.
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