How Is Batman In Blackest Night?

How Does Black Glove Know Bruce is Batman?

Editorial Opinion

I am a Marvel reader, through and through. I, personally, like the characters much better, but I have a great respect for DC and the characters that they have put forth. I think Batman is amazing and I like Green Lantern a lot as well. With that being said, I wanted to write something about the Blackest Night, which is captivating comics right now. I turned to my friend Carlos. This is what he has to say about Batman being part of Blackest Night.

"I had originally written an article in regards to Batman being in The Blackest Night, but didn’t get a chance to post it due to circumstances. And after reading Blackest Night numero uno, I know that what I had originally written was 110 % right. Let’s think how incorrect the idea of including him is. First off when the hell did he actually die, let alone which one of his deaths is actually the right one? Who knows that he (Bruce Wayne not Batman in this instance) is dead? I mean if you go off Final Crisis he was shot with Darkseid’s Omega Sanction and was shown as a burnt corpse in the arms of Superman, with the entire caped nation in mourning over the loss of Batman not Bruce Wayne.

How do you even tie in the death of Bruce Wayne, seeing as there is no mention of it anywhere? But at the end of the book it clearly shows a guy with grey tights and black hair laying a utility belt over an old guy’s body. (Mind you this all occurs in the distant past) Who does D.C. think there writing for 5 yr. olds who wouldn’t recognize that it’s really Bruce? (Look at Bruce in Knightfall same type of depiction long hair and stubble) Secondly in Batman R.I.P. which is going on in and after Final Crisis, he is shown being blown up with Doc. Hurt. Again we are left with no real answer. Finally, if he were to be included how in the hell does the Black Glove know that Bruce and Batman are the same person. The Black Rings don’t just find people who have never been identified as heroes. Anyway I’m sure D.C. will answer all my questions in the upcoming months I guess will all just have to wait and see."

- Carlos

I think that Carlos is right, let us hope that DC comes up with the answers to these questions. They seem to be struggling with the idea of killing Batman off even for a short period of time. This is one of my problems with DC, they are so creative and the universe they have created is imprecise, it is hard to follow what is going on. Extremely interesting though. Let me know what you think.

- Aaron


Special thanks to my friend Carlos. Thank you very much for sending your article to me. Keep them coming!

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