Some Info On the New Writer/Artist for The Dark Knight Comics

Tony Daniel is back but for how long?

I have not written in awhile, so here goes. I have not read all of Final Crisis, nor am I the biggest DC fan, but I have always loved Batman. And even before the movies. My favorite writer, Batman writer is is Loeb, I think Miller is so arrogant and pretentious that it makes it difficult to really enjoy "Returns". I enjoyed Battle for the Cowl and think that Daniels can really add something to Batman. Here is a little news for your Bats fans.

"July 6, 2009 - DC's Source blog has just revealed an interesting twist for the Dark Knight franchise. In a post published late this afternoon, the company revealed that Tony Daniel would be returning to work on the Batman series, and that he'd be doing so in a writer and artist capacity. Daniel is probably best known for his previous tenure on the series, which included Grant Morrison's controversial "Batman RIP" arc. Daniel also wrote and drew the Battle for the Cowl mini-series earlier this year.

The blog post indicates Daniel will be stepping aboard for a six-issue arc serving in both roles. What's unclear is whether Daniel will stay on board after those six issues or if he will move on to another series. Additionally, while fans know current artist Mark Bagley is moving over to Justice League of America with James Robinson, it's unknown if current writer Judd Winick will return to Batman or if his time with the franchise is up. Bagley and Winick's "Long Shadow" arc starts this week.

Daniel did offer these details regarding his upcoming run:

"It's a very exciting time right now. I've done my research, I've chosen my players, and I've outlined six months worth of story and I'm in the scripting phase of my first issue. We'll be seeing the return of some once-familiar faces, faces, I can say, who are not so friendly to Gotham. I'll be introducing a new character to the city of Gotham. There are also a few surprises in store that I hope will get people excited."

The Source also debuted two new pieces of art by Daniel, which are presumably covers for his arc. The unnamed storyline begins in October. "

Here is some preview art, possibly at least one of them being the variant.

I personally think that is good news. I thought Daniel's did a really good job with the characters and will add a lot to the series. Although, I do not know how he will do filling both roles as writer/artist, but the preview art is pretty spectacular. Especially if that really is a picture of what Dent will look like. I am excited to check this out. I am not really getting into the new Batman and Robin, by Morrison. But than again I am not really liking Dark Avengers. On a quick side bar, Dark Reign needs to hurry up and end. I think that for Batman this can be a huge mini-series. Not "Darkest Night" big, but can fly under the radar and be pretty great. Let me know what you think.

- Aaron

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