Director Robert Zemeckis And Tom Hanks' HERE Receives A November 2024 Release Date

Director Robert Zemeckis And Tom Hanks' HERE Receives A November 2024 Release Date

Sydney Sweeney Confirms Progress on BARBARELLA Remake: Excitement Builds for Sci-Fi Icon Revival!
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Sydney Sweeney Confirms Progress on BARBARELLA Remake: Excitement Builds for Sci-Fi Icon Revival!

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Bucnastydathird - 4/2/2024, 12:45 PM
That takes a strong mind to live in these phucked up days
TheNewYorker - 4/2/2024, 1:46 PM
@Bucnastydathird - these days arent any different from every other days
Bucnastydathird - 4/2/2024, 2:08 PM
@TheNewYorker - maybe to you douche bag....but not to me
ObserverIO - 4/2/2024, 2:46 PM
@TheNewYorker - Remember in the revolutionary war when we posted selfies on the battlefield? Good times.
Deadinside - 4/2/2024, 5:12 PM
@ObserverIO - I used to photo-bomb my fellow patriots wearing nothing but my musket & a smile...!☮️😋
TheNewYorker - 4/2/2024, 8:08 PM
@Bucnastydathird - that’s because you’re a narrow minded child, silly.
Bucnastydathird - 4/3/2024, 1:10 AM
@TheNewYorker - go phuck your mother with that bullshit son
PartyKiller - 4/2/2024, 12:53 PM
Someone was accusing him. Posting messages without context. Made it look like he was saying sexual things when he wasn't. And now a life is over & gone. His family are in mourning and none of it should've happened. But it did, because some people wanted to look sinless as they cast stones.
OmegaBlack13 - 4/2/2024, 2:10 PM
@PartyKiller - It’s absolutely a tragedy and a shame that it ended this way, but let’s not act like messaging a 17 year old and calling her “naughty girl” was on the up and up. There’s definitely some unsubstantiated accusations here but the one that got the ball rolling clearly happened and it’s a shame that Piskor never owned up to it.
ObserverIO - 4/2/2024, 2:44 PM
@OmegaBlack13 - Lets also not act like flirting with a 17 year old is worth destroying a man's life. In NY 17 is old enough to consent, in the UK 16 is the age of consent and Canada I think is 15.

Americans have such a guilty conscience. Let me break it down. He found her attractive. He did not have sex with her. At worst he flirted with her. This is not equitable on any level to [frick]ing babies.

Real pedos actually exist. I think we forget that. This guy didn't deserve the pitchforks, but we angry mob folk are just so eager to use them on anyone that we will take any available opportunity. We want to attack pedos and if there are none around then anyone who we catch finding a sexually developed woman under the age of consent attractive will have to do, I guess.
marvel72 - 4/2/2024, 4:07 PM
@ObserverIO - In some European countries it's 14 and 15, Japan changed it from 13 to 16 and in some Asian/Middle Eastern countries there is no age of consent but you have to be married.
PartyKiller - 4/3/2024, 8:54 AM
@OmegaBlack13 - She purposefully did not post why he called her "naughty girl". It had nothing to do with sex.
marvel72 - 4/2/2024, 12:55 PM
This is sad but the allegations against him,I don't know what to believe.
Clintthahamster - 4/2/2024, 1:03 PM
Dude's mental health was obviously not great. I lost a close family member to suicide. He was not in a good place, and was, by most definitions, a "bad guy." But I still think all the time about whether I could have done more to help him. People can change, but only if they're still around.
UniqNo - 4/2/2024, 1:05 PM
The internet and social media in general today is alot more of dark hole than it was 15 to 20 years ago.

I would say its best to limit yourself and if you find yourself doing down that hole, take a breather, or get off it. Keyboard warriors and twitter fingers (or is it X these days) ain't shit!

May he rest in peace and hopefully these allegations turn out to be false.

krayzeman - 4/2/2024, 1:46 PM
@UniqNo - Its judgement on the internet way more than today than back then. Everyone has to have their "freedom of speech" and their platforms to quickly judge without context. Keyboard warriors dont have the same type of heart to talk that same stuff they type in person but unfortunate for those like Piskor who sounds like he was suffering from depression took a lot of stuff said online to heart. Sad.
Nomis929 - 4/2/2024, 1:26 PM
This is so messed up.
Izaizaiza - 4/2/2024, 1:29 PM
Tragic news. Like everyone else here, I have no idea if he is guilty of the accusations leveled against him, but internet bullying is never the answer. My thoughts go out to his family.
Dunejedi - 4/2/2024, 1:46 PM
As this story develops, I think a lot of the devil’s advocates are gonna evaporate. I didn’t know a thing about this until this article, but there’s already mounting evidence of his creepiness. And his actions since these allegations landed have ‘guilty conscience’ written all over them.
ObserverIO - 4/2/2024, 2:35 PM
@Dunejedi - She was 17 turning 18. He is dead. Perspective.
Dunejedi - 4/2/2024, 4:45 PM
@ObserverIO - Yes, and he was nearly forty.

I said what I said.
ObserverIO - 4/2/2024, 4:54 PM
@Dunejedi - And therefore he was a sexually developed man over the age of consent. She was a sexually developed person who was just under the age of consent in the US.

It makes no difference if he was 18, 40 or 90. If you think it is then you're no longer talking about pedophilia, you're talking about ageism.
ObserverIO - 4/2/2024, 4:57 PM
Also more importantly, this is exactly the kind of thing he killed himself over.
Dunejedi - 4/2/2024, 5:31 PM
@ObserverIO - I guess I’m a bit confused by your response. Could you elaborate on it?
ObserverIO - 4/2/2024, 5:39 PM
@Dunejedi - Sure, which bit are you confused about?
Dunejedi - 4/2/2024, 5:43 PM
@ObserverIO - literally everything you’ve commented in this comment section. Please go into great detail.
ObserverIO - 4/2/2024, 5:48 PM
@Dunejedi - On everything? Be more specific. And less facetious.
ObserverIO - 4/2/2024, 6:12 PM
@Dunejedi - Since you're not responding. I'm going to do the opposite of going into more detail. I'm gonna go into less detail:

What I'm saying in a nutshell is that a man over the age of consent flirting (and even that's debatable) with a woman just under the age of consent is far less serious than a man committing suicide because the internet cancelled him.
Dunejedi - 4/2/2024, 6:14 PM
@ObserverIO - I was being circuitous, not facetious. I thought you might clam-up if I was being too obvious in feeding you rope to hang yourself with. But if you can handle the direct route, that works for me.

Please share your rationale behind:
- Your conflating the various ages of consent across the globe with emotional/sexual maturity.
- Your downplaying his predatory behaviors.
- Your blanket dismissal of any criticism of his behavior as coming from an “angry mob” with axes to grind, and NOT because those criticisms might be valid.
- Your repeated mischaracterization of children as “sexually developed women/people under the age of consent”.
- Your conclusion that “he made no attempts to sexually abuse her”.
- And any other thoughts you may feel like sharing with the community on this subject.
ObserverIO - 4/2/2024, 6:38 PM
@Dunejedi -

"I thought you might clam-up if I was being too obvious in feeding you rope to hang yourself with."

So you're not content enough with one death. You've a taste for blood now and you want more.
User Comment Image

"Your conflating the various ages of consent across the globe with emotional/sexual maturity"

The ages of consent is what we are talking about here. The fact that she was under the age of consent is the issue. It is the age of consenting to sex. So it has everything to do with what we're talking about.

"Your downplaying his predatory behaviors."

You are up-playing them. The dude obviously needed to get laid and was very creepy in his attempt at flirting, if that is indeed what he was doing. It's all conjecture. We don't know that he had designs on any of these women other than wanting naked models for his art. He was an artist you know.

"Your blanket dismissal of any criticism of his behavior as coming from an “angry mob” with axes to grind, and NOT because those criticisms might be valid."

The validity of these criticisms pale in comparison to methods of cancel culture which are the internet equivalent of angry mobs with pitchforks. People who are out for blood. It's good sport. Well, they got it this time.
It's not civilized.

"Your repeated mischaracterization of children as “sexually developed women/people under the age of consent""

It is not a mischaracterization. 17 year olds are sexually developed. Many of them are sexually active. Were you never 17?
Are you seriously comparing them to children? I think it's important that you realize the difference between the evil of somebody wanting to have sex with an actual child and wanting to have sex with someone with a sexually developed body. There is a very big difference.

"Your conclusion that “he made no attempts to sexually abuse her”."

If he did, don't you think the woman would have told us? She told us everything else.

"And any other thoughts you may feel like sharing with the community on this subject."

I'd just like to repeat the general sentiment of the comics community that this death is a tragic reminder of the very real consequences of internet cancel culture. Whether he is innocent or guilty is one matter. Whether we are innocent or guilty is a foregone conclusion.

Like Rob Liefeld said, "Be better".
Dunejedi - 4/2/2024, 6:48 PM
@ObserverIO - Well, thank you for your candor. In conclusion, I will say say while suicide is a horrible result of a deeply unwell mind, there is exactly one person who is responsible for Ed Piskor’s death: Ed Piskor. The internet did not kill him. The people he targeted did not kill him. He chose that. No one else.

And with respect to Rob Liefeld, I AM better.

ObserverIO - 4/2/2024, 7:06 PM
@Dunejedi - I think you've taken one quick look around inside yourself to see if there is any guilt there for possibly contributing to a man's death by being a passionate component of cancel culture and.... nope, nothing there. At least not that you can see, maybe it's hiding under a throw pillow or something. [frick] it, what do you need guilt for anyway? You were only looking because some dude on the internet asked you to and he's probably a pedophile.

I'm not btw. Case you were wondering. My kinks are milfs and hotwives (should that be milves and hotwives? We don't say hotwifes, do we?) anyway, that's beside the point. A man did die. And it's tragic. I don't blame you but I do blame cancel culture.

Although ultimately he did kill himself, willfully and with intent. On that I do agree. So this will have to be the only point we actually agree on tonight.
Reeds2Much - 4/2/2024, 7:51 PM
@ObserverIO - It makes no difference

"Just under the age of consent" is still under the age of consent, which means not legally considered old enough to give consent, which means not legal. That is when both parties agree to have a sex relationship but one party is legally a minor," or Statutory Rape for short. As a matter of course there are some states that have "Romeo and Juliet" Laws in place that address the "just under" aspect. And all that really means is that in places like Utah where it's +10 years a 27 year old having sex with a 17 year old wouldn't automatically be considered statutory, but should the relationship go south afterwards the 27 year old would have a pretty uphill battle to prove their innocence and need a pretty thick paper trail. And to be clear it absolutely does NOT mean an 18 year old can boff an 8 year old; It just means that someone "Just under the age of consent" can still be with someone older without an automatic verdict attached should both parties be consenting and someone else finds out (Like parents) find out and file charges. In some states the R&J laws also cover a minor lying about their age, but it has to be reasonable (Like the minor looking and saying they're older and being in a bar they shouldn't be in and a fake ID, not just "Well, they said they were legal ..."). I think the minimum age for Romeo and Juliet is 14 (So Utah would be 14:24, which is still gross but there it is), but it's been years since I've been bored enough to dig through law books.

So if we take this situation at face value, she was 17 and he was 40 (+23). Even if she consented (which it sounds like she wouldn't have) it would still be a crime; Even in Utah.

As far as societal acceptability? It's been a pretty well recorded rule of thumb since the late 1800s that half your age plus seven was the acceptable age range from a perspective angle.
SuperZeroCustmz - 4/2/2024, 8:18 PM
@Dunejedi - its almost as if you seem to think they were valid from accusation. What predatory behaviors or was it just that he was the main artist behind Red Room and has spoken against net bullys before. I bet if it turns out that they were just accusations you will stay tight lipped but if a single accusation or even a whisper of it being true then you will celebrate a suicide . Sorry I'm just snowballing here . these could just be false accusations but lets just run w/ it and save some time and then try and be the most logical on this ste . Its working out great for you so far.
ObserverIO - 4/2/2024, 8:28 PM
@Reeds2Much - That same "Societal acceptability" also said that it wasn't okay to have sex before marriage or with someone of the same gender as you or dressed as a chicken...


... I was of course pointing out that over the age of consent is over the age of consent and so it doesn't matter how old you are, the moral question should be the same. But I did forget about those Romeo and Juliet laws, so I guess it does matter how old he was in some states. (Gee I'll bet Kevin Spacey wishes he were in those states when he met that 17 year old in that gay bar).

But it just sounded like "Ew he's almost 40!" which is neither here nor there. Either she found him attractive or not and neither would be relevant to the question of whether or not it should be considered pedophilia and just sounds more like ageism. Like if he was an attractive 25 year old would that really make a difference? If it's wrong it's wrong and if it's right it's right. So I just kinda found that response to be neither here nor there.

But you're right, it is relevant in some states.
S8R8M - 4/2/2024, 1:52 PM
That's tragic! I am not aware of the situation. Love to his friends, family and fans.

If any of you lot are struggling with shit. I am here to talk.
We are all in it together.
Superspecialawesomeguy - 4/2/2024, 2:03 PM
What I tragic loss, I was a big fan of X-MEN: GRAND DESIGN and had wanted to see more Marvel work from him; I hope he's at peace now R.I.P.

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ObserverIO - 4/2/2024, 2:28 PM
Fück cancel culture.

I loved this guys work and all those Cartoonist Kayfabe guys. My heart goes out to them.
nightwing2090 - 4/2/2024, 3:00 PM
I'm really saddened and shaken by this Met him once and he was so kind and gracious.Such a unique talent. Rest Well
TheUnworthyThor - 4/2/2024, 3:19 PM
Anyone please for your own sanity, and possibly your life, if you can’t handle the internet bullies there is an easy solution, one that is in fact very freeing and will give you more control over your life and give lots more free time. Just get off the internet. There are plenty of us old people who live our lives and enjoy them without much of any social media. Nothing on there is worth your peace of mind or certainly not worth your life.
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