MapleSyrupss Avengers 4 Plot Theory (X-Men and Fantastic Four inclusion)

With all the secrecy with the current Disney Fox purchase, we can only wonder how the X-Men and Fantastic Four might get included.


Hey guys, I'm Maple. So recently we've seen set photos featuring current versions of characters interacting with their Avengers 1 counterparts. Many have wondered if the Avengers were going back in time. But I believe they're not going back in time, but to an alternate dimension. 

You see Avengers: Infinity War is going to end in the same vein as the original Star Wars. A small resistance takes on a powerful invader and somehow miraculously wins the day. 

Sure there are a few minor casualties consisting of lesser popular characters and then the surprise surprise death of Spider-Man. No one believes it. Everyone knows Spider-Man is supposed to have a sequel. But still the day was won and it looks like the Avengers have won the war. 

But come the sequel you get the Empire Strikes Back type sequel. And in this sequel the empire strikes back like crazy. Everyone dies except for Tony Stark. Him and Cap have made up since then and he now understands that Bucky wasn't evil. But now he has no idea how he's going to save the day. After one last minor attack everyone dies besides himself, Dr Strange and Ant-Man. They find a way to send Tony back in time using the time Stone. 
When Tony is sent back in time he see's he's back during the events of the first Avengers. He goes and finds Cap. He tells him all the mistakes that they made in their world. About the Mandarin, The dark elves, Thanks, Buckys story, SHIELD's downfall. But then Tony notices that this world isn't exactly the same as his, because the Avengers aren't fighting the Invaders alone. The Fantastic Four, Captain Marvel and the X-Men are present too. Tony is actually in the Ultimate universe. Then Tony kind of just goes back to die with his world. 

Now the Avengers know the mistakes they made in the past and they become a power house. No civil war so the super hero community was perfect. 
Now the movies released after like Ant Man and the Wasp, Spider-Man homecoming 2 take place in modern day alternate universe. Some take place back in time and tell their origins. Films such as these are Captain Marvel which tells the story of how Captain Marvel Came to be. Likely show an origin story set in the past with the X-Men as well. Hell they might use X-Men Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix films as the origins. And now Fox continued to produce X-Men film but with a new Disney team run by Kevin Feige. Now films such as Deadpool, New Mutants and Gambit take place in this new future along with Spider-Man 2 and Ant-Man and the Wasp. LOGAN remains in old X-Men universe and is the swan song of that series after Days of Future Past. 

Now the Disney keeps making money off the X-Men series, but don't need a brand new slate. This way Disney doesn't just off a whole new asset. 
Now you have a world where Captain America, Thor and Iron Man are alive and can do a movie if they choose. But otherwise there are enough properties to keep the series a float. You can incorporate the inhumans in a better way as the past was changed. The Defenders could be a film featuring The same cast as Netflix but a produced by Fox. 
Now you have a coherent universe where Disney isn't wasting a new purchase and actors can be in charge of when they appear in a film as more of a guest appearance. 
Anyways guys thanks for reading. I know this is far-fetched but I really think is the direction they're going. Anyways cheers
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