Megan Fox Talks Fathom and Red Sonja!

Megan Fox Talks Fathom and Red Sonja!

The Jonah Hex actress discusses her involvement with Michael Turner's Fathom and addresses the rumors of her involvement with Red Sonja...

By JoshWilding - Jun 15, 2010 03:06 AM EST
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Source: MTV Splash Page

"That's going to happen even if I have to step away from it and give it to someone else," the actress told MTV when asked about the adaptation of the Michael Turner comic, "That movie will happen, just because I love it and it needs to happen."

Fox went on to say that she wouldn't be willing to give up the role of Aspen (a young woman who learns she is a member of a race of aquatic humanoids who possess the ability to control water) to, "someone who doesn't give a shit about it." She also revealed that the movie is moving along and is already in the scripting stages, "They're still working on the script and getting that together. That's in the early fetal pre-production stages."

As for her rumoureds involvement with Robert Rodriguez's Red Sonja,the actress said: "Is that coming back around? There were talks of it a while ago, but as far as I knew, someone else was already doing it. I didn't realize that was open again."

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LOL - 6/15/2010, 4:13 AM
.... nothing to say to this really... Megan Fox pretty much looks a tad like the comic book character, but the way she acts sometimes worries me.... and no amount of makeup will cover her tattoos underwater unless its super waterproof or something. I just hope she won't liken the next director as another "Hitler". I honestly believe her being whiny and being a beeyotch at Michael Bay cost her Transformer 3 - not that it mattered anyway.

As for Red Sonja, I haven' heard about that one either in a long time.... last I remember was that Rose McGowan was attached to it by the teaser posters that were still up on some sites. Don't remember that many redheads that might fit the role. Lucy Lawless would have been great for the role back in the day....
Orehrepus - 6/15/2010, 4:25 AM
What... only one comment? It turns out that not many people give a shit about Megan Fox. LOL!
blankofthedead - 6/15/2010, 4:27 AM
tick tock... thats ur carreer winding down
XmutantX - 6/15/2010, 4:43 AM
she is hott tho!...shes only in movies 4 eye candy y all the hate?
StevilNYC - 6/15/2010, 4:47 AM
I'd eat her liver with fava beans and a nice chianti. FTFTFTFT!!!
JoshWilding - 6/15/2010, 4:49 AM
I never get why people hate Megan Fox so my opinion, she's a decent enough actress! Nothing special admittedly but I wouldnt say no to her starring in either of the above movies or having a (minor) role in a future Marvel/DC comic book movie! :P

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JoshWilding - 6/15/2010, 4:59 AM
MaryJaneWatson: I'm not sure Michael...maybe she pretended to be a girl on the internet like you? :D

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anirudhmohan - 6/15/2010, 5:12 AM
@JoshW - LOL!
ManThing - 6/15/2010, 5:50 AM
I would have a very hard time thinking of Megan Fox as a warrior
label613 - 6/15/2010, 6:41 AM
I dont care what anyone else thinks.. I think she plays some pretty good roles and she is effin sexy! Throw her in a movie for a sexy role and everyone should be happy....
McLovin - 6/15/2010, 6:42 AM
LOL!!! She's hot but that's it. She's not THEE hottest. Anyone else get the feeling she is trying to appeal to the only fan base she has left? I think she is going into the 17th minute of her 15 minutes of fame. This is stoppage time for you Miss Fox. You better make something happen fast.

Now if you want to see eye candy, how about her

Brashlight - 6/15/2010, 6:49 AM
Ok i think Megan Fox is SMOKIN HOTTT and i think you would be a bitch too if all people did was give you shit all the time. yeah, she has said some dumb ass stuff but how many hollywood stars can you count on one hand haven't said some dumb shit before. it happens, get over it its not like we are asking them to be chemical engineers or heart surgeons. and as far as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is concerned, am i the only one who doesn't think she is good looking. don't get me wrong she has a killer body but her face? i swear it looks like she fell out of the ugly tree, violently hit every branch on the way down and then as she was picking herself off the ground someone drop kicked her in the face. she just isn't attractive. Fox has got her beat by a long shot.
superdog - 6/15/2010, 7:20 AM
just start doing nude scenes already and be done with it
MrDCGuy23 - 6/15/2010, 7:24 AM
grif @ Another instance where i find myself agreeing with you.
GUNSMITH - 6/15/2010, 7:25 AM
MikeZ - 6/15/2010, 7:46 AM

If my film had the same shit as "Transformers 2", I'd be complaining too. But people are playing the "it made her career" card. And since when are people fans of Michael Bay?

@ McLovin

Now that's someone who's being nice. BTW, that girl in the three pictures has fake tits as well.

@ wolverinesfury

I'm with you. I just can't see it either. People need to watch a Disney Channel sitcom if they wanna bash their heads into a wall. And those DC stars are rather huge.

BTW, WGAS about what's on ABC Family. That station sorta stinks.


That could happen.

@ ToughGrappler

In case you don't know, she's not doing Wonder Woman. She said she's not too fond of the character.
McLovin - 6/15/2010, 7:48 AM
Fox is overrated. As a sex symbol and especially as an actress!!!

@ wolveinesfury - sorry dude

peterparker420 - 6/15/2010, 7:57 AM
NOOOO! FATHOM is a GREAT story, one of my FAVORITES!
Michael Turner is a god to me!(RIP) His art is increadible! Megan Fox (to me) CAN't ACT HER WAY OUT OF A PAPER BAG!..and she is NOT that hot! Aspen mathews should be played by a UNKNOWN!

Image Hosted by
By peterparker23 at 2010-05-22

OR maybe SUPER HOT Serinda Swan should play her!

Image Hosted by
By peterparker23 at 2010-06-15
blankofthedead - 6/15/2010, 7:58 AM
@wolverinesfury- jsut because there are worse actresses out there, doesnt mean that shes not an awful actress, because she is. Tv acting is usually worse than in movies anyway so the tv show you refferenced shows that that is exactly where her comparrisons should be(tv). And she's not a nerd.. yeah maybe she read comics when she was younger maybe she is interested in the roles now but who isnt? theyre hollywoods latest goldmine. A dime a dozen in quality but 500 million per movie in profits, so she's jsut trying to cash in and keep herself afloat as an actress while everyone watches her diva behavior eat away at her career. In 5 years the name megan fox will be forgotten. Plus she's really not THAT hott. I mean yeah shes a good lookin girl, but i don't think shes good lookin enough to excuse her stupidity, her attitude, or her acting.
blankofthedead - 6/15/2010, 8:01 AM
and what a dumb bitch to pretend she quit transformers... this isnt your middleschool boyfriend that your pretending didn't dump you.. This is a huge movie, the same franchise that started your pathetic career.. noone is fooled meggy
jacksback - 6/15/2010, 8:10 AM
let her play in both movies, hell we all would go see her...
jacksback - 6/15/2010, 8:11 AM
not sure about her as a redhead...?
HelaGood - 6/15/2010, 8:29 AM
she is so overrated
McLovin - 6/15/2010, 8:30 AM
Miss Fox has already stated that she has no interest in Wonder Woman. Here is her official quote:

“Wonder Woman is a lame superhero,” she says, clearly unfazed at the thought of ruling herself out of a potentially career-making franchise. “She flies around in her invisible jet and her weaponry is a lasso that makes you tell the truth. I just don’t get it. Somebody has a big challenge on their hands whoever takes that role but I don’t want to do it.”

I'm with you BmanHall, STAY THE FCUK AWAY FROM CBMs you talentless hag!!!!!!

p.s. but yes, I'd still do her ...

MarkCassidy - 6/15/2010, 9:37 AM
Blanket.."Tv acting is usually worse than in movies anyway" Mm, I think you need to watch different tv mate! Becaus eteh shows I watch and love blow any mainstream Hollywood acting out of the water.

Fox is not that bad. She did her job in the Transformers movies in which no human actor went above mediocre anyway. And she showed she had some(small) ability in Jennifer,s Body. And by the way, someone needs to be rated before they are over rated.

hah, yeah Grif I'm sure she's just balling her eyes out in her multi million dollar penthouse, rolling in her money.

blankofthedead - 6/15/2010, 10:57 AM
@ror- I think on average movies have higher quality acting.. I mean im not talking about movies like the new nightmarem ovie or things of that sort.. but i'd say any a-list movie star can outact a typical tv star. Thats why the money is in movies.. IF it want then the actors of these shows wouldnt hafta executive produce and such. Steve carrel would be wanna my favorite tv show actors and hes great but hes great at his niche. An actor like Dicaprio couldnt be put on the same comparison, even in carrels movies. But Im not going to pretend ive seen every show out there so maybe you're right and some shows have better acting than the hollywood elite, my point was mainly refferenced to the tweeny type shows wolvie was refferencing
SHAZAM171 - 6/15/2010, 12:12 PM
You can totally tell she was being very patronizing in the interview. God, what a waste so beautiful on the outside but very ugly and soulless on the inside. Shame.
drdoom28 - 6/15/2010, 5:13 PM
Yeah No way she be Sonja for sure. I never Read the Fathom stuff, so i don't know if she would of been good.

I'd wish Kate Beckinsale take Red Sonja, but she may be a little old and not a good red head. I'd still watch it though ;)
joncochino - 6/15/2010, 5:25 PM
I don't have a problem with Fox.
NateBest - 6/15/2010, 5:54 PM
You do realize that Megan Fox was who Michael Turner based Aspen upon (at least her looks), right? I sat in upon their panel last year at Comic-Con and found that they were apparently very close... I then ran down to their booth and bought all the Fathom comics I could afford (I only had the first 3 or 4 issues prior to finding out that Michael Turner had passed away).
gizzep13 - 6/15/2010, 7:49 PM
She makes my pants fit funny...
CyborgNinja - 6/16/2010, 12:48 AM
Wow, I just can't understand where the megan fox hate comes from. Seriously, her acting is on par with plenty of actresses her age and acting experience. Giving the transformers role over to a model with NO acting experience...I'm sorry, that's an epic win, why?

She's no academy award winner, yet, but her acting is good and she would be AWESOME for Fathom. Don't give me that bullshite that she only looks a little like Aspen. She fits it perfect. Anyone else is just actual eye candy...

In the end, I never really get where half the opinions on her come from anyway...
CyborgNinja - 6/16/2010, 1:29 AM
Wow, I just can't understand where the megan fox hate comes from. Seriously, her acting is on par with plenty of actresses her age and acting experience. Giving the transformers role over to a model with NO acting experience...I'm sorry, that's an epic win, why?

She's no academy award winner, yet, but her acting is good and she would be AWESOME for Fathom. Don't give me that bullshite that she only looks a little like Aspen. She fits it perfect. Anyone else is just actual eye candy...

In the end, I never really get where half the opinions on her come from anyway...
Orehrepus - 6/16/2010, 1:39 AM
Guys... guys... please...

Nobody hates Megan Fox. You don't want to frick someone you hate, I'm sure of that. And I'm just as sure, every straight male commenting here would love to frick her, me included.

Some of us just share opinions about her acting ability and such (hell, I didn't even do that, LOL!) But nobody hates Megan Fox. Not all of us love her either, but nobody hates her.
McLovin - 6/16/2010, 7:42 AM
@ wards - ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!! By far the best (and most honest) comment on this trend.
Orehrepus - 6/17/2010, 9:33 PM
@wards: LMFAO!
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