MAXXXINE: Mia Goth's Maxine Minx Takes Hollywood By Storm Force In Final Red Band Trailer

MAXXXINE: Mia Goth's Maxine Minx Takes Hollywood By Storm Force In Final Red Band Trailer

The third and final instalment in Ti West's X trilogy, MaXXXine, arrives in theaters this time next month, and A24 has released a blood-drenched final trailer...

By MarkCassidy - Jun 05, 2024 05:06 PM EST
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Maxine F*cking Minx has come to Hollywood, and she's determined to become the biggest star in Tinsel Town... by any means necessary.

The final film in Ti West's X trilogy, MaXXXine, is set to hit theaters exactly one month from today, and A24 has released a second full trailer spotlighting plenty of blood-soaked new footage.

In the first movie, X, Mia Goth's Maxine turned out to be the sole survivor of a crazed old woman's (also played by Goth) murderous rampage, and played a younger version of that character in recent prequel film, Pearl. In MaXXXine, the more determined-than-ever Miss Minx travels to LA with dreams of stardom, while a vicious serial killer known as the Night Stalker haunts the streets.

Here, we see more from supporting characters played by Elizabeth Debicki, Michelle Monaghan, Bobby Cannavale, Lily Collins, and Kevin Bacon, along with some flashes of the murderer's brutal rampage.

There's speculation that Maxine will be revealed as the killer, and while that's certainly possible, this trailer definitely attempts to steer us away from that scenario.

Check out a new trailer at the link below, and let us know what you think in the comments section.

"I see MaXXXine as a superhero movie – that’s how I read the script," Goth told SFX Magazine in a recent interview. "Maxine, as a character, has come a long way. She’s a survivor, she’s gone through a lot. When we meet her again, in this new world that she’s in, she’s really fought for everything that she has, and she’s not about to give that up. She’s going to fight for what she has. She’s a badass. There’s a strength to her. And she’s a really proactive, determined, focused woman. She goes after what she wants, and she’s not really going to take no for an answer."

“In 1980s Hollywood, adult film star and aspiring actress Maxine Minx finally gets her big break. But as a mysterious killer stalks the starlets of Hollywood, a trail of blood threatens to reveal her sinister past,” reads the official synopsis.

MaXXXine is set to hit theaters on July 5 in the US, and on August 9 in the UK and Ireland. Do you plan on seeing this one on the big screen?

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YouFlopped - 6/5/2024, 5:01 PM
A24 on a tarentino run fr
LSHF - 6/5/2024, 5:03 PM
I wasn't really planning to see this, despite how stunningly beautiful she is (I haven't seen the first two) until I saw the supporting cast.
MarvelZombie616 - 6/5/2024, 5:04 PM
Didn't see X nor XX, but will try to catch XXX.
dragon316 - 6/6/2024, 8:59 AM
@MarvelZombie616 - x was ok fast forward some parts see what it was like ending was funny old woman with shotgun that was it mostly see or citizens high praise of religion start killing people for disrespecting bible that’s what I got watching ending only
Lisa89 - 6/5/2024, 5:08 PM
Could quietly end up being the best horror trilogy of all time.
WhatIfRickJames - 6/5/2024, 7:18 PM
@Lisa89 - agreed
SonOfAGif - 6/5/2024, 8:50 PM
@Lisa89 - A Quiet Place or 28 Days Later might take that title.
HashTagSwagg - 6/5/2024, 5:10 PM
Why did you poorly censor the word "Storm"? is this a possible hint about her joining the MCU? why hasn't joss written 4 articles about this yet?
bobevanz - 6/5/2024, 5:49 PM
@HashTagSwagg - it wasn't even funny the first time, let alone the millionth ffs
HashTagSwagg - 6/5/2024, 5:56 PM
@bobevanz - What about the millionth and one?
User Comment Image
DocSpock - 6/5/2024, 5:19 PM

I have managed not to ever hear of this.

Are the first 2 any good, or is it just a bunch of schlock?
MarkCassidy - 6/5/2024, 5:33 PM
@DocSpock - They're worth watching. I think West is a bit overrated though.
DocSpock - 6/5/2024, 5:45 PM
@MarkCassidy -

Thanks. I'll check it out tonight. If it's bad, that's what all this tequila is for.
captainwalker - 6/5/2024, 6:20 PM
@DocSpock - Another story of someone who sold their soul for fame and fortune.
DocSpock - 6/5/2024, 6:44 PM
@captainwalker -

Yeah, I get that a lot.
LSHF - 6/5/2024, 5:28 PM
Another great comic book movie.
ImNotaBot - 6/5/2024, 5:34 PM
X was very nice breath of fresh air for the horror genre. Pearl script was meh, but Mia Goth acting alone makes the movie great.
MAXXXINE is looking amazing, Mia Goth deserves all the praise shes getting and i'm really excited to see her in Del Toro's Frankenstein.

Slotherin - 6/5/2024, 11:49 PM
@ImNotaBot - I must have been sleeping on that one! For so long Del Toro has talked about and intended to do it; I hadn't realized this was casted and filming began already!
Slotherin - 6/5/2024, 11:49 PM
@ImNotaBot - I'm hype about it now
Slotherin - 6/5/2024, 11:50 PM
@ImNotaBot - Frankenstein I mean
AnthonyVonGeek - 6/5/2024, 5:35 PM
One of the few upcoming movies that I’m excited for. Mia was good in X and her performance in Pearl was amazing so I’m excited to see what she does in this.
Feralwookiee - 6/5/2024, 5:38 PM
Ah yes.
My favorite comic book movie, MAXXXINE.

User Comment Image

Are there tits in this at least?
HermanM - 6/5/2024, 5:39 PM
@Feralwookiee - 👏👏👏
bobevanz - 6/5/2024, 5:50 PM
@Feralwookiee - just your dads
Feralwookiee - 6/5/2024, 5:52 PM
@bobevanz - They dug him up just for that?
Man, Hollywood is REALLY getting desperate now.
SuperCat - 6/5/2024, 5:47 PM
User Comment Image
bobevanz - 6/5/2024, 5:49 PM
Looks pretty good! Tickets go on sale 6/14.
Twisters tickets go on sale tomorrow at 7:40-8 am est including Early Access
SuperCat - 6/5/2024, 6:06 PM
User Comment Image
DocSpock - 6/5/2024, 6:46 PM
@SuperCat -

Well sh!t! If I had known there were auditions going on, I'd have gotten my hair done.

SuperCat - 6/5/2024, 6:48 PM
@DocSpock - LOLOLOLOL.
dagenspear - 6/5/2024, 6:40 PM
I don't really get what these movies are. Is it just a string of movies with the same character, mostly, that's tied together but only by that character?
SonOfAGif - 6/5/2024, 8:49 PM
@dagenspear - Not exactly. X and MaXXXine follow Maxine who was introduced in the movie X. The confusing aspect comes from the fact that Mia Goth plays both Pearl in X and in Pearl as well. But Goth was given a lot of prosthetics to play Pearl in X as she was older. Pearl is a prequel giving the origin story of Pearl in her youth before the events of X. So technically MaXXXine is a direct sequel to X and Pearl is a spinoff prequel to X. I don't know why they count them as a trilogy in my opinion.
dagenspear - 6/5/2024, 9:09 PM
@SonOfAGif - Odd stuff to me.
EgoEgor - 6/6/2024, 1:27 PM
@SonOfAGif - User Comment Image
dagenspear - 6/5/2024, 6:47 PM
I wonder if this actress could pull off Poison Ivy:

User Comment Image
DocSpock - 6/5/2024, 6:56 PM
@dagenspear -

If it was consensual, I suppose Ivy might go for it.
r1g0r - 6/5/2024, 8:11 PM
Looks like it was actually made in the 80s.
Himura - 6/5/2024, 10:16 PM
Been waiting for this for awhile. X and Pearl were fantastic.
NinnesMBC - 6/6/2024, 1:21 AM
I think this horror trilogy is quite underrated given it began during the pandemic, but perhaps this final movie will make it become more streamed in pop culture than it was.

Nice cast.
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