SCREAM 5 Set Photos Feature Courtney Cox As The Returning Gale Weathers

SCREAM 5 Set Photos Feature Courtney Cox As The Returning Gale Weathers

Cameras are now officially rolling on Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media's Scream revival, and some photos from the set give us a first look at Courtney Cox as fearless reporter Gale Weathers...

By MarkCassidy - Oct 26, 2020 11:10 AM EST
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We had heard that production on Scream 5 was aptly set to commence around Halloween, and cameras are now rolling in Wilmington, North Carolina, where one of the iconic horror franchise's main stars was spotted on set.

Cameras picked up Friends actress Courtney Cox, who's back on the story as Gale Weathers. Reports indicate that Cox was filmed arriving at the scene of a crime, as yellow police tape was spotted winding around the nearby woods.

Ghostface is clearly up to his old tricks.

Cox joins fellow returning franchise vets David Arquette as Dewey Riley and Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott. New additions to the cast include include Melissa Barrera (Vida; Dos Veces Tú), Jenna Ortega (Jane the Virgin; Iron Man 3) and Dylan Minnette (Prisoners; 13 Reasons Why). Marley Shelton will also be back as Deputy Judy Hicks from Scream 4.

Paramount Pictures will team with Spyglass Media to co-produce and distribute the still untitled movie, which has Ready or Not duo Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett on board to direct. James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick are co-writing the screenplay. Producers for the film are Vanderbilt, Paul Neinstein and William Sherak, with Kevin Williamson executive producing.

Plot details are still under wraps, but it's probably safe to assume the story will revolve around the main characters being stalked by a knife-wielding maniac in a Ghostface mask. With these new cast additions, there's speculation that the killer will be focusing his attention on a new group of teens while the returning heroes attempt to keep them safe.

Scream 5 is set to slice its way into theatres in January of 2022.

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Origame - 10/26/2020, 11:35 AM
Ghostface may be a violent killer, but at least he remembers to wear a mask. The cdc would approve.
NinnesMBC - 10/26/2020, 11:39 AM
Monica. :)
rebellion - 10/26/2020, 11:40 AM
It comes out january 2022, not next january.
MarkCassidy - 10/26/2020, 11:41 AM
@rebellion - Right you are... thanks for the heads up.
rebellion - 10/26/2020, 12:01 PM
@RorMachine - no problemo ;)
JohnMarston220 - 10/26/2020, 11:46 AM
Loved Ready or Not, these guys are perfect for Scream
roxas1003 - 10/26/2020, 11:55 AM
If we got a 90s Superman movie she would have been a great Lois lane.
RingSlinger700 - 10/26/2020, 2:56 PM
@roxas1003 - I think I heard she was actually considered for Superman Lives (the film we almost got with Nic Cage as Superman and Tim Burton directing).
inkniron - 10/26/2020, 11:58 AM
The Scream films are definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. I even caught the original last night on CBS. I had such a thing for Neve Campbell in my teens. I haven't seen her in much lately, so I hope time has been kind to her.

David Arquette on the other hand, I saw him in a bit part of a B movie called 12HR Shift a couple of days ago. He looked rough.
MasterMix - 10/26/2020, 12:08 PM
My favorite is It Follows. What's yours?
Dredd97 - 10/26/2020, 4:57 PM
@MasterMix - The Shining, The Exorcist, and The Thing are my favorites, but recent ones, I loved It Follows, Babadook, Hereditary, and Midsommer
LilJimmy - 10/26/2020, 12:21 PM
Why don’t these people just move elsewhere
SerKurtWagner - 10/26/2020, 12:42 PM
Very interested to see if the rumors about Matthew Lillard returning turn out to be true. It would be odd that he was never mentioned as still being alive in the previous films, but I'm always down for him getting new work.
theFUZZ008 - 10/26/2020, 12:43 PM

She's the best.
gordonh7 - 10/26/2020, 3:14 PM
Sorry but if I'me honest, one of the three main characters has to die. If I was the director the opening scene I would kill of Neve Campbell character, just to shock you and say everything you think you know, you don't.
BoW - 10/26/2020, 8:48 PM
@gordonh7 - They pulled that stunt with the Halloween Resurrection movie. Didn’t turn out too well.
ChimiFnChangas - 10/26/2020, 4:35 PM
Gale swallows!
AnthonyVonGeek - 10/26/2020, 9:23 PM
Aw yeah!!!
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