AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Star Paul Bettany Shares A Shocking Revelation About The Vision's Death Scene

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Star Paul Bettany Shares A Shocking Revelation About The Vision's Death Scene

THE INCREDIBLE HULK Writer Reveals Some Of The Bizarre Changes Edward Norton Made To The 2008 Movie
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THE INCREDIBLE HULK Writer Reveals Some Of The Bizarre Changes Edward Norton Made To The 2008 Movie

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sstephen2011 - 1/12/2018, 4:29 PM
Loved your in-depth analysis on the development of Iron Man! I was really looking forward to this next chapter but your first part about Iron Man was put in place of The Incredible Hulk. Not sure if you noticed.
MarvelDCAllDay - 1/16/2018, 6:01 PM
Still like this version better than the current one. The current one is only a lil less monkeyish than before.
MarvelDCAllDay - 1/16/2018, 6:01 PM
Not a bad movie either
blitzburgh - 1/16/2018, 6:02 PM
One of my absolute favorites...... Ya I just said that..... in my top 5 of marvel movies..... just like it, don't know why but I do
SpaceBeyonder - 1/16/2018, 6:04 PM
Wish Ruffalo had been in this movie
KWilly - 1/16/2018, 6:08 PM
Incredible Hulk is definitely one of the more underrated superhero movies. I mean, this fight alone was just spectacular.

Mercwitham0uth - 1/16/2018, 7:10 PM
@KWilly - Fave part of that brawl was Hulk using the police car like boxing gloves on Abomination.
Jacory - 1/16/2018, 10:45 PM
@KWilly - It's one of the greats in any movie, let alone a comic book movie.
Solarkalel85 - 1/17/2018, 4:17 PM
@KWilly - there are very little hero v villian decent fight scenes.at least i cant really think of any.maybe the winter soldier but this scene was one of the best
JohnnyTBP - 1/16/2018, 6:09 PM
Incredible Hulk was good to me. Ed Norton was great as Bruce Banner and The Hulk. Good story and action
Antithesis - 1/16/2018, 6:14 PM
I loved unleashed. Loved it. The incredible hulk didn't feel like a letterier movie. It was hulk by committee and it showed.
deepee3 - 1/16/2018, 6:16 PM
I liked this a bit better than Iron Man.
Jacory - 1/16/2018, 10:46 PM
@deepee3 - Thank you.
LoganMjolnir - 1/16/2018, 6:19 PM
Can't stand the overrating on 2008's Hulk only because he seemed more buffed and ripped. CGI sucked. Avenger's Hulk has the resemble of the classic hulk and still Ruffalo's features. It's just that Whedon nerfed so much, just like Thor.
ymk700 - 1/16/2018, 7:06 PM
@LoganMjolnir - 2008 Hulk CGI was garbage. The design was decent, but the quality of CGI was downright awful. A few scenes looked as bad, if not worse than Steppenwolf.

2003 Hulk design was pretty bad (too green, too big, too puffy) but the CGI still looks decent; even by today's standards.

2012 Hulk in Avengers is the best. Great design and great CGI.
Highflyer - 1/16/2018, 8:21 PM
@LoganMjolnir - Classic Hulk design (from the first comic) doesn't hold up in my opinion.
Highflyer - 1/16/2018, 8:37 PM
@ymk700 - I would say 2008 CGI was MUCH better that steppenwolf.

StormXmen123 - 1/16/2018, 10:31 PM
@ymk700 - Personally, I don't like the actual design of the 2008 hulk (not necessarily the CGI, which can be forgiven for the year it was made). His muscalture is too striated through the skin, and over all his facial features are very "plain" (there nothing that stands out on his face) which adds to the feeling that he is a CGI creation over an actual character.

What I really like about Ruffalos hulk is that you can see Rufflos features in his face, you feel that he has turned into the Hulk. And I also feel they got the musculature right; it moves under the skin and you feel there is fat above it, over the "dehydrated" look of the 2008 version.
Jacory - 1/16/2018, 10:48 PM
@Highflyer - Agreed, people praise the Avengers hulk for looking like classic Hulk, which looks great. Don't get me wrong, but classic Hulk (in my opinion of course) is not the best looking Hulk design.
ymk700 - 1/17/2018, 3:21 AM
@Highflyer - those images prove my point of how cartoony Hulk looks in the 2008 version. He looks like a video game in the last photo with Abomination. And the shot of him roaring is horrible. Totally unconvincing.
ymk700 - 1/17/2018, 3:26 AM
@StormXmen123 - yes, I agree, the muscle striation details were a bit too much and unnecessary.

But I disagree in regards to the quality of CGI (more tactile, better textures, more weight); because the 2003 version had better quality CGI and it was 5 years older.
Highflyer - 1/17/2018, 7:33 AM
@ymk700 - To each their own, I guess.
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