IRON MAN Is Finally Getting A New Single-Player Video Game From Marvel Games And Motive Studio

IRON MAN Is Finally Getting A New Single-Player Video Game From Marvel Games And Motive Studio IRON MAN Is Finally Getting A New Single-Player Video Game From Marvel Games And Motive Studio

Marvel Games has announced that everyone's favourite Armored Avenger will return in his own video game, and it looks set to put players in the suit for a single-player, third-person, action-adventure!

By JoshWilding - Sep 20, 2022 11:09 AM EST
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Marvel Games has announced today that they're teaming up with Motive Studio to collaborate on an all-new single-player, third-person, action-adventure Iron Man video game.

Currently in early development (meaning it's likely a long way off from arriving in stores), it's said that this game will feature an original narrative that taps into Iron Man's rich comic book history to "[channel] the complexity, charisma, and creative genius of Tony Stark," all while "enabling players to feel what it’s like to truly play as Iron Man."

Olivier Proulx is leading the Motive Studio team and previously worked on Guardians of the Galaxy. Joining him are industry veterans like Ian Frazier, Maëlenn Lumineau, and JF Poirier. 

"We are thrilled to collaborate with the talented team at Motive Studio to bring their original vision of one of Marvel’s most important, powerful and beloved characters," Bill Rosemann, Vice President and Creative Director at Marvel Games said today.

"Their experience delivering both established entertainment worlds and thrilling gameplay - combined with their authentic passion for the armored icon - will fuel our quest to deliver a love letter to a legendary hero in the form of the ultimate Iron Man video game."

Proulx adds, "It’s an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to make a video game based on one of the most iconic Super Heroes in entertainment today. We have a great opportunity to create a new and unique story that we can call our own. Marvel is encouraging us to create something fresh. We have a lot of freedom, which is so engaging for the team."

Iron Man is reportedly in pre-production, meaning we're probably at least half a decade from getting hands-on with it. This is all part of Marvel Games' new collaboration with Electronic Arts, with this set to be the first of several new titles. Recently, we learned that a Captain America/Black Panther team up is on the way, along with the previously announced Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine games.

Hopefully, this will be a lot better than those SEGA-produced movie tie-ins. With the current generation of consoles, though, we've got no doubt the game will do Tony Stark justice. 

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xfan320 - 9/20/2022, 11:16 AM
Iron Man was the FIRST MCU film.


Excited for a new AAA Marvel game!
xfan320 - 9/20/2022, 11:19 AM
@xfan320 - that was a "first" joke.

I really hope this is as good as Guardians ended up being!
Fares - 9/20/2022, 11:17 AM
"...single-player, third-person, action-adventure Iron Man video game."

"Olivier Proulx is leading the Motive Studio team and previously worked on Guardians of the Galaxy."

mountainman - 9/20/2022, 11:44 AM
@Fares - This! The genre that all comic based games should be.
Fares - 9/20/2022, 11:58 AM
@mountainman - I have no counter examples off the top of my head, so I'll agree with you on that one.
CorndogBurglar - 9/20/2022, 12:00 PM
@Fares - "This is all part of Marvel Games' new collaboration with Electronic Arts"

EA scares me. Hopefully they're allowed to take the Star Wars Fallen Order approach and create a single player game with no microtransactions.
CorndogBurglar - 9/20/2022, 12:01 PM
@mountainman - I just wish Guardians would have taken a page out of Final Fsntasy Remake's book and let you switch between controlling the different Guardians. Otherwise it was a great game.
Fares - 9/20/2022, 12:08 PM
@CorndogBurglar - Yeah, I maybe holding too tight to the hope that Fallen Order created. But on the other hand, we usually don't see traces of EA's money-hungry scheming in single player games, do we?

As for GOTG, at first I also disliked the lack of switching between characters. But to be honest, as I played it, I found appreciation in playing the role of the "Dad" through Star-Lord.

But if they incorporate character switching in a sequel without losing the charm of keeping Star-lord as the linchpin that holds the family together, I'd be all for it.
CorndogBurglar - 9/20/2022, 12:11 PM
@Fares - Well, to be fair we don't really see any single player games from EA lol.
mountainman - 9/20/2022, 12:19 PM
@Fares - The old diablo-style Marvel games were fine, but you don’t really get a true feel for power sets outside of an action game. An RPG could work, depending on context:

1) A Dr Strange and/or Wanda game
2) A new character for the game that lives in the marvel world and you get to build them as you choose
3) Fantastical realm stuff - like an Asgaurdian that isn’t Thor
4) A Fantastic Four game could even work as an RPG I think

But yes, 3rd person action for the win. The recent Batman and Spider-man games are great examples. Haven’t played GOTG. Back in the day, there were some cool Wolverine games too.
Fares - 9/20/2022, 12:47 PM
@CorndogBurglar - Hahah yeah true

@mountainman - 3rd person action is definitely my favorite genre for almost anything. I'm hoping that's how the next Wolverine game is going to be. Also the Wonder Woman game, I want it to be God of War 2018 but with Wonder Woman.
mountainman - 9/20/2022, 4:33 PM
@Fares - The Wolverine game where they depicted his tracking powers was so cool.

I would love an X-Men game where you can play as multiple teammates. There were good ones back in the SNES and Genesis era. I just know it can be tough to program good gameplay for the different power sets on the team.
Fares - 9/20/2022, 5:41 PM
@mountainman - When it's a top-down X-Men Legends-like game, it becomes much easier to pull off as there's more of a suspension of disbelief. But I don't find it as easy with 3rd person action games to make it work, as was the case with the Avengers game in my opinion.
mountainman - 9/20/2022, 6:47 PM
@Fares - X-Men Legends was good for its time. And maybe something like that could be done well again. I've just always found the dungeon crawler genre to be repetitive. But if you have multiple playable characters, it's much easier to execute. For a single hero game, like this one, and the recent Spiderman and Batman games, 3rd person action adventure type game is the way to go. There is a reason that genre often wins game of the year. Let's get a Wonder Woman game like God of War. Let's get a Wolverine game a la X-Box Ninja Gaiden (the second one even had wolverine claws as a weapon). Let's get a Daredevil game that is similar to the Arkham games. I just find that genre the best for immersion and gameplay.
Fares - 9/20/2022, 8:03 PM
@mountainman - Agreed.

I'd also like a AAA TMNT game that incorporates co-op/character switching like the upcoming Suicide Squad game.
Spoken - 9/20/2022, 11:17 AM
ALRIGHT YES!!!!!!!!!!!
regularmovieguy - 9/20/2022, 11:20 AM
Oh shit... Motive worked on the GOTG game? Been actually trying to play that one as I've heard it's [frick]ing awesome.

Can't get off the Duty train, tho.
Evansly - 9/20/2022, 11:23 AM
@regularmovieguy - It may still be on GamePass. I really enjoyed the bit that I played but couldn't finish due to getting busy
DarkDetective - 9/20/2022, 11:39 AM
@regularmovieguy - man, its so freaking good
Fares - 9/20/2022, 11:49 AM
@regularmovieguy - Dude, that game is awesome. But it's the dude leading Motive that worked on it, not the entire Motive team. It was made by Eidos Montreal. I hope it doesn't mean that GOTG sequel is in joepardy.
GhostDog - 9/20/2022, 11:21 AM
"... previously worked on Guardians of the Galaxy."
Spawnnn - 9/20/2022, 11:33 AM
@GhostDog - There are not many games I remember that completely changed my mind. I went from "gosh, this looks like dog shit" to "Im in love with everything". Great game.
Fares - 9/20/2022, 11:57 AM
@Spawnnn - I don't wanna spoil it for anyone who hasn't finished it, but that moment near the end where Star-Lord catches his cassette player in mid-air while something BIG is happening in the background is a top tier cool video game moment.
GhostDog - 9/20/2022, 12:01 PM
@Spawnnn - it was such a fun experience
bkmeijer1 - 9/20/2022, 5:56 PM
@Fares @Spawnnn - that was so obviously a meant-to-look-cool-moment, and it definitely was. And it had so many, and I loved every bit of it
zeon00 - 9/20/2022, 11:22 AM
Is it set the same universe as Marvel Spider-Man 2018
ShimmyShimmyYA - 9/20/2022, 11:31 AM
@zeon00 - none of the games have been set in the same world. Best hope is the wolverine game insomniac is working on will be . I guess marvel doesn’t want to be tied to one studio which could create a backlog of titles instead just farm out to different groups to more made faster . A MGU would be cool though
Fares - 9/20/2022, 11:54 AM
@ShimmyShimmyYA - I think it sounds cool on paper, but the more I think about it, the less attractive the idea becomes. Mixing superheroes with different combat/traversal styles and different power levels does not bode well for interesting and fun gameplay, at least in the context of 3rd person action-adventure. That was one of the major flaws of the Avengers game in my opinion. Plus getting a studio to create unfamiliar gameplay mechanics for guest characters that gets handed down to them from an other developers is much harder than incoporating a guest character in a ensemble movie.
comicfan100 - 9/20/2022, 11:24 AM
Marvel has been on a roll with the video games.
Spawnnn - 9/20/2022, 11:29 AM
- Iron Man
- Black Panther & Captain America
- Wonder Woman
- Spider-Man 2
- Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League
- Wolverine
- Gotham Knights

We eating, boys.
comicfan100 - 9/20/2022, 11:39 AM
@Spawnnn - Dang, I forgot about the Wonder Woman game.
GodHercules20 - 9/20/2022, 11:35 AM
I hope it's not like Spider Man ps games

Should be different

Also still waiting for a stealth Black Panther game
TheShellyMan - 9/20/2022, 11:37 AM
Let's gooo!

soberchimera - 9/20/2022, 11:39 AM
Hope they make good use of his rogues gallery in this.
IcePyke - 9/20/2022, 11:45 AM

slickrickdesigns - 9/20/2022, 11:46 AM
Just make it better than the psp version I played and I’ll be happy. That game got boring after the first mission.
IronMan616 - 9/20/2022, 11:52 AM

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