UPDATED: The 2011 American Film Market CBM Style!

UPDATED: The 2011 American Film Market CBM Style!

The 2011 American Film Market according to CBM. Here's a look at a few films currently seeking distribution partners including Bullet to the Head, Dredd, a Mass effect anime, The Last Days of American Crime, and a new Peter Pan movie.

By MarkJulian - Nov 03, 2011 07:11 PM EST
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In honor of the 2011 American Film Market currently going on in Santa Monica, California I thought I would share some details about films that may be of interest to the CBM community. If you follow some of the other, more global media sites, you've read about all kinds of Indie Dramas, Comedies, and Documentaries that are currently at the AFM but very little has emerged (aside from Oldboy and Evil Dead) about the film genre that we care about. In light of this fact, I've combed The Film Cataloge (it's quite huge!) to find a few movies to share including:

-Bullet to the Head
-Dorothy of Oz
-I, Frankenstein
- An adaption of the Darkstorm graphic novel starring Aaron Eckhart
-Mass Effect (anime)
- A Peter Pan re-imagining starring Aaron Eckhart
-The Last Days Of American Crime
-An Untitled Sam Raimi Horror Project
- Starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Update:It should be noted that while the information was taken from AFM's website, Dredd is being released by Lionsgate in September 2012 and Bullet to the Head is being released by Warner Bros. in April 2012.

The Film Catalogue contains thousands of projects and films that are available at all major film markets, including the American Film Market, European Film Market, Hong Kong Filmart and Cannes Market.

Here you can read synopses, find projects that are seeking distribution partners, watch trailers, view posters, create a personal list of favorites and discover where the film industry will be tomorrow. You can easily search through the Catalogue by production status, genre, language, budget, director, cast, company, title, etc.

Projects and films are added every day so be sure to consult The Film Catalogue often, especially before major film markets.

The Film Catalogue is a free service of the Independent Film & Television Alliance, a non-profit association whose mission is to provide the independent film and television industry with marketplace-oriented services and worldwide representation.

A Company may list their projects and films in The Film Catalogue if the company is actively engaged in distribution. IFTA considers a company “actively engaged in distribution” if it attends, as a licensor, at least two of the major film markets listed above.

AFM: The business of independent motion picture production and distribution - a truly collaborative process - reaches its peak every year at the American Film Market. Over 8,000 industry leaders converge in Santa Monica for eight days of deal-making, screenings, seminars, networking and parties. Participants come from over 70 countries and include acquisition and development executives, agents, attorneys, directors, distributors, festival directors, financiers, film commissioners, producers, writers, the world’s press all those who provide services to the motion picture industry.

Founded in 1981, the American Film Market (AFM) quickly became the premiere global marketplace where Hollywood’s decision-makers and trendsetters all gather under one roof. Unlike a film festival, the AFM is a marketplace where production and distribution deals are closed. In just eight days, more than $800 million in deals will be sealed — on both completed films and those in every stage of development and production — making AFM the must-attend industry event.

The AFM transforms Santa Monica. The Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel is converted into a busy marketplace. All 21 screens on the Santa Monica Promenade and the surrounding community become AFM screening rooms for the entire eight-day event and nine digital and video screening rooms are added just for the AFM.

Participants may view more than 800 screenings of approximately 400 films - 30 new films every two hours - the majority of them world or U.S. premieres. Titles range from big budget blockbusters that will be released by the major studios in the U.S., to lower budget art and genre films recognized at international film festivals, all destined for theaters and television around the world. With 7,000 attendees, 800 screenings, and seminars programmed by leading industry organizations, the American Film Market continues to be the pivotal destination for independent filmmakers and business people from all over the world.

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RunDTC - 11/3/2011, 8:03 PM
Pan actually sounds pretty intriging
40oz - 11/3/2011, 8:17 PM
Dredd is going to be cool and suck at the sametime.
TheWingedWonder - 11/4/2011, 2:58 AM
Dorothy of Oz sounds lame...returning to Oz? seriously? -_-'
Mrcool210 - 11/4/2011, 4:42 AM

so dorthy of oz is a remake of return to oz?
beatusbellum - 11/11/2011, 5:25 PM
Dredd, Dredd and grudding Dredd.
beatusbellum - 11/11/2011, 5:33 PM
Grud is dead.
CyclopsWasRight - 2/16/2012, 4:53 PM
wait why is the font so [frick]ing small?!!!?!
CyclopsWasRight - 2/16/2012, 4:53 PM
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