JUSTICE LEAGUE Director Zack Snyder Makes It Official: The Snyderverse Is Over!

JUSTICE LEAGUE Director Zack Snyder Makes It Official: The Snyderverse Is Over! JUSTICE LEAGUE Director Zack Snyder Makes It Official: The Snyderverse Is Over!

This won't surprise many of you, but following his recent comments about the time he spent in the DC Extended Universe, filmmaker Zack Snyder has now confirmed the "Snyderverse" has officially ended...

By JoshWilding - Dec 01, 2023 09:12 AM EST
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We never expected Warner Bros. to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut, but Zack Snyder's Justice League made its debut on HBO Max way back in March 2021. 

It received positive reviews (which were considerably better than those for Joss Whedon's 2017 effort) but some newly shot sequel teases thrown in by the filmmaker resulted in the birth of a new #RestoreTheSnyderverse hashtag. Since then, it's become clear that won't happen, particularly with a DCU reboot on the horizon from DC Studios.

Still, we're sure you're also familiar with the #SellTheSnyderverseToNetflix campaign, a strong indication these fan-led campaigns are still gaining some online traction. 

Zack Snyder has now chimed in, responding to a fan on Vero to confirm that the Snyderverse is officially over. This appears to close the door on any sort of follow-up to his cut of Justice League, whether it's an Elseworlds movie, TV series, or even comic book. 

That feels like a missed trick in some ways, particularly as any sort of continuation would no doubt be popular. However, it would also distract from what Warner Bros. and DC Studios are trying to do with the DCU, leading to a resurgence in those social media campaigns (which we're guessing will eventually fade away...over time).

Discussing James Gunn's plans to overhaul the DCEU, Snyder recently said, "I called him and said I wish all the best for him. I told him I wanted it to work."

"We cared deeply about what we were doing," the filmmaker added of the time he spent battling Warner Bros. over his vision for Justice League"We weren’t trying to make an Avengers movie. We weren’t. We didn’t know how, quite frankly. They brought someone in that did. I’ve never seen the [Whedon version], but it wasn’t the answer."

Snyder has also shared his belief that the superhero genre "has not evolved" and admits "I don’t have the excitement for it that I used to have." He's done with comic book movies for now but admits that, if DC Studios' co-CEO James Gunn calls, he'd be open to helming a comic-accurate take on The Dark Knight Returns...providing it's "a true representation of the graphic novel." 

The director will likely concentrate on Rebel Moon for the foreseeable future, a shared world he intends to expand across streaming, video games, and more.

How do you feel about the Snyderverse reaching its end? 

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Izaizaiza - 12/1/2023, 9:51 AM
Oh! Well thank goodness! That finally clears things up! 🙄
WhatIfRickJames - 12/1/2023, 9:53 AM
No shit, Sherlock
DrReedRichards - 12/1/2023, 9:55 AM
No respect.

lazlodaytona - 12/1/2023, 11:19 AM
@DrReedRichards - wow doc. just, really?
DrReedRichards - 12/1/2023, 11:30 AM
@lazlodaytona -

Yes, really.

Rest in piss. Piss on their grave. Let the filth flow back to the gutter. You know, just in case I wasn't abundantly clear.

No respect shown for those who never showed any to begin with.
Colton - 12/1/2023, 1:50 PM
@DrReedRichards - 🤣🤣
Quinn - 12/2/2023, 4:30 AM
What's your [frick]ing problem?
lazlodaytona - 12/2/2023, 5:28 AM
@DrReedRichards - fair enough
Obviously, people have the right to their opinions.
I'm not saying that the DC universe was great and every film nailed it. But I really liked Snyder's Justice League. Wonder woman was good, Man of Steel was adequately ok, I'm one of the few who really liked The Flash and the rest? Pretty much not good.
DrReedRichards - 12/2/2023, 7:23 AM
@lazlodaytona -

I've said it before, I'll say it again: like what you like, love what you love, hate what you hate, but know why and be sincere about it.

The Snyderverse is not a project that was meant to depict the heroes of DC the big screen with respect. It never was. It was always intended to be, from the moment of its inception, a project of pride instead. An alternative to the already established MCU, that was meant to be seen as better just for existing.

"We're not Marvel, so that means we are by definition better than you. You are all a bunch of sheep if you don't realize how perfect we are."

From Snyder's comments to his cult's behaviour, that's what being a supporter of this sorry franchise had always been about. Being seen as superior, unique, and misunderstood. Anyone who didn't like his movies was labeled by him and his cult as an immature child. Anyone who did was instead praised by him and his peers as a beacon of intellect and artistic integrity. The very definition of a toxic circlejerk.

That is my f#ckin' problem, @Quinn.
lazlodaytona - 12/2/2023, 9:43 AM
@DrReedRichards - I didn't ask what your f'n problem was. I mean, I 98% agree with you. Had no intention to argue with you. I simply wanted to share that I felt there was a few really good films that have come out of the dceu. I acknowledge that the over-all premise was a disaster by Snyder and most of all the studio bosses. But I would have killed to see JL 2 and the battle with Darkseid.
DrReedRichards - 12/2/2023, 9:50 AM
@lazlodaytona -

Don't know if Quinn has blocked you and you can't see her comment, but that's who asked what my problem was.

In true tagless fashion like she's used to, as you can see, so that whoever she comments under doesn't see her response, so I have you to thank for responding later and letting me see it.
BuzzKillington - 12/2/2023, 10:38 AM
@Quinn -

What's your problem Ruthless with not tagging people?
lazlodaytona - 12/2/2023, 11:02 AM
@DrReedRichards - no, am not blocked by her. I was just flabbergasted about you thinking I used the F-word towards you. I'd never do that.
Like I explained, I mostly, pretty much agree with u for sure.

Oh, and @Quinn...thanks for causing this misinterpreted conversation between the Doc and I. Last thing I wanted.
Thing94 - 12/1/2023, 9:55 AM
Good now stop talking about it
lazlodaytona - 12/1/2023, 11:21 AM
@Thing94 - It's not like Snyder was brining the topic up. He was simply answering question in an interview. Snyder isn't out there promoting "savethesnyderverse," it's the reporter that brought up the questions.
Nomis929 - 12/1/2023, 9:55 AM
harryba11zack - 12/1/2023, 9:57 AM
It isn't dead!!! at the end of the flash it was just banished to the Nipple-verse
Th3Batman - 12/1/2023, 9:58 AM
He rebooted Superman into the modern era, he brought Batman and Superman together on the silver screen, and he assembled the JL for the very first time. Whether you love or hate his vision, not many directors get the chance to accomplish what he did. I just wish his die hard fans could see that and be happy about it.
vectorsigma - 12/1/2023, 9:58 AM
Well, the good MCU was over first with Endgame and FFH.

Good luck to Disney getting back the magic. Sony owns spiderman so i was just forced to include FFH
TheSkank - 12/3/2023, 5:36 AM
@Fogs - Since when is a villain super group unheard of in DC? The Batman ‘66 movie had a villain group, almost all Batman movies do have multiple villains. The Suicide Squad is made up of mostly villains… This is not a new concept. Hell, even James Bond films have villain super groups.
Fogs - 12/3/2023, 6:16 AM
@TheSkank - As main antagonists in MODERN comicbook movies? You can bet your ass it was much more creative than a big ass purple conqueror when JL came out.

I'm not talking about the whole [frick]in history of mankind, ffs. Keep it on topic.
Doomsday8888 - 12/1/2023, 10:00 AM

Nomis929 - 12/1/2023, 10:10 AM
@Doomsday8888 - ;)

You know me, DD8888...I kick it "old scool". Altough I love 'Doomsday Clock'.
Doomsday8888 - 12/1/2023, 10:56 AM

After all...i do remember burying my FoX-Men as if it was yesterday...

Nomis929 - 12/1/2023, 11:13 AM
@Doomsday8888 - Man, I got to say this, Jermey Irons as an older verion of Ozymandias was so much better than Matthew Goode from the movie.

HashTagSwagg - 12/1/2023, 10:00 AM
The Dark Knight Returns doesn't need to be retold again, same for the red hood story. The animated films did them both justice. taking inspiration from them is fine but I just don't see a point in rotoscoping the same thing but in live action, this isn't Disney.
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