SPOILERS: JUSTICE LEAGUE - 11 Amazing Ways It Sets Up The Future Of The DC Films Universe

Based on those box office numbers, Justice League may be a standalone movie but it sets up the future of the DC Films Universe in some very exciting ways! Hit the jump to find out where things go next...

As of right now, the signs are pointing to Justice League being a one-off movie until Warner Bros. is able to get the DC Films Universe back on the right path. That's a shame and while the movie does do a fair bit to set the stage for a sequel, it also teases a number of other upcoming releases like FlashpointGreen Lantern Corps, and Cyborg (well, assuming that movie becomes a reality). 

From a new team of villains to the debut of various characters and huge changes for heroes like Superman and Batman, we take you through all the ways Justice League sets the stage for what comes next and there are plenty of reasons why you should be excited about the future of this universe.

Justice League may not have been perfect but it does a lot right and it's hard not to walk out of the movie - no matter what other faults it may have - not excited about where things could go from here. We're confident you may have even missed some of these teases, so keep reading for details...

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Atlantis Vs. Themyscira II?

During the flashbacks to Steppenwolf's first attack on Earth, we see the Atlanteans (then still on land) fighting alongside the Amazons but Arthur later casually mentions that the two tribes once went to war with each other. Could this be a hint at what's to come in the DC Films Universe? Well, who knows what Ocean Master has been up to, and remember, he brought war to the surface in the comic books. 

In Flashpoint, Barry Allen screwed up the timeline and ended up in a world where the war between Wonder Woman and Aquaman had ravaged the planet. Assuming Aquaman is as successful as Diana Prince's last solo outing, Warner Bros. is no doubt going to realise they may be able to do Captain America: Civil War level numbers by pitting the two of them against each other here. 

Batman May Be Ready To Retire

While the first half of Justice League indicates that Bruce Wayne may have a romantic interest in Diana Prince, the second half sees the Dark Knight seemingly ready to die as he's willing to sacrifice himself to give the team time to battle Steppenwolf. His body is clearly breaking down too as he's battered, bruised, and clearly struggling to perform as well as his superpowered teammates. 

That probably wasn't added deliberately during reshoots but it certainly opens the door to Batman retiring now that Ben Affleck is clearly ready to move on from the role. Whether this means he'll pass the mantle to Dick Grayson remains to be seen but with rumours circulating that a new actor would be cast, this movie only goes some way in explaining what comes next for the hero.

The Green Lantern Corps

It's been a long time since we've heard anything about Green Lantern Corps but at least Justice League confirms they exist in the DC Films Universe. During that flashback to Steppenwolf's first attack on Earth, an alien member of the group can be seen being sliced down by the villain and his ring then rises into the air and flies away to find a new host, a sight sure to be familiar to fans! 

While we never learn where the current protector of Earth is while Steppenwolf is attempting to take over Earth, the fact that the Green Lantern Corps exists is a game changer and sure to get fans talking about what comes next. There must be a Lantern out there somewhere, though, as the villain's line about "No Lanterns" we heard in the trailers was cut from the version of the movie we saw.

Wonder Woman Stands Before The World

Despite comments to the contrary from Gal Gadot, Justice League doesn't really retcon Wonder Woman's story arc in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as Bruce Wayne makes it clear that Diana Prince pretty much disappeared from the world following the death of Steve Trevor. However, by the time all is said and done, Wonder Woman has made her presence to the public clear.

We still don't know which era Wonder Woman 2 will take place in but if it is the present day, then this obviously sets the stage for her to be a hero who has stepped out of the shadows just like Superman did in Man of Steel. Honestly, a story set in the here and now would probably be better than going back to the past and this scene is hopefully pointing to that being the case.


As of right now, the signs are all pointing to the next time we see the Justice League assemble being in Flashpoint. We still don't know what form that movie is going to take but the title may tell us all we need to know, especially as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teased Barry Allen racing back in time seemingly to warn Bruce Wayne about the Man of Steel's turn to the dark side.

While we may not have met Iris West in Justice League, we do learn that Barry is determined to prove his father's innocence and as he gains a greater control over his powers, the hero racing back in time to fix that - coming into contact with the Reverse-Flash in the process - makes a lot of sense. The Scarlet Speedster also seems far more confident in his abilities by the time all is said and done.

Wayne Manor Becomes The Hall Of Justice

Justice League features a very positive Batman and he very occasionally feels out of character as a result. Regardless, the Dark Knight is clearly feeling pretty optimistic by the time all is said and done because he decides to finally rebuild Wayne Manor, this time as a base for the team. Joined by Diana Prince and Alfred, he talks about getting a huge table for them to meet and sit around.

How the public wouldn't notice that the dilapidated mansion is now a base for the likes of Aquaman and Superman is hard to say but the fact Diana mentions getting more than six chairs points to the roster of the team expanding in a big way moving forward. I suppose it just depends on when and if a sequel happens but we could meet the larger version of the League in Flashpoint

The Superman We've All Been Waiting For

Say what you will about Superman's return in Justice League but Joss Whedon definitely gave us the Man of Steel we've all been waiting for (even if his mouth looks horrendous). This optimistic version of Clark Kent is far closer to the comic books and if this is what we can expect from the character moving forward, then it's definitely a big step in the right direction for the iconic superhero.

However, the movie also appears to set up Clark's return to The Daily Planet, something which is never explained but is hinted at during his final scene as we watch him walk through Metropolis once again in disguise. That's now something a future movie featuring the character will have to address and we'll probably see the Man of Steel return in Flashpoint or even his own sequel. 

Cyborg's New Look

Back when the Flash's movie was scheduled to be released next year, the plan was for Cyborg to have a leading role there alongside Barry Allen. Whether or not that's still the plan remains to be seen but Victor Stone is left in an interesting place by the time all is said and done in Justice League, and the fact he struggles to control his powers could have some ramifications down the line. 

After all, it's feasible that alien tech could start controlling Victor and that may play a big role in proceedings if and when Darkseid does eventually arrive on Earth. Regardless, by the time Justice League ends, Cyborg has given himself a new look which is much closer to the source material in terms of appearance and that's something bound to make fans of the comic books happy moving forward.

Aquaman Meets Mera

It's been clear in recent weeks that Aquaman originally had a much larger role in Justice League. For starters, Vulko has been cut as has much of Arthur Curry's backstory which would have revealed more about why he bailed on Atlantis and his status as an outsider. Now, that will probably all be addressed in the Aquaman movie coming out next year and this movie sets that up in a big way. 

That's particularly the case in regards to Arthur's meeting with Mera, the first time these two have crossed paths. There doesn't seem to be much in the way of romantic tension between the two and Mera almost seems to dislike the son of Queen Atlanna, someone she clearly has some history with. Expect all of this to be addressed in just over a year's time from now. 

Darkseid Waits In The Wings

Disappointingly, we never actually get to see Darkseid in Justice League but Steppenwolf mentions the villain, thereby confirming that he exists somewhere out there in the DC Films Universe. This throwaway name drop means we're never quite sure if he's as interested in Earth as Steppenwolf but the door appears to have been opened to him appearing somewhere down the line.

Originally, that was probably going to be Justice League: Part Two but with the future of this franchise clearly in doubt, it could be years before we see this iconic bad guy make his long overdue big screen debut. Still, Justice League has set the stage for his arrival somewhere down the line so we're clearly going to have to be patient now and just hope for the best. 

The Injustice League

We never learn how Lex Luthor managed to escape from Arkham Asylum but we catch up with him in the after-credits scene on a yacht where he's visited by Deathstroke. Talking about Superman's resurrection, Lex says he believes that it's time "they" (as in the DC Universe's villains) set up a League of their own and you probably don't need us to tell you that this is a reference to the Injustice League!

It's unclear when and where these guys will show up but Suicide Squad 2 would be a pretty good place for them to first team up. That's admittedly a lot of villains for one movie but Task Force X being deployed to square off with Lex Luthor's team would be a lot of fun and this is probably a far more likely destination for the team than Justice League 2, a movie which may never actually happen. 

Are you excited for what comes next after Justice League? Did you spot any other ways the movie sets up the future of the DC Films Universe? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.
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