SPOILERS: JUSTICE LEAGUE: How Much Screentime Does Each Member Of The League Get?

Get a load of the exact screentime of the Justice League members and how it can give us a lot of clues about the (uncertain) future of many of the characters in the troubled DCEU.

Warner Bros' and DC's JUSTICE LEAGUE (2017) is finally out and there is a lot to unpack, specially regarding the rather uncertain direction and trajectory of this franchise and many of its lead characters. Some crucial information can be gotten from the screentime of the characters as the film was very heavily re-tooled in post-production with re-shoots and multiple edits to arrive at the final product and in a way sets up the franchise so that it can now go in multiple directions.

Now bear with me. This is the painstaking and laborious effort of multiple friends of mine and required multiple viewings of the film (which revealed different nuances about its making each time), but what we have arrived at is a close approximation of the screentime of the six members of the Justice League. The methodology I used was if a character is present during a lengthy group scene, they get screentime credit for the entire scene. This is specially the case with large sections where 5 of the 6 members are together. For action scenes happening over a spread out geography, I treat them as distinct scenes that were intercut together and players get screentime credit for mostly the bits they are taking part in. For the scenes where multiple members are fighting side by side in close proximity, all involved members get the screentime credit.

Vulture did this news feature for both of the Marvel group films so far - THE AVENGERS (2012) and AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON (2015), so I thought it would be fun to do this same news feature for JUSTICE LEAGUE now that it's out into the world. So without further ado, here we go...

#1 Batman

45 Minutes 33 Seconds

Batman narrowly comes out on top here, thanks in large measure to having some individual one-on-one scenes with Alfred, his trusty butler. He in large measure acts as the head of the Justice League and plays a crucial role in recruiting 2 of the  new incoming members.

#2 Wonder Woman

43 Minutes 47 Seconds

Hot on his heels his Wonder Woman whose role may have reportedly beefed up following her extra-ordinary debut on the big screen this summer which definitely created a cultural impact. She also helps recruit one of the new members and takes the de facto lead role in the battle sequences as the human Batman is no match for extra-terrestrial demons and gods. With a sequel and director locked in, Wonder Woman is on the rise and don't be surprised to see her lead the Justice League on the next go-around.

#3 Flash

33 Minutes 13 Seconds

Flash brings the laughs in the humor but is still very much green. His role in large battles is yet limited to helping out with side activities and saving civilians that are in harm's way. He gets to play a crucial role in the resurrection of a certain character and can become a prominent and very useful member of the League going forward.

#4 Cyborg

32 Minutes 33 Seconds

Neck and neck with the scarlet speedster is Cyborg who out of the new members has the most important plot function. He's in possession of one of the mother boxes (through his father), plays an important role in the resurrection of Superman, tracks down the villain in the finale and essentially leads the effort to destroy the motherboxes. Combine it with his immense powers and he's probably the most significant new addition to the team.

#5 Aquaman

28 Minutes 11 Seconds

Aquaman is probably the most awkwardly shoe-horned character into the film and does not play any important plot function. You could write him out and the plot wouldn't change one iota. He has plot connection in the form of witnessing the taking of the second mother box but apart from that just helps out in the fight scenes. His powers apart from stopping the water seem vague and undefined and it is unclear what is he exactly bringing to the table. Thankfully for Jason Momoa, his solo feature is already locked in and releasing next year so he gets another chance to make a case for Aquaman.

#6 Superman

16 Minutes 32 Seconds

Superman's role here essentially amounts to a glorified cameo. He might have less total lines than Alfred. He's essentially the Hawkeye of the DCEU at this point with literally just 2 major sequences for him. One of them happens to be the standout sequence in the film - his resurrection but even in the finale, he joins in at the very last moment without any rhyme or reason. With nothing on the books for Superman as far as a solo film goes, in terms of uncertain future, Superman is up there in the DCEU.
There you have it. The  times might be a little bit off but are directionally correct. The images belong to Blu-Ray Magazine and WB/DC.

Sound of in the comments section below to let us know who's up, who's down in the DCEU.
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