The Mask

“All great things must first wear terrifying and monstrous masks in order to inscribe themselves on the hearts of humanity.” -- Friedrich Nietzsche
A refresher feature on Dark Horse's green hued Big Head character. And a connection to the THOR movie?

I needed a break on my features of Marvel and DC characters, so here's one about a Dark Horse character. I would assume that a lot of you would remember this character, but since 1994 and even 2005 there have been a lot more geeks that were born, so this might be their first introduction to this character.

Who is the Mask?
The character is an odd anti-hero with elements of Steve Ditko's character - the Creeper and Batman's arch-enemy The Joker. He is able to change appearance and mysteriously disappear after each adventure. He does this by way of an enchanted jade mask.

The Mask was created by writer John Arcudi and artist Doug Mahnke, and based on a concept by publisher Mike Richardson. His first appearance was Dark Horse's Mayhem #1 (1989).

What are the Mask's Power and Abilities?
The wearer of the Mask has cartoon like powers, think Bugs Bunny or other Looney Tunes character. Also they are able to change what they are wearing and the shape of their body but no matter what shape the body the user always has a large green head. The wearer also has the power to do anything they wish to do. The wearer can not feel pain or even die, the wearer bleeds like a normal person but doesn't feel it and depending on the wearer's personality the Mask would bring their inner self out while usually getting revenge on all the people who had made the wearer mad or just destroying what they didn't like. The mask affects the personality of the wearer by removing all personal social inhibitions; in other words, the wearer takes off his/her metaphorical "masks" by putting on the mask. Not only is the wearer's Id totally in control, but the power imbued by the Mask gives him or her the ability to realize those impulses. Therefore, the capabilities of the Mask are entirely dependent upon its wearer.

Fun facts
The Mask comic book originally referred to the magical mask itself and not the green-headed character, who was known then as Big Head. It was not until the films and television series that the character himself became known as The Mask.

Live adaptations
1. The Mask (1994)

A superhero fantasy comedy film that starred Jim Carrey as Stanley Ipkiss (also known as The Mask).
Plot summary: A bank clerk without much success with women comes in to possession of a mysterious mask which transforms him into his inner personality. Set in "Edge City", a big American city with a pollution and gangster problem, as "The Mask" the bumbling clerk becomes an unconventional super hero in search of justice and a good time too.

2. Son of the Mask (2005)

A fantasy family-comedy movie starring Jamie Kennedy as Tim Avery, an aspiring cartoonist from Fringe City who's just had his first child born with the powers of the Mask.
Plot Summary: Ten years after the adventures of Stanley Ipkiss in Edge City, the legendary Mask of Loki finds its way into the hands of an aspiring cartoonist, Tim Avery whose new baby son named Alvery is born with the Mask's spectacular powers. But the really big trouble begins when Loki himself the god of mischief, comes looking for his mask, under command by his father Odin. And he's willing to do whatever it takes to get it back. (See this is a relevant and current topic, with Loki and Odin in it, a connection to the Thor movie =) ).

Fun facts
The character origins in the comics is still a mystery but in the movie the Mask was created by Loki the God of Mischief, and its a small portion of Loki's powers that the wielder gets when he dons the Mask.

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I remember watching the first one, I was young then and pretty much enjoyed the movie's antics. The sequel was a bit more forgettable. I would like another movie about the character, maybe if they bring it to the darker roots of the comics, that would be more fun.

This is the 1st article in my Know Your CBM Character series. Any requests and suggestions for an article for this series write it down in the comment section BELOW.

Note: Any error in the article above, if any, just blame it on my age, humanity and ignorance. Just be sure to check the comment section for the corrections, any error I made will surely be pointed out and corrected by much bigger geeks (because there will always be a bigger geek out there).

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