EDGE OF TOMORROW 2 Could Finally Happen Thanks To Tom Cruise's New Deal With Warner Bros.

EDGE OF TOMORROW 2 Could Finally Happen Thanks To Tom Cruise's New Deal With Warner Bros.

Emily Blunt Still Hopeful For EDGE OF TOMORROW 2, But Feels Script Would Only Have Worked Eight Years Ago
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Emily Blunt Still Hopeful For EDGE OF TOMORROW 2, But Feels Script "Would Only Have Worked Eight Years Ago"

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Supercat6376 - 10/5/2017, 3:23 PM
lol don't know why I love this movie. To me, it was quality all the way around. From the acting to the directing, to the score and sfx. It's a great movie. It was also funny as hell.
Desrow - 10/5/2017, 3:30 PM

MUTO123 - 10/5/2017, 3:41 PM
Cool. Take your time.

Also, Death Wish remake delayed. Take a wild guess why.

MUTO123 - 10/5/2017, 3:42 PM
Also, going to a Nostalgia Critic event where he's premiering his review of IT. There's an Q&A afterwards. Any questions anybody wants me to ask him if I get the chance?
MasterMix - 10/5/2017, 3:42 PM
Please change the title. The title sucks. I'm not saying "1 ticket for Live Die Repeat and Repeat" when I see the movie.
DavidGray - 10/5/2017, 4:03 PM
@MasterMix - ...isn't it "Edge of Tomorrow"?
MasterMix - 10/5/2017, 5:34 PM
@DavidGray - I'm talking about the sequel.
NoAssemblyReqd - 10/5/2017, 8:10 PM
@DavidGray - The movie didn't get much play in theaters, so they kindasorta renamed it on home media:

LIVE.DIE.REPEAT, with EDGE OF TOMORROW in tiny letters.

One could easily mistake the tagline for the title. This was intentional on the part of the studio, as EoT sounded really generic, like a daytime soap opera.
SecretWarrior - 10/6/2017, 3:56 AM
@NoAssemblyReqd - see, I kinda like the Edge title better. Live die repeat is more in your face and immediate but it could be about any generic situation where the guy keeps coming back tonight life. Or a live action video game movie lol. Edge of tomorrow sounds cool because it tells us he's always on the end if one day bit never makes it tot the next... Because today repeats a lot. Wait, how about that title for the sequel. TODAY. REPEATS. A LOT.
DavidGray - 10/6/2017, 6:44 AM
@NoAssemblyReqd -

DavidGray - 10/5/2017, 4:04 PM
This was a refreshing action flick. I hope we got more of/like this.
PeterDarker121 - 10/5/2017, 4:09 PM
Loved EOT so I hope they don't pull a Jack Reacher and eff up a sequel. That and Tom Cruise needs to stop jumpin off of high-speed live volcanoes
KMA31 - 10/5/2017, 9:18 PM
So will it be titled the edge of yesterday lol?
SecretWarrior - 10/6/2017, 3:58 AM
@KMA31 - Edge of repeat? Live die tomorrow? Live edge repeat tomorrow? I'm sure there's a James Bond title in here as well haha
Ha1frican - 10/6/2017, 5:36 AM
@KMA31 - I was hoping they would do a prequel about the Battle of Verdun with emily blunt called Edge of yesterday
theFUZZ008 - 10/6/2017, 4:48 AM
Cruise is possibly the last "movie star" we will have, in the simplest of terms.
NoAssemblyReqd - 10/6/2017, 6:46 AM
@theFUZZ008 -

The man is a robot, mentally.
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