BLACK WIDOW Star Scarlett Johasson Reportedly Offered Lead Role In JURASSIC WORLD 4

BLACK WIDOW Star Scarlett Johasson Reportedly Offered Lead Role In JURASSIC WORLD 4 BLACK WIDOW Star Scarlett Johasson Reportedly Offered Lead Role In JURASSIC WORLD 4

It sounds like Universal may be passing the Jurassic baton from one Marvel star to another as it's being reported that Black Widow star Scarlett Johansson is reportedly in talks to lead the next entry.

By RohanPatel - Mar 14, 2024 11:03 AM EST
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Source: The Insneider

The next entry in Universal's blockbuster Jurassic World franchise is starting to pick up some steam, as after securing the services of director Gareth Edwards (The Creator; Godzilla; Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), the team is reportedly in early talks with a former Marvel star to headline the feature.

According to The Insneider, 2x Academy Award-nominee Scarlett Johansson (Black WidowAvengers: Endgame) has been offered the lead role in the yet-to-be-titled Jurassic World sequel (a.k.a. Jurassic Park 7), which is expected to begin filming this summer. 

No further details are currently available, and talks are presumably still in the earliest stages, but Johansson has already met with both Edwards and producer Frank Marshall, so everything seems to be progressing in the right direction, although we'll have to wait and see whether she'll actually accept their offer. 

With CinemaCon right around the corner, we'd imagine Universal could make a more formal casting announcement during the annual event, especially with cameras set to roll within the next few months. 

In addition to Edwards helming, the screenplay will be penned by original Jurassic Park scribe David Koepp, with Frank Marshall producing and Steven Spielberg back onboard as an executive producer. 

The next installment is expected to take the franchise in a bold new direction, and will not return previous franchise headliners Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, nor will it return the original Jurassic trio of Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum, although we'd hope that's subject to change. 

Jurassic World Dominion, which opened in Summer 2022, was a roaring success at the box office, grossing over 1.004 billion globally ($376.8M domestic; $625.1M foreign), so it's no surprise the studio wants to get one of its biggest franchises back on the big screen sooner than later. 

Johansson can be seen next in the romantic comedy Project Artemis, which is due out this summer, and will feature as the voice of Elita in Transformers One, which is set to arrive in theaters later this year. She most recently starred in Kristin Scott Thomas' North Star and Wes Anderson's Asteroid City. Prior to that, she starred in her first Marvel solo vehicle Black Widow, which is believed to be her final appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Jurassic World 4 hits theaters on July 2, 2025.

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harryba11zack - 3/14/2024, 11:23 AM
TheMetaMan - 3/14/2024, 11:24 AM
@harryba11zack - 😂😂😂😆😆
bobevanz - 3/14/2024, 12:42 PM
Rohan keeps the comments on like a G
Vigor - 3/14/2024, 11:23 AM
Sounding pretty exciting. I've long ago got over the dip in quality between jp1 and jw2. It allowed me to see jw3 for what it was and thoroughly enjoy it !!

Matter of fact I may go rewatch it tonight if a rewatch of dune or fury road don't get in the way
lazlodaytona - 3/14/2024, 11:24 AM
DON'T DO IT! You are above this dead franchise and these historically dead dins.

Do more small, indie flicks. You kill in in those Scarlett.
lazlodaytona - 3/14/2024, 11:26 AM
historically dead *dinos.

@JoshWilding, I stand up for you quite a bit but if you don't bring back the edit button I swear....well, I'll probably keep coming back.
TheMetaMan - 3/14/2024, 11:24 AM
As a film fanatic I must say I’m so over Jurassic park. The franchise is such a 90s novelty that by todays standards it might as well be extinct. The concept of genetically engineered dinosaurs roaming wildly in modern society is lost on me. It’s so redundant it’s almost cringe. The last movie I watched was the 2015 one with Vincent D'Onofrio and that was enough to put me to sleep. If your gonna do another Jurassic park movie at least switch it up a little. Adding Scarlett Jo is just a marketing ploy to sell the movie because she’s a big name. I’d rather see a crossover from the fast n furious meets Jurassic park. As bizarre and OTT as it sounds at least it’s never been done before. 🤷🏿‍♂️
bobevanz - 3/14/2024, 11:25 AM
This franchise has run it's course. A mature reboot tv show would be amazing.. but they don't have the patience
HashTagSwagg - 3/14/2024, 11:27 AM
Make it more horror thriller type and put the dino's in the jungle or have the jungle invade the cities and blend that shit together Last of Us style. Just make the film a little more serious this time. Make the dino's act like actual animals again, the JW series were children's cartoon's.
DocSpock - 3/14/2024, 11:27 AM

Yummy boobs.

They deserve better than more bad dinosaur movies.

But money does talk. And HUGE piles of money says a lot.

Cleander - 3/14/2024, 11:44 AM
The franchise can stand on its own this is just looking for problems when none exists. Cast an unknown you idiots
grif - 3/14/2024, 11:47 AM
dumb ass studio. putting her ass in it wont make me fill a seat with mine.
Matchesz - 3/14/2024, 11:48 AM
Stop giving the dinosaurs so much human personality having them smile n shit, not every dino has to stop in front of someone to roar. Show some surprising folks and kill off characters without warning like how real animals behave. Gen Z era of filmmakers think cause everythings cgi and they can do whatever they need to add something cute in there. That brachiosaur scene from Fallen Kingdom was so bad idk why ppl liked it as much
SonOfAGif - 3/14/2024, 11:49 AM
I feel like they should go with a Jurassic Park prequel showing us how Site B collapsed.
DudeGuy - 3/14/2024, 11:55 AM
@SonOfAGif - I’d watch that
Ryguy88 - 3/14/2024, 12:03 PM
Mad Max with dinosaurs. Make it so.
TheMetaMan - 3/14/2024, 12:09 PM
@Ryguy88 - I suggested something similar.
marvel72 - 3/14/2024, 3:05 PM
@Ryguy88 - Mad Max with Dinosaurs? Awesome.
PatchesOhulihan - 3/14/2024, 12:09 PM
Is this in the comics? Not sure Black Widow has ever gone to the Savage Land.
ModHaterSLADE - 3/14/2024, 12:10 PM
Just hope it leans more into the survival thriller aspect like the first film.
Nomis929 - 3/14/2024, 12:15 PM
So... No Article about the rebooted ' The Crow's' trailer?
tylerzero - 3/14/2024, 12:17 PM
Why were the comments turned off in Cavill's article?
HashTagSwagg - 3/14/2024, 12:22 PM
@tylerzero - The "Oh Yes" guy doesn't take criticism too well.
Sabre81 - 3/14/2024, 12:39 PM
@tylerzero - Josh turns off the comments now in his 'Lists' articles. Noticed it over the past few days. I only clicked on those just for the comments as they could be really funny.
tylerzero - 3/14/2024, 12:43 PM
@Sabre81 -

slickrickdesigns - 3/14/2024, 12:48 PM
@tylerzero - Ive noticed JW’s turning off the comments on his top 5 b.s. articles.
Sabre81 - 3/14/2024, 2:10 PM
@tylerzero - Yeah, think his personal banned list was growing too big when people were ripping him to shreds for his lists, so he just turned them off lol
marvel72 - 3/14/2024, 3:06 PM
@tylerzero - Can't handle the truth.
MotherGooseUPus - 3/14/2024, 12:41 PM
I rewatched JW Dominion last night... what a turd that movie is. I hope this new one is better and goes back to what made JP1 such a fantastic movie
marvel72 - 3/14/2024, 3:08 PM
@MotherGooseUPus - You rewatched and thought it was a turd of a movie? Did you have to watch it twice to come to this conclusion. 😂
MotherGooseUPus - 3/15/2024, 7:35 AM
@marvel72 - first time i watched was on a stupid early flight to hawaii for vacation and thought i was just tired and not really paying attention to it but thought it was bad.... rewatching confirmed... never again
slickrickdesigns - 3/14/2024, 12:50 PM
I don’t think ScarJo should do it. JP turned into the fast n furious over the top cheese ball franchise
Reginator - 3/14/2024, 1:18 PM
@slickrickdesigns - my 11 year old grandson loves the JW movies. That may be their target audience.
slickrickdesigns - 3/14/2024, 1:32 PM
@Reginator - don’t get me wrong I still love the original first JP. But the newer ones just don’t have the same horror element that one had.
Reginator - 3/14/2024, 5:40 PM
@slickrickdesigns - I agree
Alucard28 - 3/14/2024, 1:11 PM
JW: Dominion was complete shit and by far the worst of the three JW movies.

Try to do something better FFS.
QuietStorm - 3/14/2024, 1:21 PM
Maybe the lead will be a tree?
kg8817 - 3/14/2024, 1:34 PM
Oh I know where they are going with this then.

Guaranteed she is going to be the grown up version of the clone girl in the last two.

So dumb.

But I love Scarlett. But still dumb.
WhateverItTakes - 3/14/2024, 3:01 PM
We need Dino riders
marvel72 - 3/14/2024, 3:09 PM
Something else to focus on apart from the Dinosaurs.
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