MONARCH: LEGACY OF MONSTERS Unleashes A Roar-some New Trailer With Mysteries And Monsters Galore

MONARCH: LEGACY OF MONSTERS Unleashes A Roar-some New Trailer With Mysteries And Monsters Galore

PACIFIC RIM Director Guillermo del Toro Reveals Why He Didn't (And Won't Watch) 2018's UPRISING
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PACIFIC RIM Director Guillermo del Toro Reveals Why He Didn't (And Won't Watch) 2018's UPRISING

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JohnnyTBP - 1/18/2018, 8:52 AM
That's cool and all but it's all about my King
HeavyMetal4Life - 1/18/2018, 8:55 AM
@JohnnyTBP - haha, true. Still looking forward to this movie though, loved the first one.
JohnnyTBP - 1/18/2018, 8:54 AM

Scarilian - 1/18/2018, 9:22 AM
@JohnnyTBP -

We get it already, you are hyped xD

Can you at least vary it a little, i've seen those GIF's so often that you start noticing every little aspect such as Black Panther having two dots on his upper body, they are too low for nipples... i guess maybe they are replicating the eyes of a panther? It's an odd choice that cannot be unseen one noticing.
JohnnyTBP - 1/18/2018, 9:44 AM
@Scarilian -
ODanil - 1/18/2018, 8:54 AM
Evil Gypsy is evil.
Inktown03 - 1/18/2018, 8:54 AM
The last Jedi kinda soured sci fi for me, so i won't be seeing this especially with Finn at the helm of it.
Scarilian - 1/18/2018, 9:16 AM
Regardless of people's opinions of John Boyega as an actor... why is he producer on this movie?

It seems like he's kind of taken over the movie, he's got control over the casting choices and they are trying to treat him like he's actually going to draw in an audience despite always playing the secondary role.

Everything about this movie feels like it has been taken over by someone who does not understand it and has been made with lower quality, it has a lower budget, a cast of side characters with little star power, weaker CGI quality and overall looks and feels like a knock-off product. Sure Pacific Rim was not amazing, but it at least had style and looked good. The sequel looks bland/dull/generic.
ALIENCROW - 1/18/2018, 9:21 AM
@Scarilian - I agree, why is he a producer? But Ill be honest I really wanna see Huge Robots beating up monsters. Its like Porn in that your their not for the writing but the action lol
Scarilian - 1/18/2018, 9:34 AM

Agreed, the best part of Pacific Rim was the action sequences.

Though with the lower quality of CGI it's not as visually impressive as before.

If they want it to be a spectacle film and keep the budget low by casting less famous actors then they should've focused on providing awesome visuals for the fights.
ALIENCROW - 1/18/2018, 12:14 PM
@Scarilian - That won't matter. It is a known property now. It will do well, specially in China. Think of it as Power Rangers on steroids.
Kumkani - 1/18/2018, 9:17 AM
ALIENCROW - 1/18/2018, 9:22 AM
As long as John Boyega doesn't scream out "CHROME DOME" this movie will be fine for me.
Unclerico - 1/18/2018, 10:08 AM
@ALIENCROW - or sweating in every scean like in both star wars movies he's done. This movie will be good.
MotherGooseUPus - 1/18/2018, 9:28 AM
Very excited for this. I'm all about that giant monster movie smashing shit...bring it on
thehendryx - 1/18/2018, 10:57 AM
I thought the first Pacific Rim was a fun film, more fun than it had any reason to be.

I'm willing to bet that in the Jager VS Jager battle, only 1 Jager is piloted by humans. I'm guessing a Kaiju is somehow able to take a Jager over, like how a kaiju had an EMP weapon.

This is just a more complicated attack, from a more complicated Kaiju
thehendryx - 1/18/2018, 10:58 AM
Also, the metal-skin on the Jager facing the camera is suspicious.
DoubleD - 1/18/2018, 11:24 AM
I didn't like the first one.
knocturnalzen10 - 1/19/2018, 6:33 AM
@DoubleD - why ? i loved the scaling of the zords and monsters
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