SILVER SURFER Series From FANTASTIC FOUR Director Matt Shakman Rumored To Be In Development

SILVER SURFER Series From FANTASTIC FOUR Director Matt Shakman Rumored To Be In Development

SILVER SURFER Special Presentation Rumored To Be In Development For Disney+
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SILVER SURFER "Special Presentation" Rumored To Be In Development For Disney+

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regularmovieguy - 9/14/2019, 2:19 PM
I’m down. SS was the best part of FF2.

mastakilla39 - 9/15/2019, 5:29 AM
@regularmovieguy - Other websites report that SS is in development in some form but they are not sure where. Disney is having a hard time deciding if it should be a MCU movie, Disney+ movie, or TV show.

I bet the real debate is whether or not they want to introduce a man who is stronger than CM & SW LOL
Robby - 9/14/2019, 2:20 PM
JustAChillDude - 9/14/2019, 2:21 PM
Get Lawrence Fishburne to voice him again. After all, he said he would be down to voice him again.
ChrisRed - 9/15/2019, 1:17 AM
@JustAChillDude - As much as I liked Fishburne as the voice of SS, he's already appeared as Bill Foster in the MCU.

Also, if the movie shows the Surfer's origin (which I think it should), they would need to find someone who can also play him pre-silver.
Spidey91 - 9/14/2019, 2:22 PM
Just imagine how amazing this guy would look in the MCU.
KWilly - 9/14/2019, 2:22 PM
Silver Surfer is one of the only Marvel characters that can beat Superman pretty easily.

If they introduce him in the MCU, Captain Marvel better move over, cuz there's a new top powerhouse in their universe.
JustAChillDude - 9/14/2019, 2:25 PM
Did my comment seriously get deleted? All I wanted was Lawrence Fishnurne to voice him again. Keanu would be cool too.
NateBest - 9/14/2019, 5:31 PM
@JustAChillDude - I see it like 2 comments up...
JustAChillDude - 9/14/2019, 6:59 PM
@NateBest - Yeah it’s all good, the site was glitching on my phone again LOL
JustAChillDude - 9/14/2019, 2:33 PM
Already seen some some you know who fan on twitter that said “Fantastic Four 2s version will be better than the MCU one” when the film isn’t even far in development..delusional fanbase man.
Scarilian - 9/15/2019, 2:02 PM
@MadKingCipher -
Fantastic Four 2's version was fine - he was menacing despite the ridiculous concept. He wasnt used for jokes/memes like most of the characters in the MCU have become.
Ryguy88 - 9/14/2019, 2:36 PM
Just dont let Reed or McKay direct it please
manofillintent1 - 9/14/2019, 2:41 PM
bkmeijer2 - 9/14/2019, 2:49 PM
I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s getting his own movie. From all the announced Disney+ series, we know Feige likes to love forward with projects he said they an interest for in the past. Those announced series haven’t convinced me yet though of taking a subscription, since the trial shows me that the rest on Disney+ isn’t really interesting (unless I’m really gonna like the old animated Marvel series).

OT: I also got the time to finally watch Far From Home, and if I got to be honest I have mixed feelings about it. The action, the humor, the visuals and the cast is great, but I’m not really fond of the story telling. The first half is so different from the second half, and thats mainly is because of the ”twist”. The moment Beck is revealed is the bad guy (with a pretty generic exposition bad guy dialogue to his followers), it drops the fast-paced teenage movie for big scale action movie.

But the worst thing in Far From Home is the portrayel of the Netherlands, because we’re not just a bunch of farmers who only sell cheese and live near tulips fields. And also, even though it was CGI, you shouldn’t destroy those tulip fields
HeavyMetal4Life - 9/14/2019, 2:52 PM
HeavyMetal4Life - 9/14/2019, 2:52 PM
@TheDoctor1225 - I think Keanu would have a good voice for Silver Surfer. Personally not a big fan of Ryan Gosling.
JohnnyStorm - 9/14/2019, 2:55 PM

JohnnyStorm - 9/14/2019, 3:00 PM
@TheDoctor1225 @HeavyMetal4Life the guy from the black guy from the Allstate commercials.
WeaponXCII - 9/14/2019, 3:04 PM

Gonna be an awesome movie! Or should I say...

MrCamw1 - 9/14/2019, 3:07 PM
I believe nothing till Papa Feige confirms it.
BlackIceJoe - 9/14/2019, 3:12 PM
I know he is older, but I'd be down for Malcolm McDowell to voice him. The sad part is I don't see him living that much longer.
BlackSpiderman - 9/14/2019, 3:15 PM
The role of Silver Surfer should go to Curt Clendenin. LOL
Spock0Clock - 9/14/2019, 3:18 PM
(Apparently, it needs to be said.) If it's a solo movie, then they shouldn't pick someone to just play the voice, they should pick someone who can also play a pre-transformation Norrin Radd, too.

And astoundingly, the MCU is in a place right now where they can do a solo space story without an Earth connection if they wanted to (and someone like Silver Surfer always made more sense to me than someone like Nova or Adam Warlock).

So, yeah, get it started. They can do it more or less truly solo, or have it overlap with some established MCU Cosmic folks (it'd be nice to see Carol show up as Galactus is one of those things that occupies her space-time) either as a prelude to an Ultimates-type storyline or perhaps to introduce some of the X-Cosmic stuff like Shi'ar or Starjammers or the Technarchy or something. Or just some Claremontian space weirdness like C'Jime.
OrgasmicPotatoe - 9/14/2019, 3:28 PM
As long as they have my boi Satch somewhere in there !

GhostDog - 9/14/2019, 3:37 PM

DVonShakari - 9/14/2019, 4:05 PM
Hell To The Muthaf@ckin YEEEAAAHHHHH!!
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