These Are The Three Female Heroes SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE's SPIDER-WOMAN Spinoff Will Focus On

We recently learned that Sony Pictures has started developing a Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse spinoff revolving around Spider-Woman and now the movie's three leads have been officially revealed...

Last month, we learned that Sony Pictures has started developing a Spider-Woman spinoff movie which will accompany a Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse sequel. At the time, most of us assumed that it would revolve around Jessica Drew but if you've seen the animated Spidey adventure, you'll be aware that (just like in the comics) Spider-Gwen is referred to as "Spider-Woman" there.

Well, it now seems as if we're getting the best of three worlds because producer Amy Pascal has confirmed that the movie - which is being written by Bek Smith - will focus on Spider-Gwen, Cindy Moon/Silk, and Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman. 

While a live-action Silk movie remains in development, this will be a completely separate version of the character and this trio has embarked on quite a few adventures together in the source material. 

"I think it’s great that we’re going to be able to tell movies about female superheroes in this realm, and in the live-action realm as
well, because I believe that there are going to be characters that really resonate for people," Pascal explains. "They’re funny and quirky and different, and heroic in all kinds of different ways that only animation allows you to do."

It's said that this female-led spinoff will arrive after the Into the Spider-Verse sequel, so we're clearly going to be waiting quite some time for it. With it now confirmed that movie will focus on Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy, don't be surprised if Cindy and Jessica first appear there. 

What worked and what didn't in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse?
Take a look at our 
spoilery breakdown below.

Did Work: A Touching Tribute To Stan "The Man" Lee

Stan Lee's cameo in Into the Spider-Verse is a lot of fun. He shows up as the owner of a costume store selling Spider-Man gear but it's his words to Miles - which I won't spoil here - which really strike a chord given recent events. The scene is ultimately played for laughs but it feels like a fitting tribute to the colourful comic book creator. 

We also get an after-credits scene of sorts as the creative minds behind the film thank Stan Lee and Steve Ditko for inspiring them not only to tell this tale but others as well. I'm not sure if that was always going to be there or added at the last minute but it's nice to see and a reminder of just how much of an impact both men have had. 


Did Work: An Amazingly Unexpected After-Credits Scene

While I've admittedly never been the biggest Spider-Man 2099 fan, there's no denying that seeing him in the movie's after-credits scene (voiced by none other than Star Wars Episode IX's Oscar Isaac) is a legitimate treat and an exciting tease for the future. 

It's a shame in some ways that the scene is then played for laughs - Spider-Man 2099 visits the universe that the Spidey from the 1960s animated series calls home - but that was hopefully just a way of including that version of the wall-crawler and not an indication that Sony isn't taking the hero seriously. The fact he has the tech to travel between worlds should be a game-changer...


Didn't Work: A Few Too Many Heroes

I really liked Spider-Ham, Spider-Noir, and Peni Parker but by the time the trio shows up in Into the Spider-Verse, they're not really needed. Miles Morales, Peter B. Parker, and Spider-Woman are such effective leads, throwing these extra spider heroes into the mix almost feels like a distraction and none of them are given enough screentime to feel like anything more than enjoyable to watch extras.

It's the fact that they are so much fun which saves them really and it would be a shame to remove them from the movie even if that would have given three more deserving heroes a larger share of the spotlight. However, I have no doubt fans will want to see more of this lot regardless. 


Did Work: A Diverse, Different Feel

Like Black Panther before it, Into the Spider-Verse features a non-white lead and a lot of prominent female characters, something which definitely gives it a different feel to most superhero movies. 

The movie doesn't shy away from delving into Miles' world but forgoes any cliches to give things a very real and authentic people that I'm positive people will appreciate. The entire tone of this adventure and the world it takes place in is unique and it's fun to explore the background of a character like this, especially as it's something we so rarely see on the big screen. 

The soundtrack is also amazing and the only bad thing I can say here is that it would have been nice to see Mary Jane Watson portrayed as more than just a grieving widow. 


Didn't Work: Character Redesigns

While I love how Miles' costume is dreamed up and The Prowler looks seriously cool, I can't really say the same for a lot of the other villains include in Into the Spider-Verse. Doc Ock's redesign definitely feels justified but the Scorpion looks terrible and I'm definitely not on board with the Green Goblin being a skyscraper-sized monster. I get why they did it but I think they all could have looked better.

Did Work: Peter B. Parker

Honestly, Peter B. Parker may be the best version of Spider-Man I've ever seen on the big screen. Sure, he's older, fatter, and no longer the hero he used to be but that's a trajectory it's easy to imagine the wall-crawler from the comic books ending up on given his nature and the many mistakes he's made over the years (not to mention that old Parker Luck). 

Getting to see what twenty years plus of being Spider-Man has done to Peter is downright fascinating and his story arc in many ways steals the show from Miles. I'm not sure how much - if any - of this character we'll see on the big screen again but I would love to see where he goes next. 


Did Work: Respecting The Source Material

Looking back at how movies like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Venom played out, this isn't something I ever thought I would be praising Sony for but Into the Spider-Verse really does respect the source material in some incredible ways. 

So much love has been poured into this Spider-Man story, it's unreal, and it's clear that those who worked on the blockbuster not only have a genuine connection to the character but wanted to deliver something fans would appreciate. 

There are countless nods to the comic book here and this has to be the most fan-pleasing release of 2018. Even casual Spidey fans will get a kick out of this movie and I really hope the sequel and planned female-led spinoff now do the same.


Didn't Work: What Was The Master Plan?

While we know that Kingpin wanted to find an alternate version of his family after they died in his universe, Doc Ock is well aware that they'll die shortly after arriving in this world so what is she hoping to achieve? Is she just curious or does she want to destroy the world for reasons which aren't ever going to be made clear? 

Maybe this will make more sense during a second viewing but it definitely feels like Doc Ock's plans should have been fleshed out as I can't see any way she would have "won" in this scenario. 


Did Work: Miles Morales' Origin Story

I'm not a huge fan of what Brian Michael Bendis did with Miles Morales' origin story. It was certainly a solid enough way to introduce the character at the time but really nothing special and the youngster often came across as being too whiny and really not all that different to Peter Parker in all honesty!

This Miles, however, is definitely fleshed out in a more effective manner and while the movie takes plenty of inspiration and moments from the source material, I think even the character's biggest fan will prefer this version! There are just a lot of great touches here, including his love of graffiti, which make this Miles feel like more than just a two-dimensional superhero on the page. 


Did Work: The Animation

What a beautiful, beautiful movie. 

Whether it's the way the different versions of Spider-Man are portrayed because of the universes they inhabit or the fact that thought boxes start popping up on
screen along with sound effects and somehow never feel out of place, it's a treat to watch. 

Taking away the amazing story and spectacular characters, Into the Spider-Verse deserves an Oscar from a technical standpoint alone and I definitely think it will be scooping up lots of awards.

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