KRAVEN THE HUNTER Star Aaron Taylor-Johnson Says "Spider-Man...I'm Coming For You" While Sharing New Trailer

KRAVEN THE HUNTER Star Aaron Taylor-Johnson Says "Spider-Man...I'm Coming For You" While Sharing New Trailer KRAVEN THE HUNTER Star Aaron Taylor-Johnson Says "Spider-Man...I'm Coming For You" While Sharing New Trailer

The first trailer for Kraven the Hunter made it clear that the character hasn't met Spider-Man yet, but lead star Aaron Taylor-Johnson seems confident a meeting between the two could be on the horizon.

By JoshWilding - Jun 20, 2023 06:06 AM EST
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The first trailer for Kraven the Hunter was released yesterday and, as expected, it's received something of a mixed response from comic book fans. 

Like Venom and Morbius, all signs point to it being another Avi Arad-produced Marvel movie that takes major liberties with the source material, hence why Kraven appears to gain superpowers from magic lion blood. While this is clearly an origin story for Kraven, future plans for the villain anti-hero are currently unclear.

We're assuming he'll eventually join Morbius and The Vulture's heroic Sinister Six, though Aaron Taylor-Johnson seems confident that he will one day get to share the screen with Spider-Man.

Sharing the trailer on Instagram, the actor captioned his post with, "Spider-Man...I'm coming for you."

It's still unclear whether actors who join Sony's Marvel Universe are aware they're not part of the MCU, though Taylor-Johnson previously played Avengers: Age of Ultron's Quicksilver. Will he ever actually get to share the screen with Spidey? We doubt it. 

While Kraven would have been a perfect villain for Spider-Man 4 to hunt the web-slinger down, the Hunter being brought into the MCU doesn't seem remotely likely. As for the possibility of bringing Tom Holland's Spidey into this live-action Spider-Verse, there don't appear to be any plans for that to happen in the near future. 

Directed by J. C. Chandor from a screenplay by Art Marcum, Matt Holloway, and Richard Wenk, Kraven the Hunter stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ariana DeBose, Fred Hechinger, Alessandro Nivola, Christopher Abbott, and Russell Crowe.

Kraven the Hunter is set to be released in theaters on October 6.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson on Instagram: “Spider-Man... I’m coming for you”
by u/DamnThatsInsaneLol in MarvelStudios_Rumours
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Saga - 6/20/2023, 7:03 AM
Hell Yes! From the trailer Kraven seems like a [frick]ing beast! If they do a crossover movie have Kraven bury Spidey and put on his suit(skin) that would be dope
ObserverIO - 6/20/2023, 8:44 AM
@Saga -
pitbull76 - 6/20/2023, 7:04 AM
How in the hell are they going to make this work??Are the just going to pump out Spider-Man Villan movies with no Spider-Man appearing?Please Sony make it make sense to me.
Lem1 - 6/20/2023, 8:52 AM
@pitbull76 - That's exactly what they've been doing, and it's super lame
Vigor - 6/20/2023, 9:15 AM
@pitbull76 - support them [or dont] with your dollars. I've not given a dime to any Sony "marvel" movie since amazing spiderman 2
Scarilian - 6/20/2023, 10:04 AM
@pitbull76 -
It just needs to be any Spider-man. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if they bring back Andrew Garfield's Spider-man or an entirely new Spider-man.
pitbull76 - 6/20/2023, 1:36 PM
@Vigor - yea I mean I agree but shit they are making sequels to some movies that are barely bringing in what the budget for the movie was.
KWilly - 6/20/2023, 7:06 AM
mountainman - 6/20/2023, 7:10 AM
The American accent and lion blood powers were both unforgivable.

Besides those two things, I could have actually been open to this. It looked like a movie that could have gone to the generic action movie or surprisingly good side of things.

But those two things just aren’t Kraven. And thus marketing where they will pretend there is more of a tie to Spider-man than there is has gotten old.
braunermegda - 6/20/2023, 8:52 AM
@mountainman - i get it the accent issue but whats the damn difference between drinking some crazy drinks from the jungle and getting powers from a lion that as far as we know could be some special or different or idk
mountainman - 6/20/2023, 8:56 AM
@braunermegda - It’s just lazy and trying to make him more like Spider-man. I’d have preferred the movie actually have Kraven have no powers - herb drink based or lion blood based - and just have him be a badass hunter. Maybe drink the herb drink at the end and then tease him going after Spider-man afterwards.

And the accent is very iconic for the character in all popular iterations. It’s just lazy to give him an American accent.
Vigor - 6/20/2023, 9:16 AM
@mountainman - I boycott this movie myself. But the powers thing is the coolest part in my opinion. Kraven says powers is boring Kraven
mountainman - 6/20/2023, 9:23 AM
@Vigor - I don’t have an issue with him having powers per se. He does in the comics. But the way he gets them, from what we saw in the trailer, is so cheesy and dumb. Plus him running on all fours and on walls looks ridiculous.
Vigor - 6/20/2023, 9:28 AM
@mountainman - lol really? I didn't finish the trailer. Only watched like half of it. Now I'll have to go watch it for a laugh
ImBatman4realz - 6/20/2023, 9:38 AM
@mountainman - he likely dropped the accent, given that when he played Quicksilver he had the Sokovian accent which sounds similar to a Russian accent and they all didn’t want the comparison.

That lion that attacks him, might do one of a couple things: it was exposed to the herbs/potion we’re talking about and therefore gets him exposed with its blood; or perhaps he’s already taken the herbs and potions and the scene with the lion’s blood is just his body reacting to it like a chemical reaction (due to the herbs/potion).

We will have to wait and see more details, but this movie looks really entertaining.
mountainman - 6/20/2023, 10:38 AM
@ImBatman4realz - As an action movie it didn’t look bad. I’m skeptical but open to it.
blackiron777 - 6/20/2023, 7:13 AM
I'm really curious as to what Spider-Man is it that exist in this universe? It wouldn't make sense to make it Hollands Spider-Man in my opinion, and I know people theorize that this is the Amazing Spider-Man Universe but that too seems less likely.

Urubrodi - 6/20/2023, 8:10 AM
@blackiron777 - Given that apparently there is a new Rhino in this movie, it can't be the Amazing Spider-Man universe.
tylerzero - 6/20/2023, 7:15 AM
I don't get Sony's insistence on making bad guys good guys who become bad guys.

AllsGood - 6/20/2023, 7:25 AM
Kraven the Hunter I will there opening weekend looks like a lot of fun.

bobevanz - 6/20/2023, 10:42 AM
@AllsGood - ah, now I know you're a shill lol good grief. This looks better than Flash eh?
AllsGood - 6/20/2023, 11:19 AM
@bobevanz - I saw The Flash opening day. All the hype and talk I needed to see for myself.
OptimusCrime - 6/20/2023, 7:32 AM
Hahaha sure..

Chasekeane - 6/20/2023, 7:33 AM
His dad seems more like kraven the hunter than kraven the hunter
Moriakum - 6/20/2023, 7:47 AM
TheNewYorker - 6/20/2023, 7:54 AM
So he’s a.. good guy? 🤔
Urubrodi - 6/20/2023, 8:12 AM
@TheNewYorker - I mean if you consider someone like The Punisher a good guy... but in any case it seems a bit early to know exactly what they are going for
Urubrodi - 6/20/2023, 8:09 AM
Josh do you realize that Sony could just add a Spider-Man to their universe? Is that a complicated concept to grasp? It doesn't need to be Tom Holland's one.
ObserverIO - 6/20/2023, 8:35 AM
@Urubrodi - No need to go full DC.
pitbull76 - 6/20/2023, 8:39 AM
@Urubrodi - I see where you are coming from but in my opinion already had two many Spider-man already.I know you could say the same about batman but if anything throw Miles Morales into this universe that I could get with.
GhostDog - 6/20/2023, 8:12 AM
Bro has no idea…
SkyPop - 6/20/2023, 8:13 AM
Sony 🤦 just stick to animation
NegativeNerd - 6/20/2023, 8:27 AM
😂😂😂 yeah okay, sweetie…
marvel72 - 6/20/2023, 8:28 AM

I liked in the trailer all the Spiders coming at Kraven, reminded me Kravens Last Hunt.
TyrantBossMedia - 6/20/2023, 8:29 AM
“Spider-Man I’m coming for you”

Then they see the box office for Kraven

ObserverIO - 6/20/2023, 8:32 AM
I mean... I'd be open to his Dad coming for Spider-Man, but...
Reeds2Much - 6/20/2023, 8:39 AM
Matchesz - 6/20/2023, 8:39 AM
These movie studios really just making movies for themselves these days. Must be nice
LeonNova - 6/20/2023, 8:51 AM
This movie’s gonna bomb so hard, even J Robert Oppenheimer would be impressed
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