MADAME WEB Star Sydney Sweeney Seemingly Takes Shot At Hollywood Producer: Sorry For Having Great T**s

MADAME WEB Star Sydney Sweeney Seemingly Takes Shot At Hollywood Producer: "Sorry For Having Great T**s"

MADAME WEB Star Sydney Sweeney Responds To Producer Who Said She's Not Pretty, She Can't Act
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MADAME WEB Star Sydney Sweeney Responds To Producer Who Said "She's Not Pretty, She Can't Act"

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MCUKnight11 - 2/22/2024, 12:08 PM
Depending on the F4 rumors, Sweeney should be Felicia in Spider-man 4. Anya and Sydney are the only good fancasts for Felicia I can think of.
vtopa - 2/22/2024, 12:13 PM
Black Cat is perfect.
FireandBlood - 2/22/2024, 12:16 PM
Rebooted Black Widow
harryba11zack - 2/22/2024, 12:20 PM
we? you mean you?
TheFinestSmack - 2/22/2024, 12:55 PM
@harryba11zack - Gotta respect Josh's pronouns lol
MotherGooseUPus - 2/22/2024, 12:21 PM
Black cat or no one. Wouldnt mind seeing her go to DC and play Poison Ivy or even WW
TheVisionary25 - 2/22/2024, 12:23 PM
She would make a good Black Cat (even though Anya Taylor Joys my pick for that)…

I could even see her as Tigra honestly but not the others.

A few obscure choices from me would be Dakota North , The Blonde Phantom & Rachel Van Helsing.

grif - 2/22/2024, 12:42 PM
well this movie sucked so she should be in other cbms lol
SodaBurps - 2/22/2024, 12:45 PM
Hide your wives and your pets. Josh is in horny mode.
Theredspeedster - 2/22/2024, 12:48 PM
Any character with boobs... that's what I got from this article. hahah
WEAPONXOXOXO - 2/22/2024, 1:01 PM
I think this is Josh's jerk off material.
ObserverIO - 2/22/2024, 1:42 PM
Just have her cameo as Spider-Woman in Secret Wars.
obarium - 2/22/2024, 1:44 PM
I'm still on the fence as to whether Sydney is actually a good actress. I haven't seen Euphoria, I liked her in The White Lotus season 1, but she was quite monotone in Anyone But You, and in Madame Web she made a believable enough teen who has issues with bullying and a bad home life, but still a touch of the monotone...
WhateverItTakes - 2/22/2024, 2:52 PM
@obarium - she's just walking tits
mountainman - 2/22/2024, 3:40 PM
@obarium - Her role in White Lotus was better due to writing than her acting. She’s a wet blanket.
slickrickdesigns - 2/22/2024, 2:35 PM
I’d take the three spider girls with no Madame Webb for another project. But they’d better be actually spider women with powers and not 10 years before they’re heroes.
WhateverItTakes - 2/22/2024, 2:51 PM
Why don't you just do the original spider woman in either Toby or Andrews world.
SummersEssex - 2/22/2024, 4:03 PM
Black Cat is the only good recommendation you made.
QuietStorm - 2/22/2024, 4:12 PM

MahN166A - 2/22/2024, 10:00 PM
Nah she wouldn’t even be a good Felicia Hardy or Black Cat, and none of the references you made show any sort of correlation with that character to where I could envision it.

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