SPIDER-MAN 2 Leaked Concept Art Reveals An Early Design For Insomniac's Take On The Chameleon

SPIDER-MAN 2 Leaked Concept Art Reveals An Early Design For Insomniac's Take On The Chameleon

SPIDER-MAN 2 Concept Art Offers A Leaked First Look At Planned DLC Villain The Beetle
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SPIDER-MAN 2 Concept Art Offers A Leaked First Look At Planned DLC Villain The Beetle

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MyCoolYoung - 8/15/2018, 12:13 PM
Pumped for this game, even though I still never finished god of war
LongMayHeReign - 8/15/2018, 12:38 PM
@MyCoolYoung -

MyCoolYoung - 8/15/2018, 1:03 PM
@LongMayHeReign - hey man... First and second comments on a thread are judge free zones. I will not take this slander
CaptainElrond - 8/15/2018, 1:06 PM
@MyCoolYoung - No they aren't. You are weak for not finishing god of war boy. WEAK!!!

CaptainElrond - 8/15/2018, 1:07 PM
@MyCoolYoung - Seriously though finish it. The final fight is one of the most fantastic fights i have ever seen. And i have played a lot of video games.
LongMayHeReign - 8/15/2018, 1:47 PM
@TheBillCipher - He's right @MyCoolYoung not only is the end fight spectacular but to see the deep lore mentions at the end and setup for the next TWO games in the series is amazing.

I'm finishing up my platinum trophy for it now since I finally got my 4k tv back up after moving. And man I can't wait til they drop New Game + on August 20th so I can play it trough on the hardest difficulty.

[frick] Sony's movie division, but God Bless the Playstation.
MyCoolYoung - 8/15/2018, 4:24 PM
@LongMayHeReign - @TheBillCipher you've all shunned me into finishing lol I'll get on it and let you both know what I thought
LongMayHeReign - 8/15/2018, 5:44 PM
@MyCoolYoung -

THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 8/15/2018, 12:16 PM
A collector's edition, a comic series, I guess they really see this game as the Batman Arkham of Spider-Man.
RegularPoochie - 8/15/2018, 12:18 PM
You don't have to make articles about these same things every day. Wilding going wild.
GhostDog - 8/15/2018, 12:25 PM
Every hero's love interest seems to be transforming into a "Lois Lane" of sorts nowadays. They've got to be "in it" with their spandex clad bfs.

MJ is a reporter. Karen Page on Daredevil; although her transformation into a crusading, obsessive seeker of the truth is the BEST "LOIS LANE" (live action) we've had since Smallville.

Nightwing1015 - 8/15/2018, 12:38 PM
@BlackBeltJones - Yeah, it seems there's tons of reporters nowadays.

LongMayHeReign - 8/15/2018, 12:40 PM
@BlackBeltJones - Not Homecoming MJ. She don't give a [frick]!!!
CaptainElrond - 8/15/2018, 12:56 PM
@BlackBeltJones - Nothing against lois in man of steel. But she does not feel right. She would make a better carol danvers.
GhostDog - 8/15/2018, 12:58 PM
@Nightwing1015 - Karen sort of needed the transition due to how shitty she has been treated in the comics. Also, the writers of DD made me believe she is well suited for the job. Yes it’s ludicrous to imagine that she’d be allowed to move into Ben Urich’s private office, interview people, while real journalists are doing real journalism in shitty cubicles all around her....then again tons of "journalists" are bloggers with no degrees who do an nice job. But her dogged hard work and skill earns the belief to be a perfect fit for the job. She's a woman whose curiosity for the truth doesn't let her take "no" for an answer.

MJ has always been the statuesque stereotypical hot girl. I guess they wanted to give her some agency and depth outisde of being the model.
GhostDog - 8/15/2018, 12:59 PM
@LongMayHeReign - Amy Adams is one of my five favorite actresses EVER, but she didn't fit Lois. The way she was written didn't help either.
CaptainElrond - 8/15/2018, 1:03 PM
@BlackBeltJones - Who would you cast as lois then?
Nightwing1015 - 8/15/2018, 1:16 PM
@BlackBeltJones - In MJ's case, it just seems like plagiarism. There was nothing wrong with her being an actress on Broadway. I enjoyed that plot in Rami's films.
GhostDog - 8/15/2018, 1:26 PM
@Nightwing1015 - Yea I think you can make her interesting as an actress on Broadway. I liked that too over her being a model. She's an artist.

Ive always wondered why more creators dont embrace that in her and Peter's relationship. Hes an analytical guy; a scientist. She's an artistic; very expressive and outgoing. They're polar opposites in that regard but its interesting.
LongMayHeReign - 8/15/2018, 1:41 PM
@BlackBeltJones - Why you telling me this boss?
L0RDbuckethead - 8/15/2018, 2:09 PM
@BlackBeltJones - Totally agree. Amy Adams is one of the best actors working in Hollywood today and it blows my mind how unlike Lois Lane she seems in those films (BvS especially).

Just chalk it up to another poorly cast WB/DC character...
GhostDog - 8/15/2018, 12:32 PM
"Maya Lopez is revealed to be his foster daughter here and takes on the persona of Echo after being told by Fisk that Spider-Man is responsible for killing her father"

WOAAAAAH hold up. In the comics, DD was who Fisk told Echo killed her father. Before even reading this, part of me had an idea that a DD spinoff of this game should kick off with Matt facing Echo due to Fisk making her believe he killed her father. While Fisk deals with jail, Echo hunts Matt. Ive always wanted to see Echo used more.

LEVITIKUZ - 8/15/2018, 5:49 PM
You guys realize Ultimate Mary Jane wanted to be a journalist right?
Snowbirdd - 8/16/2018, 12:18 AM
@LEVITIKUZ - dang, forgot all about her after Pete died
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