THE SUICIDE SQUAD Director James Gunn Responds To Fan Who Wants To See More Batman In The Sequel

Ben Affleck's Batman played a minor, but key role in David Ayer's Suicide Squad, and now James Gunn has revealed whether we can expect to see the Dark Knight factor into his upcoming sequel/reboot...

As you'll no doubt recall, Batman played a key role in Suicide Squad as we learned more about his part in the origin stories of characters like Deadshot and Harley Quinn. While he only appeared briefly, it was still a lot of fun seeing the Caped Crusader face those villains, while the mid-credits scene obviously set the stage for Justice League

Now, with James Gunn hard at work on The Suicide Squad (which is expected to serve as both a sequel and reboot), the filmmaker has been tackling some fan questions via his Instagram account.
Unfortunately, those of you hoping to see more Batman-centric flashbacks (and possibly even the big screen debut of Robert Pattinson's Dark Knight) are likely to be disappointed as Gunn clearly wants to keep the spotlight on the members of Task Force X. This isn't exactly a surprise, but it may also close the door on other high-profile cameos from the DCEU.

Remember, The Flash made his costumed debut in David Ayer's movie back in 2016!

Are you guys excited for The Suicide Squad?

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characters James Gunn needs to forget...and bring back!


Characters To Forget

The Joker

There's no way that Gunn is going to bring back Jared Leto given the comments he's made on social media in the past so we can almost certainly forget about the Clown Prince of Crime making his return to menace Task Force X in this movie. 

With Harley Quinn reportedly not set to make an appearance, it would be odd to include this villain and it's probably for the best. 

While I'm sure Gunn could do a lot with The Joker, this version feels like a lost cause at this point, and given how Leto's performance was edited to death by Warner Bros. the first time around, it seems best for all involved to just move on from this iteration of the character and reboot him down the line. 


Monster T

Common is a pretty solid actor and when he first started popping up in set photos, speculation about who he might be playing and what role he could have in Suicide Squad quickly went into overdrive. 

Unfortunately, he ended up being one of The Joker's goons in one of the movie's weirder scenes and I really don't think there's anything left to be done with "Monster T."

In fact, I'm pretty sure Gunn will be moving away from this gritty, crime aesthetic in a big way and that means we can probably forget about seeing bit players like this. Plus, the simple fact he's associated with The Joker likely closes the door on another appearance regardless. 


El Diablo

I know I'm going to get some flak for this but do we really need to see any more of El Diablo? While he "died" at the end of the first movie, cut footage has confirmed that he was supposed to survive and I'm sure his magic based powers could open the door to a resurrection. 

He was such a lame character, though, there's really not much more that could be done with him even if he'd be in much better hands with a director like Gunn. 

His story arc doesn't really need to be expanded on, and that whole monstrous reveal we got in Suicide Squad was unbelievably daft and exactly the sort of thing the filmmaker should be moving away from for his new take on the franchise. 


Killer Croc

As a character, I love Killer Croc but the version we got in Suicide Squad definitely leaves a lot to be desired. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is a solid actor but it was damn near impossible to understand what he was saying due to him being buried under some pretty crappy looking prosthetics. 

While Croc has looked like this at times in the comics, it would have been much better to see his truly monstrous form in action.

If Gunn is planning to basically reboot the villain and give us that, then he deserves another chance but as things stand, there's really no need to continue exploring this extremely lame and forgettable take on the fan-favourite Batman bad guy. 



I think this is pretty self-explanatory, don't you? 

Cara Delevingne awkwardly sauntering around the place whispering "Enchantress!" was utterly laughable and it's no wonder we haven't seen much of the model turned actress on the big screen since. It's a shame because this is a character with a lot of 
potential, but she was handled appallingly and not someone we need to see as part of Task Force X again.

It was surprising to see such a huge amount of magic in the first Suicide Squad movie and I really don't think that Gunn is going to want to retread old ground for his take on the villainous group.



Another cringe-worthy supporting character introduced in Ayer's movie, it's feasible that Griggs could return if we're going back to Belle Reve but do we really need to see any more of him?

I wouldn't even want a throwaway mention about Deadshot finally killing the comical guard, to be honest, and while I'm sure Ike Barinholtz would fit in well with Gunn's style of humour, he should move on instead!


Harley Quinn

Sorry, Harley Quinn fans! There's no denying that Margot Robbie is the best possible choice to play this character but it would be a huge step backwards for her to rejoin Task Force X after her escape, especially as she's taking centre stage in Birds of Prey

Harley would obviously be a major draw for fans to check this reboot/sequel out but putting her back in captivity would feel forced and there are better characters to put in this scenario. 

Regardless of what Ayer originally had planned for Harley, it seems like she was going to embrace her new team before reshoots had The Joker break her out and while I'd love to see those relationships continue to play out on the big screen, circumstances have led to this simply not being a good idea now. 


Characters Who Need To Return


Originally, Warner Bros. was said to be planning a solo movie for Will Smith's Deadshot but it appears as if that's yet another idea which has fallen by the wayside since those behind the scenes changes at the studio.

Despite that, Floyd Lawton's story deserves to continue and it would be great to see what Gunn could do with him. Deadshot has a ton of potential and if there's just one character Gunn chooses to bring back, it should be the fan-favourite sharpshooter. Smith is an incredible actor and I would love to see what the Guardians of the Galaxy director is able to bring out of him. 

I guess we'll just have to wait and see, but Deadshot is arguably an essential part of Task Force X and it's hard to imagine which other heavy hitters from the comic books Gunn could use.


Amanda Waller

How can you have the Suicide Squad without Amanda Waller? There are ways Gunn could get around that, I'm sure, but it would be a terrible shame not to have Viola Davis threatening to blow the heads off the members of Task Force X. 

She was pretty much the perfect Waller (despite not being as massive as her comic book counterpart) and it would definitely be interesting to see where her story goes next.

After all, her first attempt to assemble a team of bad guys was something of a disaster - especially after The Joker freed Harley Quinn - and there must have been ramifications for that, so showing us her second attempt to use a group of villains as cannon fodder would be an awful lot of fun. 


Rick Flag

While we certainly don't need to see any more of his relationship with Enchantress, Rick Flag definitely deserves to make a comeback in The Suicide Squad and Joel Kinnaman really redeemed himself after RoboCop with a fantastic performance in the first movie. 

I'm not sure what sort of role he could play in proceedings, but perhaps Waller could force him to be part of the team this time around rather than leading him in the field. 

Either way, it would be a real disappointment to see Gunn just forget about Flag and taking aside the nonsense with 
Dr. Julie Moon we had to endure the last time, there's definitely more story to be told with this fan-favourite badass. 

Captain Boomerang

Jai Courtney arguably stole the show as this Flash villain in Suicide Squad, and it would be absolutely gutting for Gunn to move on from this hilariously quirky take on the character. 

Say what you will about the 2016 movie, but Ayer got at least some of the members of Task Force X right and Boomer was high up on that list. I'm sure Gunn could make some changes to him for his movie if that's what's required (that nonsense with the fluffy toys wouldn't be missed) but leaving him on the shelf would be a total waste. 

Ultimately, the filmmaker will probably wind up utilising a mostly new roster of characters but if there's some space for a few old favourites, this guy would definitely be high up on my list.



Katana is a great character who was mostly wasted in the first movie. While it was bold of Ayer to reference the fact that the souls of her victims become trapped in her sword, she didn't end up doing a huge amount and I think reshoots can probably be blamed for that.

Whatever the case may be, the silver lining is that Gunn now has something of a clean slate to take Katana and make her his own.

Which characters do you guys think should and shouldn't be brought back fro James Gunn's The Suicide Squad? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below.
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