DC Backtracks Superman renouncing his citizenship

David S. Goyer's story of Superman renouncing his American citizenship will not be followed up upon and is in of itself a stand alone issue.

DC has stated due to the backlash that nothing has changed but the story itself was simply a look at what could be and not what is. I'm sure all of you will rejoice at this news and I can be the first to say that I certainly told you so when you were all freaking out that it wouldn't last. The story hasn't been released even a week now and it's already been backtracked and put down as a standalone story so you all can rest assured. Here's the thing though; the story wasn't half as bad as people made it out to be. I read it and I didn't see the big deal. Here's a summary of the full story for the misinformed:

"Superman arrives to meet Gabriel Wright, the President's National Security advisor. Pleasantries do not last as Superman senses he is marked for death. Snipers armed with kryptonite ammunition ready to drop him... a harsh welcome from America, especially after all the good he has done since arriving in Metropolis many years ago.

Bottom line, Wright informs him that America views him as having gone rogue. If that's the case they won't hesitate, but they wait for answers, why did he go to Tehran?

Superman informs him that like most people he had witnessed the coverage of a large demonstration there. Though it was a peaceful demonstration the Iranian army had been monitoring them and were ready with excessive force to issue 'harsh repercussions' for organizing such a gathering. Despite the warnings these were common people, men, women, children willing to risk harm to ensure their voices were heard. It was an act of civil disobedience, and resistance to oppression. So impassioned were the people that Superman felt he should show his solidarity with the average man.

His mere appearance inspired the populace to stand at his side and resist fear and he lifted not one finger or used one power. He just stood there on the spot for 24 hours and was joined by 1 million people who now found strength to stand up for their rights.

At the end of the 24 hour period Superman and the civilians dispersed peacefully.

Superman's freedom of will immediately angered both Iran and America. Both viewing him as America's property whose presence declared an act of war. The dressing down from Wright falls on deaf ears, Superman is fed up of being an instrument of American policy, he was brought up an American but he isn't a possession.

He is on his way to the UN to seek an international identity so as to avoid further meetings like this one. As he walks away Superman reveals the outcome of the protest. It was so one man could deliver a symbol of peace, a rose, to one of the soldiers. An unexpected brave act that inspired him to also stand up for himself."

I saw it as more than just a media stunt but nevertheless, despite the backlash, it has brought albeit negative but still an extreme ammount of newfound interest in the character the fact that people cared so much about a character many supposedly view as outdated or boring. A character who is frequently trampled underfoot at the heels of the likes of Spider-Man or Batman. And yet, Action Comics number 900 despite the huge hate response sold out in less then a week. How many times does that happen? It just goes to show that people still care to this day that Superman upholds the American dream to this day and that despite what people may think of how boring his boyscout almost naive outlook on life is, he is a big part of us to this day.

And finally, here's the official statement from DC on what they had to say about the story:

"This short story is just that, it will not be followed up upon. Superman will remain as American as Apple pie."

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