SUPERMAN Meets Lois Lane In New High-Quality Photos From The Set Of James Gunn's DCU Reboot

SUPERMAN Meets Lois Lane In New High-Quality Photos From The Set Of James Gunn's DCU Reboot

SUPERMAN Set Photos Feature First Look At Rachel Brosnahan In Costume As Lois Lane - Possible SPOILERS
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SUPERMAN Set Photos Feature First Look At Rachel Brosnahan In Costume As Lois Lane - Possible SPOILERS

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LORDbuckethead - 9/12/2018, 2:28 PM
What's next for the Man of Steel? Well I'll tell ya,

He'll be sitting on the back burner at WB (say hi to GL and Martian Manhunter while you're there) while they make movies about minor and secondary characters no one cares about.

WB [frick]ed this one up, bad.

...and it all started with BvS.
SethBullock - 9/13/2018, 7:16 AM
@LORDbuckethead - MoS had many problems too.

Both had great visuals, great music, some good ideas for a modern take on Superman, but some others that were just awful and basically ruined both movies.

Then WB tried to "fix" the JL movie and that was even worse.
MrDandy - 9/13/2018, 7:21 AM
@LORDbuckethead - I'd say it started with Green Lantern which was original supposed to be the start of their own universe and continued straight into Man of Steel and every other consecutive film with exception to Wonder Woman.
MrDandy - 9/13/2018, 7:51 AM
@TyrantBossMedia - A part from the 3rd act I really enjoyed Wonder Woman. I don't think it was the next coming of Christ like some reviewers painted it to be (it was actually kind of derivative overall) but it was a damn good film with a charismatic as hell lead.
Chewtoy - 9/13/2018, 8:16 AM
Yeah, BvS definitely came about because of the response to MOS. WB seemed to fear that a straight-up sequel to MOS wouldn’t grow the franchise, so they added Batman, and Snyder’s story for it went off the rails while clearly trying to answer the people who took issues with aspects of his first Superman outing.
lvcl - 9/13/2018, 8:20 AM
I think that the DC TV stuff is much better than the cinematic.

Congratulations to all the DC TV series teamwork and actors that make us enjoy every season

Battabing - 9/13/2018, 8:27 AM
@LORDbuckethead - Let Superman and Batman sit on the back burner for awhile. It's because of them that other characters weren't allowed to thrive and shine. It's time for the world to see the rest of the heroes DC has out there.
SpiderBrad - 9/13/2018, 8:32 AM
@TyrantBossMedia - Couldn't agree more.
tunasmelt - 9/13/2018, 8:36 AM
all you people are cancer
mastakilla39 - 9/13/2018, 9:51 AM
Contractually Cavill is still under WB to play Superman until 20XX, but only if WB chooses to use him. I'm assuming he has the same contract as the Marvel actors which is 3-9 films (3 Solos & 3 JL films & 3 cameos) within 10 years. Man of Steel came out in 2013, so you can come to a conclusion that WB has no plans for a Superman film until or after 2023...when his contract expires.

I'm assuming the"anonymous source" who reported this to THR, Variety, Deadline, etc. is Henry Cavill's agent. They want to force WB to make a Superman film using fan/media backlash before Cavill's contract expires or at least tell the other studios that Cavill has a free schedule for franchise commitments. Either way they are just trying to sell Cavill or generate job offers and based on everyone's reaction its working.
Dacci - 9/13/2018, 10:21 AM
@lvcl - Firestorm Looks so cool there.
JonF - 9/14/2018, 12:08 AM
@TyrantBossMedia - It reads like you're describing Black Panther instead of Wonder Woman!
KWilly - 9/13/2018, 7:09 AM
That Instagram video Cavill posted leads me to believe he's still technically with WB. But even so, DC said themselves it'll be several years before another Superman movie happens.

Which is downright stupid.
MrDandy - 9/13/2018, 7:52 AM
@KWilly - I saw it as him doing the same thing as the WB statement. Saying something without having to say anything at all, which is highly suspect. He just did it in a more entertaining and comedic way.
Chewtoy - 9/13/2018, 8:23 AM
@MrDandy - to me, it’s like Snyder’s Vero posts. They’re not really there to clear up what is or isn’t possible in regards to their work with WB, they’re there to spur on the fan response because at best it gets WB to regret some decisions they made but at worst they get to hear fans who liked their efforts rally and say nice things.
AyMan - 9/13/2018, 7:14 AM
What an early morning article this is LOL.
HeavyMetal4Life - 9/13/2018, 7:15 AM
What an absolute clusterfck of a failure. You just can't make this stuff up. Terrific job WB!!

blitzburgh - 9/13/2018, 8:05 AM
@HeavyMetal4Life - I'm a big Spider-Man fan and Marvel fan in general but this bums me out because I do love a lot of the DC characters and everybody keeps [frick]ing up which makes no sense because they seem like easy movies to make
HeavyMetal4Life - 9/13/2018, 8:13 AM
@blitzburgh - I feel so bad for Cavill, terrible what they've done to him
blitzburgh - 9/13/2018, 9:22 AM
@HeavyMetal4Life - yea it is
ODanil - 9/13/2018, 7:16 AM
He isn't though.
Brave - 9/13/2018, 7:19 AM
Lol Josh Idk if it's been confirmed that he's OUT as Supes. But I sure hope he is...maybe the MCU or something will be better for him and bring out his "natural charisma", but Superman ain't it. It never was, I don't care how much he looks like an Ed McGunniess/Curt Swan drawing of Superman.

CaptainElrond - 9/13/2018, 7:19 AM
New superman movie?

Micheal b jordan as superman?

Doomsday8888 - 9/13/2018, 7:20 AM
Either Henry's attitude is contagious or i just f*cking lost it, but....i dunno, i have a big ass smile right now, this whole thing is hilarious, i mean we're even talking about Jordan as Superman...eheheh lol :P
regularmovieguy - 9/13/2018, 7:21 AM
I expect to see this same article another 3 or 4 times after this original post.

CaptainElrond - 9/13/2018, 7:21 AM
Don't get me wrong i love micheal b jordan. But ignoring the fact superman is not black. He just does not fit the role. Even hal jordan or the flash would be better. I could see that.
Reeds2Much - 9/13/2018, 7:38 AM
@TheInsaneCipher - superman is not black

He has a machine that can make him black, though.
CaptainElrond - 9/13/2018, 7:40 AM
@Reeds2Much - I should say....i would like a elseworld with mbj as superman
AwesomePromoz - 9/13/2018, 7:44 AM
@TheInsaneCipher - Superman is n alien from another planet. What rule says he has to be white? Think about it.

Also, Nick Fury used to be white... until he was black.
CaptainElrond - 9/13/2018, 7:46 AM
@TheFamousJMC - Well at least cast a black actor who is like clrk. Micheal b jordon does not really feel like it.
CaptainElrond - 9/13/2018, 7:47 AM
@TheIdiotCipherwhocantspell - *Clark
kRAVENklaw - 9/13/2018, 8:01 AM
@TheInsaneCipher -
I think he'd a great Jason Todd as well.
Hell, I can even see him as Booster Gold kinda.
KingEmperor - 9/13/2018, 8:13 AM
I guess some people still don’t know about Ultimate Nick Fury...
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