THUNDERBOLTS* Rumored Plot Outline May Give Us A Better Idea Of What To Expect - Possible SPOILERS

THUNDERBOLTS* Rumored Plot Outline May Give Us A Better Idea Of What To Expect - Possible SPOILERS

THUNDERBOLTS* May Be A Sequel To Surprise MCU Movie; New Set Photos Reveal Super Secret Prison
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THUNDERBOLTS* May Be A Sequel To Surprise MCU Movie; New Set Photos Reveal "Super Secret" Prison

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JackRussoff3 - 1/31/2023, 11:40 AM
You do not need to know anything about The Sentry, because they will ignore points 1-4 on the list above.

Another "in name only" villain to get beaten and forgotten.

They wasted his potential in the comics, so I hold zero hope for a good portrayal in this... That has nothing to do with the actual Thunderbolts comic.

Hard pass on every level. Florence Pugh is ok to look at, but I wouldn't pay to see her in something like this.

Another flop incoming. About as excited to see this as I am to see how much taxes I get the "privilege" of paying so I can support those that refuse to work and do their part.
Origame - 1/31/2023, 11:41 AM
Such a slow news day, we need to have an article informing audiences about a character who we still don't know is the villain in thunderbolt (or even the mcu as a whole).

Oh and it's a list too. Keep it classy josh.
FilmGuy7878 - 1/31/2023, 11:48 AM
@Origame - Yeah I'm just patiently waiting for Gunn to reveal the DCU slate, until then, Josh will pump out useless lists like it's nobody's business.
TheLobster - 1/31/2023, 11:43 AM
I’m gonna laugh my ass off if Sentry really is being used for Thunderbolts with that lineup. Legit copying 2016’s Suicide Squad would be a major L for Marvel:
Origame - 1/31/2023, 11:52 AM
@TheLobster - funny thing is if this were announced for a release back when suicide squad was released, it would've been seen like marvel doing the concept right.

Now in the dumpster fire that is phase 4 its more like them proving it could've been much worse.
FilmGuy7878 - 1/31/2023, 11:58 AM
@Origame - Suicide Squad 2016 was at least enjoyably bad, this has the potential to just be bad but to be fair, it has a similar situation to that movie...

Great actors put in monotone, almost identical costumes stuck with shitty writing, fighting a big bad way out of their league, and not even taking advantage of the things that made the OG source material good.
FilmGuy7878 - 1/31/2023, 11:53 AM
I love the Thunderbolts in the comics but this is gonna flop...HARD. Love Florence with all my heart but I feel really bad that she has to be in this shit.

Really pissed over the roster too, roster should have been Yelena, US Agent, Radioactive Man, Grizzly, Black Ant, Songbird, and some random C lister they kill off at the beginning.

Also there's no way in hell a group of super steroid pumped people with loads of guns are going to beat Marvel's own version of Superman
Origame - 1/31/2023, 11:56 AM
@FilmGuy7878 - I think a good idea is combining this with the dark avengers.

So bucky, Hercules, crimson dynamo(red guardian in an iron man suit), yelena, abomination, and Poindexter from the daredevil series now fully bullseye.
FilmGuy7878 - 1/31/2023, 12:04 PM
@Origame - That could work for sure as well. Would love to see Bullseye clash with Yelena, Abomination is too far gone to be seen as badass, Red Guardian being Crimson Dynamo would pay back to a line in Black Widow, and they would probably need a big reason why and how they were able to contain and control Hercules, a literal god.
SheepishOne - 1/31/2023, 11:54 AM
I actually think Sentry makes a lot of sense for a movie that's essentially about a bunch of super-soldiers.

I could see the movie beginning with the team being assembled to prevent someone (or another team) from obtaining the Sentry serum. But it ultimately gets got, and they have to create Red Hulk (aka the ultimate "Thunderbolt") to fight him in the finale, while the rest of the Thunderbolts lay waste to the rest of Sentry's "team".

I guess we'll see.
bkmeijer1 - 1/31/2023, 11:57 AM
@SheepishOne - Red Hulk vs Sentry is the only fight I wanna see, since I don't expect super soldiers vs Sentry to last long
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