THUNDERBOLTS* High Quality Set Photos Reveal Best Shots Yet Of Sebastian Stan’s New Look Bucky Barnes

THUNDERBOLTS* High Quality Set Photos Reveal Best Shots Yet Of Sebastian Stan’s New Look Bucky Barnes THUNDERBOLTS* High Quality Set Photos Reveal Best Shots Yet Of Sebastian Stan’s New Look Bucky Barnes

More photos from the set of Marvel Studios’ Thunderbolts* have found their way online, offering a closer look at Sebastian Stan’s new look Bucky Barnes in the upcoming team-up movie. Check it out...

By JoshWilding - May 11, 2024 05:05 PM EST
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Cameras are still rolling on Thunderbolts* in Atlanta, and while we're hoping some revealing set photos are imminent (a first look at The Sentry would be nice), has just shared a couple of new hi-res shots of Sebastian Stan's Bucky Barnes. 

The former Winter Soldier once again has long hair and is rocking a goatee which, while by no means a drastic change, has generated plenty of discussion among fans on social media. 

Look closely and you'll spot a crew member carrying a glove Stan will wear to portray Bucky's cybernetic arm! Having a suit on means he doesn't have to don a full sleeve, something we're sure the actor is grateful for. We also see Geraldine Viswanathan's mystery character.

As for what Bucky is up to, we've done some digging, and it sounds like he's attending a court hearing. Interestingly, Julia Louis-Dreyfus's CIA Director Valentina Allegra de Fontaine has also been spotted on set this weekend, so this could have something to do with her. 

Perhaps Bucky will have to answer for past crimes, only to end up in Val's custody as an unwilling member of her government-sanctioned superhero team. 

Whatever the case might be, rumour has it Bucky only has a minor role in the Thunderbolts*. In fact, Val, Yelena Belova, U.S. Agent, The Sentry, and Ghost are expected to be front and centre. 

Bucky was last seen in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier where he was freed from his HYDRA programming and instrumental in getting Sam Wilson to wield the shield as the new Captain America. Despite that, he's not expected to appear in Captain America: Brave New World.

Thunderbolts* director Jake Schreier previously shared some insights into what fans can expect from the movie when he said, "There's a story to be told about a group of characters who can relate to each other in a certain way or who have gone through certain things and we're going to get into that. I wouldn't look at this as a sequel at all. And we don't talk about it that way."

"There's a story to be told about a group of characters who can relate to each other in a certain way or who have gone through certain things and we're going to get into that."

"Obviously, Florence has proved how captivating she can be in the MCU and I think it's great to have that as a reference point but we're all talking about making a movie that it's great if you've seen the [previous] stuff but if you haven't," he added, "there's still going to be a complete story being told in a movie that works on its own."

Confirmed cast members for Thunderbolts* include Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, Florence Pugh as Yelena Boleva, Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes, David Harbour as Red Guardian, Wyatt Russell as U.S. Agent, Hannah John-Kamen as Ghost, and Olga Kurylenko as Taskmaster.

Recently, Geraldine Viswanathan replaced Ayo Edebiri in an undisclosed role, while Lewis Pullman has taken over as The Sentry following Steve Yeun's shock departure from the movie. Both he and Edebiri are said to have left due to scheduling issues.

Written by Eric Pearson, Lee Sung Jin, and Joanna Calo, and directed by Jake Schreier, Thunderbolts* is currently set to be released in theaters on May 2, 2025.

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OrgasmicPotatoe - 5/11/2024, 5:05 PM
Guys will see Bucky with long hair and just think 'hell yeah'
LSHF - 5/11/2024, 5:05 PM
How many articles are we going to get on this subject? This is second one so far.
Nighthawk01 - 5/11/2024, 5:07 PM
@LSHF - Why do you care, lol? No one made you click.
WruceBayne - 5/11/2024, 8:58 PM
@LSHF - I’m assuming one more article and then we’ll get a list of Sebastian Stan hairdo’s from Bucky to Tommy Lee. 😂
LSHF - 5/11/2024, 9:43 PM
@WruceBayne - Lol. It wouldn't surprise me.
KennKathleen - 5/11/2024, 5:06 PM
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harryba11zack - 5/11/2024, 5:10 PM
@MarkJulian - at least the Joshy boy isn't afraid to share leaked images
User Comment Image
HashTagSwagg - 5/11/2024, 5:19 PM
@harryba11zack - 1-855-553-4763........ Hello Disney studios, that "Oh Yes" guy of yours has gone rogue and has been sharing classified photo's online.
User Comment Image
Origame - 5/11/2024, 5:11 PM
So is bucky gonna be in his cubical until morphious calls him?
Ryguy88 - 5/11/2024, 8:03 PM
@Origame - whoa
Origame - 5/11/2024, 8:22 PM
@Ryguy88 - but the big question

...does he know kung fu?
IAmAHoot - 5/11/2024, 5:15 PM
Haha, that little glove. Makes sense not to have to lube into the metal arm, but so much less intimidating to see.
BobbyDrake - 5/11/2024, 5:42 PM
@IAmAHoot - They need to recoup as much money as possible, and cgi for his entire arm is expensive. Long sleeves it is!!!
IAmAHoot - 5/11/2024, 5:47 PM
@BobbyDrake - Plus, if it’s not needed, no reason to make Stan go through the hassle. Same as giving Drax a vest in Guardians Vol.3 (even with his sensitive nipples) since Bautista said it’s getting harder for him to maintain that shape to show off his torso. Keep costs down, keep the actors happy = win-win.
BobbyDrake - 5/11/2024, 5:58 PM
@IAmAHoot - keep costs down, keep actors happy, keep fan interest low. Sounds like an equation for success!!!
TheVisionary25 - 5/11/2024, 6:00 PM
@IAmAHoot - where’s the glove ?.
IAmAHoot - 5/11/2024, 6:52 PM
@TheVisionary25 - The lady walking behind him is carrying it.
IAmAHoot - 5/11/2024, 6:53 PM
@BobbyDrake - Fan interest has nothing to do with a paparazzi photo showing he’s not in a metal arm in this scene…
TheVisionary25 - 5/11/2024, 7:02 PM
@IAmAHoot - oh thanks 😊
RolandD - 5/11/2024, 5:19 PM
I knew he would not be ion his real suit but I clicked anyway.
dragon316 - 5/11/2024, 5:28 PM
He could be leader of team? Way he looks
BobbyDrake - 5/11/2024, 5:45 PM
@dragon316 - User Comment Image
TheVisionary25 - 5/11/2024, 6:02 PM
The goatee isn’t as pronounced as it was in the original set pic it seems , seems more like a stubble.

Intrigued to see why he’s in a suit , I could see it as him being undercover or possibly getting a pardon from the President…

It might even be when the idea on being in the team could be floated to him.
NinnesMBC - 5/11/2024, 6:17 PM
"rumour has it Bucky only has a minor role in the Thunderbolts" that would be a big waste of the character and of Sebastian Stan who always has been given meaty material to work with. This film shouldn't be the exception, that would really disappoint me.

Bucky likely is being called as a witness to something at best. Likely involving one of the other Thunderbolts members or an entire different thing.
Crtdacct2say - 5/11/2024, 6:53 PM
He's just slowly morphing into present day Mark Hamill
sully - 5/11/2024, 8:04 PM
@Crtdacct2say - Hopefully he doesn't develop Hamill's shitty personality.
bobevanz - 5/12/2024, 10:06 AM
@sully - unless if you don't like his opinion on politics, I have no clue wtf you're talking about
StSteven - 5/11/2024, 7:56 PM
So I'm guessing that Bucky's additional facial hair in this movie is to compensate for Ford's lack of a mustache thereby maintaining balance in the Facial Hair Force and preventing all-out galactic war within the MCU. Whew! That's a relief. Thank God someone stepped up!
LSHF - 5/11/2024, 9:47 PM
@StSteven - I would have thought of that myself had I been drinking enough. 🤪
StSteven - 5/11/2024, 11:47 PM
@LSHF - I was actually sober when I posted that comment (that time has long since passed), which is rather unusual for me as I usually come up with my more ridiculous bullshit after a good couple of beers. We'll just have to see what the rest of the night holds then 😉.
Ryguy88 - 5/11/2024, 8:02 PM
This character has been a joke since Civil War
MrDandy - 5/11/2024, 11:12 PM
@Ryguy88 - why? His stuff in Civil War was pretty badass
Ryguy88 - 5/12/2024, 8:45 AM
@MrDandy - I meant he was great in Winter Soldier and Civil War and has been a joke since then
Tonic24k - 5/12/2024, 10:11 PM
@Ryguy88 - Well that’s just not true at all. Lol
Ryguy88 - 5/13/2024, 7:33 AM
@Tonic24k - yeah but you wouldnt be able to tell the difference anyways 😀
Tonic24k - 5/13/2024, 10:01 AM
@Ryguy88 - Hulk was turned into a joke. That would be accurate. But Winter Soldier?... There's nothing even remotely justifiable to say something that mindless.
Ryguy88 - 5/13/2024, 8:30 PM
@Tonic24k - I didnt mean a joke as in he was funny, more like how he was a shadow of his former self, both literally, and in terms of his impact as a character.
YouFlopped - 5/11/2024, 8:56 PM
Poor Bucky.

Got overlooked for the real cap

Got his ass beat by the Dora in TFAWS

And will be cannon fodder in this film 😂🫡
dagenspear - 5/11/2024, 11:31 PM
@YouFlopped - He did indeed get overlooked for the sake of the real Cap, which is Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson in the MCU.
bobevanz - 5/12/2024, 10:07 AM
Wen Zemo
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