THE BOYS Showrunner Eric Kripke At A Loss For Words When It Comes To Anyone Who Views Homelander As A Hero

THE BOYS Showrunner Eric Kripke At A Loss For Words When It Comes To Anyone Who Views Homelander As A Hero

The parallels between The Boys and real-life political issues are clear to see and showrunner Eric Kripke has today weighed in on that while sharing his bemusement at viewers who root for Homelander...

By JoshWilding - Jun 14, 2024 10:06 AM EST
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Source: Slash Film

The Boys has been heavy on politics from the start, and while it's relatively east to watch the series without getting too caught up in the real-life parallels, they're also hard to ignore. 

Still, some believe the Prime Video series isn't remotely political, meaning they fail to understand the point of the show's deeper themes. 

Asked by Slash Film about those viewers, The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke said, "I don't write with them in mind. I mean, look, it doesn't really particularly bother me. I just kind of throw up my hands, and I'm like, 'Well, I don't know what else to do then.' The show is many things. Subtle is not one of them."

"If you, for instance, think Homelander's a hero, I just don't know what to tell you. I don't know what to tell you. But look, on the other hand, if people want to watch this show as just escapist entertainment, like as any other superhero thing...then I guess thanks for watching, question mark?"

"But obviously, the show has a lot on its mind, and I would certainly appreciate it more if people get the different layers that we work so hard to put into it," he concluded. 

Yes, there are indeed those who rally around Homelander in the same way as his supporters in the world of The Boys. When the site pointed out that the villain is, in many ways, "a representative for everything that is terrifying about life," Kripke strongly hinted that a certain former President played a big role in how Homelander is portrayed. 

"I mean, look, even as short as 10 years ago, the idea of a celebrity trying to turn themselves into an authoritarian autocrat was a slightly crazy idea. Then with 2016 and the build-up to it, suddenly it became a very, very real idea. Here's this comic book that has a character that's doing exactly the same thing, and I really lucked into adapting it at the single best time in history to adapt that comic."

"I think he really connects with people on that level. I think none of that would happen if Antony Starr isn't delivering just a masterful performance, every single episode. He makes you understand the guy. He gives 17 facial expressions when someone else gives one. He's just an astounding actor, and he's doing Emmy worthy work."

"It's mind-blowing to me that he hasn't won anything yet. I think he makes that character so undeniable, and is delivering just such a performance for the ages, that I think people just naturally gravitate towards it."

The series has strongly hinted that Homelander has his eye on the White House. To get into potential spoiler territory, fans of the comics will know his story does eventually head in that direction, and it remains to be seen how and if season 4 (which premieres this week) builds to that.

Are you #TeamHomelander? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Evansly - 6/14/2024, 10:21 AM
Certainly felt the same way when people were cheering for him in the first two seasons. Anyone who continues to see him as the protagonist is a loon
McMurdo - 6/14/2024, 2:13 PM
@Evansly - literally no one sees him as the protagonist. This is a meme.
Rmcbride7349 - 6/14/2024, 2:56 PM
@McMurdo - they didn't say protagonist, they said "hero". people in the comments of this article are saying as much.
McMurdo - 6/14/2024, 3:20 PM
@Rmcbride7349 - either or
Rmcbride7349 - 6/14/2024, 9:47 PM
@McMurdo - those words are not interchangeable. nobody is saying that homelander is the protaganist (he the antagonist), but they are saying they agree with what he says and think he's heroic.
marvel72 - 6/14/2024, 10:25 AM
Best character on the show.
clintthahamster - 6/14/2024, 10:53 AM
@marvel72 - Villains often are.
Blergh - 6/14/2024, 10:54 AM
@clintthahamster - this, villains drive the story. That’s what I’m missing with Star Wars lately, a good villain.
clintthahamster - 6/14/2024, 11:05 AM
@Blergh - As someone who enjoys most Disney era Star Wars . . . yeah, you're right.
Whoelsebutkevin - 6/14/2024, 11:06 AM
@Blergh - Thrawn has potential but SW is such a miss these days, I hope I'm wrong.
Blergh - 6/14/2024, 11:10 AM
@Whoelsebutkevin - I think Thrawn is what we need right now, a consistent, well acted villain. Don’t mind him not being as smart as in the books, you can only make a character as smart as the writer is themselves.
Blergh - 6/14/2024, 11:10 AM
@clintthahamster - I had such hopes for Snoke, I think that’s why I hate EP8 so much. It destroyed a complete element necessary to built that era of SW out.
marvel72 - 6/14/2024, 11:13 AM
@clintthahamster - yes that is correct,like wrestling I bet it's more fun being a heel than a face.
clintthahamster - 6/14/2024, 12:11 PM
@Blergh - I think it was worth it for the shock, and the badassery that followed, but making Snoke a failed Palpatine clone in ep 9 (not to mention bringing back Palpatine, period) was a huge mistake.
DrReedRichards - 6/14/2024, 10:26 AM
Respectfully, Mr Kripke should by no means be surprised. Homelander is hardly the first morally dubious individual to be seen as a hero. Corleone, Walter White, Rick Sanchez you name it. People who lack confidence and self-esteem have always looked up to assholes like these, and the sad thing is, those same people are also stupid enough to take said characterization of an asshole as a compliment.
Blergh - 6/14/2024, 10:42 AM
@DrReedRichards - Walter White is what really got me. People were unironically seeing him as the hero because they could empathize with his struggles. But there’s a difference between empathy and support. Sometimes I feel people can’t handle their human emotions and misinterpret them as a direction to take for their lives.

It’s along the lines of cops wearing the Punisher logo.
DrReedRichards - 6/14/2024, 10:46 AM
@Blergh -

Walter White is where I feel pop culture reached a tipping point.

Is BB a phenomenal show? F#ck yeah it is. Is Cranston's performance praiseworthy from here to oblivion? Absof#ckinlutely. But is Walter himself a hero, just because he's the protagonist of this story? F#ck no, and those who tho is that his is are clearly sick in the head.

But as I said, I'm afraid those idiots are desperate enough to take even being called sick as edgy praise instead.
Blergh - 6/14/2024, 10:48 AM
@DrReedRichards - exactly, Walter White was a lot more nuanced than Homelander is. So obviously more people will be aware that he’s meant to be the villain, the dude has mental breakdowns killing innocents, only a total psycho won’t see the idea behind the character.

But Walter was a truly weird situation in pop culture.
SATW42 - 6/14/2024, 10:54 AM
@DrReedRichards - Walter White was a monster, but we also watched him become a monster, so I can at least understand people still finding empathy for him. He was also definitely written in a way where you wanted to see him get out of situations because his obstacles were usually people worse than him.

Homelander, I'll never understand why people try and say he's an anti-hero because he has absolutely zero redemptive qualities.
clintthahamster - 6/14/2024, 10:56 AM
@DrReedRichards - But is Walter himself a hero, just because he's the protagonist of this story? F#ck no

The snob in me wonders if maybe these folks read more Shakespeare as a kid, they'd understand the idea of a loathsome protagonist a bit better. But then, it's hard to underestimate the appeal of daydreaming about filling your house with piles of cash . . .
DrReedRichards - 6/14/2024, 11:03 AM
@clintthahamster -

You say Shakespeare, I say Hugo's LesMis. Literature is filled with protagonists who trick the reader into idolizing them. The gullible reader, that is.
DrReedRichards - 6/14/2024, 11:06 AM
@SATW42 -

I think it was his rogues gallery, for lack of a better term, that tricked audiences into thinking of Walter as relatable. Sure, he may have abused the shit out of Jesse and Hank, but look at Gus! Look at the Nazis! They're worse than Walter, so that makes Walter right! Right?

Ryguy88 - 6/14/2024, 11:12 AM
@DrReedRichards - liking a fictional character in a an entertainment property does not mean the same thing as looking up to them and condoning their actions. Wtf is wrong with you? Lmao
DrReedRichards - 6/14/2024, 11:14 AM
@Ryguy88 -

Just keep reading. If you honestly think noone here idolizes Homelander, you're in for a very rude awakening.
Ryguy88 - 6/14/2024, 11:20 AM
@DrReedRichards - point to the person idolizing lazering people in the face.
DrReedRichards - 6/14/2024, 11:22 AM
@Ryguy88 -

Still can't see it? That's okay, I'll tag you right under it.
Ha1frican - 6/14/2024, 12:38 PM
@DrReedRichards - There’s morally dubious and then there’s a serial killing rapist I don’t think he quite fits the mold of the rest of those characters lol
IvanBadski - 6/14/2024, 1:03 PM
@DrReedRichards - starlights new face is the true villain of the show
DrReedRichards - 6/14/2024, 1:06 PM
@Ha1frican -

I think he does, tbh. Maybe not rapists, but none of the characters I mentioned have shied away from murder, even the unnecessary kind as their respective stories went on.
DrReedRichards - 6/14/2024, 1:10 PM
@IvanBadski -

It's sad that she chose to go through with that surgery, but hey; she's her own person and an adult, free to do as she chooses.
Nomis929 - 6/14/2024, 10:27 AM
"To ignore Evil is to become an accomplaince to it" - MLK

User Comment Image
Origame - 6/14/2024, 10:29 AM
Again, who tf is unironically rooting for him and calling him the hero?

I really think this guy is confusing genuine opinions on the character with the meme crowd that also says thanos did nothing wrong.
Blergh - 6/14/2024, 10:40 AM
@Origame - people are unironically stating that “Thanos was right”. Sure, Homelander is a thinly veiled allegory for sociopathic politicians in the show the way he was an allegory for sociopathic celebrities turning into politicians in the comics. It’s not hard to see through it. But some people will always pick the “I think this character is cool, so I support them” route.

Plus, I’m sure some people do ironically “support” Homelander online because they know the show is picking on Trump and hence pick Homey as the Trump stand in to “trigger the libs”.

Either way, great show and a great character. Love it, he’s obviously the villain but just fun to watch

Origame - 6/14/2024, 10:47 AM
@Blergh - no they aren't because that's a meme dude.
DarthOmega - 6/14/2024, 11:04 AM
@Origame - I don't think anyone actually thinks this. It's just another chance to shit on the "enemies". The funny part is when he said escapism. It's hard to "escape" when so much of modern writing relies so heavily on current day politics. Usually from one side painting a caricature of the other side.
Origame - 6/14/2024, 11:10 AM
@DarthOmega - and then they make it about real world politics when you say anything about it. Say something common sense like "there's no Africans in Norse mythology" or "yasuke wasn't a samurai", suddenly you're a racist.

Heck, you don't even have to say anything specifically about race. It could just be "I don't like the acolyte" and they'll connect the dots because the show has lesbians, women, and minorities.
Ryguy88 - 6/14/2024, 11:15 AM
@Origame - that type likes to create a villain in their head and then apply it to everyone they disagree with.
Origame - 6/14/2024, 11:19 AM
@Ryguy88 - it has to be. Because it's all political to them.
DarthOmega - 6/14/2024, 11:33 AM
@Origame - It's just like a back and forth I had with that North guy here whatever his name is. He likes to reply to anyone who doesn't like the Acolyte.

He said I didn't watch it. I said I watched every episode and I didn't like it. He claims I have issues because I don't like anything they make. I do like some of Disney Star Wars and named the following projects

The Force Awakens
Rogue One
Some of Rebels
Some of Bad Batch
Some of The Mandalorian
Some of Visions

He said none of them have a female lead...


The Force Awakens, Rogue One and some of Visions starred women. He didn't care. His narrative is that I'm a sexist. Nothing, not even cold hard facts will shake them. That's why I block now. They aren't interested in an actual debate. Civilized or otherwise. They don't even have an argument just insults and unhinged accusations. No point in going back and forth with that.

It's like the words of a wise woman who once said...

User Comment Image
Origame - 6/14/2024, 11:39 AM
@DarthOmega - I applaud you for that.

Also, got some good news. The Gina carano lawsuit is going through. So there's gonna be a discovery. Meaning we're gonna start to see a lot of what's going on bts at disney they don't want us to know about.
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