Speculation! Jim Carrey for Riddler again and Batman to appear in Arrow Season 6

While Arrow Season 6 is yet to be announced, CW will need to be ready to introduce Batman into the Arrowverse and have Riddler as the big bad reprised by another familiar face.

Editorial Opinion
Arrow season 5 focuses on Oliver acting as Starling City's mayor while he is currently moving past the events from season 4 by having new recruits assembled to protect his city while dealing with those that don't trust him on his methods of sparing the worst of Starling City's criminals like Anarchy and are destined to ending crime and protecting the innocent people in it before anymore terrorist organizations show up to cause more problems like Damien Darhk, Slade Wilson and Ras' al Ghul have and Prometheus is sure to be the one leading the rival gang of vigilantes against Team Arrow but while we are still hoping that he will be Tommy Merlyn behind the mask resurrected sometime before the 5th season premier despite actor Colin Donnell's schedule conflicts because of how big an impact that Oliver had to have brought upon him that made him so desperate at wanting to kill the Green Arrow and not let anyone get in his way of doing it.


Now before CW makes any announcements for the TBA sixth season, it would be a great time by then to add Batman, his allies, enemies and his world into the Arrowverse and the villain that CW officials should use as the main antagonist whose scheme should be plot original enough to put into use is Edward Nashton/The Riddler and with Jim Carrey reprising his role from Batman Forever
Crazy Edward Nigma

Why? Because he totally nailed it as a wild funny psychopath of a narcissist for Batman Forever and since CW allowed Mark Hamill to reprise his role on the Flash as the same Trickster he played in the 90's CBS show, having Jim Carrey reprise his role as the main villain for Arrow Season 6 should help make the show much more successful on the ratings and much more entertaining with more wild humor and another familiar face. Plus he was a real laugh riot when acting whacky and loony as Nygma. Especially since he is obviously the reason Green Arrow actor Stephen Amell wants to play Riddler as Ben Affleck's Batman foe in the DCEU films since his cousin Robbie and his wife Italia Ricci were inspired by the Burtonverse Batman films and the stars that appeared in each of them like Nicole Kidman. Plus the Riddler made his debut in the DC comics as a Green Arrow villain before his role made him a more official Batman villain so having Riddler as the main villain in season 6 should also mark him as a more unique challenge for Team Arrow to take on.

The Crazy Riddler

Also having the Riddler as the big bad for season 6 would bring about a new plot dynamics and the potential debut of the DC comics #1 favorite superhero Batman

Batman for Arrow

One good reason why CW should introduce Batman into the Arrowverse despite not intending to and other than because of Riddler being more as the dark knight's official enemy is because of the easter egg references brought up by


Felicity Smoak mentioning that the codename "Oracle" was already being used by another individual


and the words on the 2024 newspaper from the future saying "Waynetech/Queen INC Merges Complete" teasing his andBarbara Gordon's presence here in the Arrowverse so clearly there's no need for them to keep holding out any longer but just to make things easy for CW when including Batman and his allies in the franchise, CW will need to diversify half the amount of characters in both Earth One and Four and by differences in dopplegangers and here is how both Flash and Supergirl's worlds would feature them;

Earth 1: Bruce Wayne/Batman Barbara Gordon/Oracle Dick Grayson/Nightwing Jason Todd/Red Hood Damien Wayne/Robin Stephanie Brown/Batgirl Alfred Pennyworth

Earth 38: Terry Mcginnis/Batman Beyond Barbara Gordon/Batgirl Tim Drake/Red Robin Cassandra Cain/Black Bat

That's how CW should adapt the characters into the shows

Batman villains for Arrow season 6

Now for Batman and his allies on Earth 1 to fit in with the shows, he will need to appear in the second or third episode of Arrow season 6 where he and the Green Arrow meet for the first time and briefs them on the Riddler while both city diversified teams unite against the narcissist and other villains including Bane, Joker, Penguin, Two Face, Killer Croc, Scarecrow, Harley Quinn, and Clayface (Basil Carlo). Now if all are in favor of having CW make this happen please notify them on using everything from this article ASAP
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BATMAN FOREVER Star Val Kilmer Is Open To Returning As The Caped Crusader If Warner Bros. Comes Calling

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