Lead on Savitar's Identity Being Eddie Thawne Resurrected in the B.C.s and not someone from the Future

While Savitar is yet to be finally unmasked, Eddie Thawne resurrected is the most solid suspect to being the true identity of Barry's most powerful enemy and here is proof to explain how he may still live.

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Eddie Thawne was a cop who made his debut in the very beginning of the Flash series who became Iris' fiance due to the coma his descendant Eobard Thawne had placed him in after giving him his speed with the particle excelerator explosion lightning until Barry turned down the oppertunity to save his mother under her killer's permission to stop him over his fear of loosing more people close to him as well as his future self not wanting him to intervine now angered Eobard enough into telling Barry that he gonna kill everyone which made Eddie commit suicide to keep that from happening and after he died which erased his descendant from existance for 8 months, his corpse was sucked into the singularity.

Why Eddie has to be Savitar

Now while black holes are known to be dangerous not only for being the source of powerful gravitational pulls but also known to shrink down or grind things into small particles, some people may doubt Eddie's return but since it was a wormhole created from a device Eobard was using to help him get back to the future, anything is possible. Now lets point out how Eddie Thawne would be Savitar inside the armor and how he could have been resurrected and acquired the armor and his powers from the Philosopher Stone in the B.C.'s before he and Barry became enemies in the Future

1. After Eddie's corpse was dragged into the singularity and after Ronnie plucked himself into the void which caused it to disperse into breaches leading to other earths in the Multiverse, Martin Stein said that the portals are like pockets of time and space which is proof that Eddie could have been sent to another earth within the B.C.'s time period
Proof that Savitar is Eddie Thawne Resurrected in the BCs

2.While the metal of Savitar's armor is still unknown, it maybe a good thing that Savitar got the shrapnel from his blade back before the team could identify it to be something from the future because the reason Savitar's armor had to originate from the philosopher stone along with his speed even though his metal mouth looks mechanical is because he was mentioned to be the first meta ever granted speed by Jay Garrick who also said that he never saw him before his fight against the rogue speed god in episode 55 which is also why Savitar can't just be someone from the future over the CW producers having their minds fixated on it because if Savitar was a man from the future and not someone that got his speed during ancient times, Jay would know who he is.

3.When Savitar confronted Barry in the alley in episode 61 after escaping the speed force, he spoke like he knew Barry, Joe and Iris personally and not just from learning it from the future and from his prison in the speedforce


4.Reason Savitar has to have gotten his powers from the stone in the past and not from the future is because of the legend of him being the first meta with speed along with the philosopher stone which Julian discovered in the caves of Rajastan before Barry got his powers, having all of that being from the future would violate everything we've learned in the first half in season 3


5. Savitar had to have gotten his armor from the philosopher stone because how else could he have been able to inflict Wally with psychic attacks when he was in his cell inside the pipeline and why would he scream in pain after Barry sliced his blade off before needing to get it back?

6. While Savitar said to Joe that he took everything from him, which is the puzzler to the mystery of his true identity, his time of suffering the worst of his past while imprisoned in the speedforce is another good reason he can't be some nerd, girl, boy, midget inside a mechanical armor that used a time machine to travel back to the B.C.s because the speedforce would have mentioned it to Jay other than being from the future.

7. Since no one mentioned Iris' relationship with Eddie in the 3rd season even though she mentioned Snart kidnapping Cisco for Flash's identity, there is a chance that if she never remembered being in a relationship with her father's former partner in the paradox like she did in the timeline before Flashpoint due to her walking out of the house on Joe for lying to her about her mother being dead and Wally saying they never talked since then, hopefully Barry's actions of changing the timeline will have erased that event which is one thing Savitar was referring to about everything Team Flash took from him in the future.

8. While said to be a product of Flashpoint, another good reason Eddie being Savitar time traveling back to the present after years of acting as the hindu god of motion in the B.C.'s of Earth 1 or 38 had to be enemies with Barry is because of what Barry and his team did to upset him and not just what they took from him and it may regard the changes from undoing Flashpoint and the Dominators invading Earth that he was only trying to help save the human race by giving people their powers and because of Barry worrying to much about their rights to choose being robbed, Eddie as Savitar sees that as the reason Barry is more of a villain to him than hero and not just for meddling with his plans.

9. While Star Labs and the singularity why Savitar as a yet to be revealed and confirmed resurrected Eddie Thawne would accuse them of taking everything from them and for how it ruined his future life, his reasons for accusing Joe for taking everything from him would be because he arrested his acolytes in the future after Barry imprisoned him in the speedforce and because he blames Joe for the deaths of any remaining relatives in his family at the hands of Zoom's forces in season 2 just by not talking Barry out of bringing his archenemy into their world as well as making his sacrifice in season 1 end up being for nothing by talking Barry out of killing the Reverse Flash in episode 34 which is what made Barry act fecklessly irresponsible into screwing things up with his pride and his fears.

10.And the one good reason it should be worth having Savitar revealed as Eddie Thawne resurrected in B.C.s of the multiverse instead of making him a worthless future adveration of Barry or his teammates or anyone close to them as well as making him some lamo from the future over the minds of the CW producers and writers being so fixated on it during this season is because of irritating enough it was for them to make Prometheus Adrien Chase instead of Tommy Merlyn resurrected by his father under the changes of Barry changing the timeline as well as making Laurel's doppleganger Black Siren end up in the pipeline like before in the timeline before Flashpoint instead of Zoom having ordered her to go to Star City and continue spreading chaos on Earth 1, Kreisberg and Berlanti have made everything Flashpoint has affected on Arrow nothing but cheap parlor tricks not only because of how feckless they along with the rest of the CW officials are becoming with their potential but also because of how corrupt they have became from caring more about screwing around with our speculations just for the fun of it.

11.Also with Rick Cosnett still in Vancouver it should be worth having him return later in the final five episodes of Flash season 3 as Savitar and in Human form as the villain too.

Leads on Eddie Thawne Resurrected being Savitar

12. And Finally the screenshots comparing Eddie with Savitar's human identity serving as our most solid lead we have on him being revealed as the rogue speed god

Because if CW doesn't have Eddie Thawne resurrected and revealed as Savitar after all the recent events in the series and because the speedforce is what's keeping Eobard from being permanantly erased from existance then why go through all that trouble having his corpse get sucked into the singularity and why would Supergirl's world on Earth 38 not have a particle excellorator explosion besides the different choices people in parallel universes make?

And speaking of Earth 38, with Savitar mentioned by Jay Garrick to be the first speedster in the multiverse and has never heard of him until the events in season 3, Kara's world would serve as the Earth that Eddie got his powers from the philosopher stone on her earth and used it until Barry and his team in the future at an undisclosed year trapped him in the speed force and had all his acolytes and resources confiscated along with Earth 38's philosopher stone leaving him to use the one on his earth on the year before the particle excellorator explosion on Earth 1, Now if anyone favors this lead and evidence, nows a good time to persuade the CW officials into making sure that Rick Cosnet is back on the set for the final 2 to 3 episodes as Eddie Thawne resurrected as Savitar in the third season, then you better notify the CW officials right away in groups of activists if anyone from Vancouver is reading this article on who we want Savitar to be revealed as and not make him end up so jarring future savoy over their ideas being heavily fixated on the future over too much pride and on twitter, Myspace, Facebook or any web profile page they are using straight away, even if it involves doing reshoots on "The Once and Future Flash" to correct a few scenes to make sure Savitar is NOT from the future but indeed someone who time travelled into the present and the future from the B.C.s and from Earth 38 while they are currently filming episodes 20 and 21 and before they air episode 19.

Otherwise Barry's greatest enemy in the Arrowverse is gonna end up a downbeat because of those who refuse to help out of slack, lack of decency, lack of care and lack of compunction of how much Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti's pride of selfishly irritating us with controversy of such violating deception is ruining. Feel free to share this with others all over the web and just because Savitar isn't isn't an actual god by not being invincible doesn't mean he has to be some future lamo and for good reasons why is because they've been irritating us long enough since last year and we want them to stop screwing around and think more potential and less immature and jarring so let's get this over with please before they make it more of a downbeat!
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