TITANS Showrunner Shares First Details About Scrapped RED HOOD Spin-Off Series

TITANS Showrunner Shares First Details About Scrapped RED HOOD Spin-Off Series

TITANS' Latest Episode Takes Beast Boy Into The DC Multiverse And Includes Some Huge Cameos - SPOILERS
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TITANS' Latest Episode Takes Beast Boy Into The DC Multiverse And Includes Some Huge Cameos - SPOILERS

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Darkknight23 - 10/19/2018, 5:01 PM
I’m just here for the hate.
Doomsday8888 - 10/19/2018, 5:04 PM
I know today belongs to Daredevil, but hot damn that second Titans episode was all kinds of awesome!😀
Much better compared to the first one, all thanks to Hawk and Dove i guess. :3
99OPTIMISTPRIME - 10/19/2018, 5:26 PM
@Doomsday8888 - Bout to binge Daredevil soon. I need that Hawk and Dove spin-off, ASAP!
ElJefe - 10/19/2018, 7:12 PM
@WAKANDABATMANFOREVER - Yes they were awesome!!!
JK - 10/19/2018, 5:38 PM
sixthsense - 10/19/2018, 5:53 PM
Man I really like Brenton Thwaites as Robin, perfect casting for me
Supafairy - 10/19/2018, 10:31 PM
@sixthsense - I was telling my husband this tonight. Perfect casting.
nikgrid - 10/20/2018, 3:03 PM
@sixthsense - Agreed, I can see him as Batfflecks's Robin.
sixthsense - 10/21/2018, 4:16 AM
@nikgrid - seeing them together in The Batman would be dream come true
MuadDib - 10/19/2018, 6:04 PM
Wanted to watch Titans so bad, ordered a new 4K Apple TV just for the show and the new streaming service. Pre-ordered and paid for the 15 months, so far, it’s been disappointing. The app has a ton of issues over a month later, movies and comics that were available are already starting to be removed.

The thing that really got me was when I found out it was gonna be one episode a week. So they can string me along even though I basically paid for the content, and should be able to access it and binge watch it if that’s what I want. So I’m basically stuck waiting until December before I even start watching it bc I’m not waiting in between episodes.

Guess I’ll binge S3 of DD on Netflix. Shame if this is what we can expect from Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, YJS3 and all the rest.

Fingers crossed that’s not Disney’s approach when they roll out their service. I would much prefer to binge the new Star Wars show and the Marvel shows.

Rant over
JoeMomma29 - 10/19/2018, 8:17 PM
@MuadDib - The reason why they are not releasing every episode at once is for people not to binge and than cancel their membership. They are a new streaming service, unlike Netflix that has a lot to offer so people will continue with their membership.
MuadDib - 10/20/2018, 8:53 AM
@JoeMomma29 - I completely understand, and hope that once they have content from multiple shows, that they decide to start releasing entire seasons at once.
Krav - 10/19/2018, 6:44 PM
that cliffhanger tho!! hope itsnot true ! , you guys get the easter egg on dick's phone ? :p
Snowbirdd - 10/19/2018, 7:10 PM

IT was indeed a bit of Foreshadowing, apperently Donna Troy is the name of the shows 9th episode.
JoeMomma29 - 10/19/2018, 8:18 PM
@Krav - Yeah! The ending was great, and The Raven with the red eyes.....

And seeing Donna Troy on the phone was killer.
Snowbirdd - 10/19/2018, 7:19 PM
IT was a good episode, fight scenes weren't bad and Raven's actress seems better than last episode. The direction of Dick seems to be similar to a depressed Matt Murdock lol but I guess that's the point of his character arc rn.

It was almost a nice touch that Hawk and Dove took notice of how brutal Robin was fighting; I say almost because the two heroes fighting style were only slightly less brutal. Also the way they've been using blood effects looks very amateur and overdone, to the point where you wouldn't have to go far in thinking that Robin's outright killing criminals, even tho he's not.

I have mixed feelings on how brutal Robin is. the show wants us to think he's struggling with it, so he chooses not to suit up as Robin, but when he does anyway he's almost lethal looking in battle as if he has no self control? idk it's weird maybe someone gets what I mean.

Side note; I assume they opted not to have Hawk and Dove be able to fly because throwing her off a building is an easy way to write her getting injured. :/
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