AGATHA: DARKHOLD DIARIES Rumor May Reveal New Details About Evan Peters' Return As Ralph Bohner

AGATHA: DARKHOLD DIARIES Rumor May Reveal New Details About Evan Peters' Return As Ralph Bohner AGATHA: DARKHOLD DIARIES Rumor May Reveal New Details About Evan Peters' Return As Ralph Bohner

We've known for a while now that Evan Peters will likely return as Ralph Bohner in Agatha: Darkhold Diaries, and a new rumour claims to shed light on what Marvel Studios has planned for the character...

By JoshWilding - Jan 07, 2024 02:01 PM EST
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Fans weren't too happy about it, but the WandaVision finale revealed that Evan Peters was, in fact, an aspiring actor called Ralph Bohner. Agatha Harkness used her powers to control Wanda Maximoff and Vision's neighbour, forcing him to pose as the Marvel Cinematic Universe's version of Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver. 

It was a pretty funny, unexpected twist, but one that upset those who were hoping Evans had been plucked from the Multiverse to become the MCU's new resident speedster. That was never the plan for "Ralph," unfortunately, but it seems we haven't seen the last of him.

This isn't the first time there have been rumblings about his possible return as you'll no doubt recall rumours about Evans reprising his role in either Wonder Man or Agatha: Darkhold Diaries.

The difference with this latest rumour, however, is that it adds a little context. According to Scarlet Witch Updates, the Ralph who returns in this WandaVision spin-off will be "very traumatized." After everything he went through as Agatha's puppet, we're not surprised, but how does this tie into a recently released deleted scene from the show? 

In that, we learned Jimmy Woo's missing Witness Protection Program perp was Ralph. The clip showed him removing his ankle bracelet before going on the run, presumably meaning he escaped from Westview shortly after that clash with Monica Rambeau...without his powers. 

Marvel Studios now has the chance to turn this character into more than just a punchline, and there's at least a slim chance he could somehow become the MCU's new Quicksilver (Agatha's magic seemed to grant him access to the original Pietro's memories, so you never know).

"I'd be in another Marvel movie," Peters said last year. "Yeah, I think for me, Dahmer was really the last sort of dark character that I'm going to play for an extended period of time. So it was sort of a send-off to that time of working hard on things like that, and now I'm going to try to pivot. Anything in the light I'm just trying to stay out of the darkness for a while." 

Agatha: Darkhold Diaries will feature the return of many familiar faces from WandaVision, including Emma Caulfield Ford (Sarah Proctor), Debra Jo Rupp (Sharon Davis), David Payton (John Collins), David Lengel (Harold Proctor), Asif Ali (Abilash Tandon), Amos Glick (Dennis), Brian Brightman (Sheriff Miller), and Kate Forbes (Evanora Harkness). 

Kathryn Hahn leads the cast, while other noteworthy additions include Aubrey Plaza, Joe Locke, Patti LuPone, Sasheer Zamata, Ali Ahn, Miles Gutierrez-Riley, Okwui Okpokwasili, and Maria Dizzia.

Agatha: Darkhold Diaries is currently expected to premiere on Disney+ sometime this year.

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bobevanz - 1/7/2024, 2:23 PM
.... lol words can't describe the confusion and disappointment. She only got a show because of a catchy jingle
WruceBayne - 1/7/2024, 2:25 PM
I still feel like that Ralph Bohner character was really Quicksilver and changed at the last minute for whatever reason.
Origame - 1/7/2024, 2:33 PM
@WruceBayne - thats the only thing that makes sense.
WruceBayne - 1/7/2024, 2:36 PM
@Origame - THEE ONLY THING that makes sense about that character. You could’ve still had that character but NOT have Evan Peters play him. He was even a “BIG REVEAL” at the end of an episode.
FinnishDude - 1/7/2024, 3:38 PM
@WruceBayne - Yeah, but if it was played by someone else, it would had been too obvious that someone was measing with Wanda to the audience. By using Peters, the audience is left unsure if she is somehow messing with the reality and bringing an alternative version of her brother to the hex.
Apophis71 - 1/7/2024, 5:06 PM
@FinnishDude - The casting to keep the audience guessing was a GOOD move and I get why they went with the joke they did even if a dumb one to go with as most likely wouldn't get the sitcom reference it alluded to (we certainly didn't. Probably would have been a better move to simply reveal it was Agatha's son or Simon Williams was his stage name (even if not THE Simon when they got around to doing wonder Man).
SonOfAGif - 1/7/2024, 2:26 PM
This is the show that Mephisto or Chthon should be introduced in.
WhatIfRickJames - 1/7/2024, 2:26 PM
The trifecta of Wilding R words, all in one article

TheFinestSmack - 1/7/2024, 3:45 PM
@WhatIfRickJames - it's been a slow news weekend. He needed to get those three words out somehow.
AvalonX - 1/7/2024, 2:30 PM
I would watch Echo before this and thats saying something.
WruceBayne - 1/7/2024, 2:34 PM
@AvalonX - Echo actually looks like it has some promising elements to it.
Vigor - 1/7/2024, 2:50 PM
@AvalonX - well that's because echo actually has a trailer. You didn't care at all for echo before seeing footage from it
AvalonX - 1/7/2024, 4:28 PM
@Vigor - Incorrect. I like Vincent D'onofrio's Kingpin. The trailer made it worse.
slickrickdesigns - 1/7/2024, 2:36 PM
He’s going to want his Bohner powers back!
Comicmoviejunki - 1/7/2024, 2:40 PM
Nova: The adventures of Dick Rider
RolandD - 1/7/2024, 2:45 PM
Evan Peters actually continuing as Quicksilver.
Spike101 - 1/7/2024, 2:47 PM
Either have him as Quicksilver or don’t bother, I really hate these stupid twists.
CharlesLeeRay - 1/7/2024, 3:08 PM
Never forget that, in the Multiverse saga, Evan Peters just appeared alongside Wanda, but only as a some random with a "funny name".
FinnishDude - 1/7/2024, 3:39 PM
@CharlesLeeRay - And I loved it.
RitoRevolto - 1/7/2024, 3:14 PM
No thanks.
KennKathleen - 1/7/2024, 3:27 PM

DocSpock - 1/7/2024, 3:34 PM

All this who cares show will do is continue the bunch of lousy D+ shows that helped erode the MCU brand along with Eternals, Ant-Man 3, Thor 4, & The Marvels.

I guess it's too late for them to cancel it which is too damn bad.

TheFinestSmack - 1/7/2024, 3:44 PM
I was desperate for a Josh REVEAL today!!!
Batmangina - 1/7/2024, 3:46 PM
Are they even still making this 'show...?'
CaptainCheese - 1/7/2024, 3:54 PM
Another show no one asked for. Pass.
MarvelZombie616 - 1/7/2024, 4:01 PM
Yeah, if Echo is any good it looks good for Daredevil: Born again.

But Agatha all along will bomb.
The MCU hasn't any goodwill left anymore and has to re-earn the viewers trust.

Look at what worked in phase 1-3:
No childish humor, only a few cool jokes.
No gender-swapping (Ultimate Nick Fury was no swap, but a different character).
No m-she-u but powerfull male AND female characters.
Last but not least, good comic-accurate storytelling updated for today.
ModHaterSLADE - 1/7/2024, 4:12 PM
Prime example of a good actor wasted in another goofy role for the MCU.
grif - 1/7/2024, 4:34 PM

bkmeijer1 - 1/7/2024, 4:50 PM
I'm not gonna read the rumour, but I'm assuming he's gonna be in hiding using the made up name 'Richard Hard'?
Matchesz - 1/7/2024, 6:12 PM
Ralph Boner will be in more live action Marvel media than Ultron, very cool. They can never seem to let a lame joke die. Like their target audience is people who laugh out loud to big bang theory
elcapitan - 1/7/2024, 7:20 PM
Didn’t they change the name of the show to Agatha All Along? Catch up Josh!
marvel72 - 1/7/2024, 9:21 PM
Ralph Bohner...

ElvenKingSlayer - 1/8/2024, 8:17 AM
"recently released deleted scene from the show?

In that, we learned Jimmy Woo's missing Witness Protection Program perp was Ralph. The clip showed him removing his ankle bracelet"

Wait; what?!?! I've seen the clip. That's not Evan Peters... Am I on drugs or is Josh only Josh as usual..?

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