IRON FIST: Check Out Over 20 New Season 2 Stills Featuring Typhoid Mary, The Daughters Of The Dragon & More

Netflix has debuted a full batch of new promo stills for the upcoming second season of Marvel's Iron Fist, & they give us fresh looks at Danny Rand, Davos, Typhoid Mary, Colleen Wing, Misty Knight, & more.

The second season of Marvel's Iron Fist is set to premiere on September 7, and Netflix has now revealed over 20 new promotional stills to hype up Danny Rand's next adventure.

The images provide new looks at Finn Jones as Rand, along with Jessica Henwick's Colleen Wing, Sacha Dhawan's Davos and several other returning players. We also get a couple of new glimpses of Alice Eve as Typhoid Mary, which give us a better idea of what to expect from the character's introduction.

Check out the stills below and let us know if you're looking forward to Iron Fist season 2 in the usual place.

To view the images all at once, simply click on the VIEW LIST (ONE PAGE) button below!

Danny And Colleen

It looks like the relationship between Danny and Colleen will deepen in season 2, and here we see the couple enjoying some quiet time.

Something tells us those moments will be few and far between when the show returns next month.

Another couple of shots from Danny and Colleen's date night. It looks like Ms Wing is attempting to keep Rand from lashing out here.

Joy Meachum

Jessica Stroup returns as Danny's childhood friend Joy Meachum.

At the end of season 1, Joy inexplicably joined forces with Davos, and that alliance seems to have carried over to season 2.


It looks like Alice Eve's Mary is actually going to start off on friendly terms with Danny and Colleen, and may even be applying to work for them here, Of course, we know the "Typhoid" personality is lurking in there somewhere.

Danny Rand

A shot of Danny entering a warehouse, which, as we know only too well from the previous Netflix shows, always leads to trouble.

Davos, Joy And Mika

A new alliance has seemingly formed between Davos, Joy Meachum and a mysterious new character called Mika Prada, who will be played by Homeland actress Julee Cerda.

Joy And Ward

Towards the end of season 1, Ward Meachum (Tom Pelphrey) seemed to have a change of heart and become a genuine ally of Danny's, but will he remain that way under the influence of his sister?

Danny And Davos

A quieter moment between these two former brothers of K'un-L'un? We'll see how long it lasts.

(Bloody?) Mary

Mary Walker doesn't seem quite so friendly in this shot. Does this have something to do with that mysterious note that read, "stay away from Danny Rand?"

The Immortal Iron Fist

Danny suits up for action... not in the classic costume we all hope to see him don eventually, but it's a start!

Davos And Joy

Another meeting between Joy Meachum and Davos. It's not a big leap to assume Mr. Rand is the one being discussed here.

Danny And Ward

Again, these two seemed to strike up a genuine friendship towards the end of season 1, but we know Ward has a lot of demons that could potentially reemerge.

The Daughters Of The Dragon

A couple of shots of Misty Knight (Simone Missick) and Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick), who are expected to team-up on a regular basis to form The Daughters of The Dragon this season.


The Steel Serpent will stop at nothing to claim the power he believes is rightfully his, and from the looks of the latest trailer, he's successful in doing just that.

Colleen And Danny

Did Colleen just defeat Danny during a sparring session here... or are they fighting for real?

Davos And Friends

It looks like Davos is going to enlist some help in his fight against Danny and his allies. Could these guys also be from K'un-L'un, perhaps?

Danny And Davos

A final shot of these once close friends turned bitter enemies. Will Danny be forced to put his "brother" down once and for all?

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