IRONHEART: Intriguing New Details On Mephisto's Role May Have Come To Light - Possible SPOILERS

IRONHEART: Intriguing New Details On Mephisto's Role May Have Come To Light - Possible SPOILERS IRONHEART: Intriguing New Details On Mephisto's Role May Have Come To Light - Possible SPOILERS

Mephisto, the demonic Marvel Comics sorcerer, is expected to make his MCU debut in the upcoming Ironheart Disney+ series, and some new details on his role may have now come to light...

By MarkCassidy - Jun 16, 2023 12:06 PM EST
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Many fans were convinced that Mephisto was going to be behind the mysterious goings-on in WandaVision right up until the series finale, but the demonic villain was nowhere to be seen.

Now, it's looking more and more likely that the character is going to be everywhere over the next few years!

Though his casting still hasn't been officially announced, Sacha Baron Cohen (Sweeney Todd, Borat) is expected to make his MCU debut as Mephisto in Ironheart (unless he shows up in Agatha: Coven of Chaos first), and we now have some very interesting new details on how the powerful sorcerer is going to be depicted.

According to scooper @CanWeGetToast, Mephisto will take human form for the majority of the season, and we'll only be given brief glimpses of his true, devilish visage. Apparently, he will also task The Hood (Anthony Ramos) with stealing the components needed to construct some sort of advanced Bio-Suit.

This would gel with a previous report that Mephisto will take a keen interest in technology in the show. We've also heard that he will be the new owner of Avengers Tower.

Dominique Thorne will reprise the role of Riri Williams after being introduced as the hero in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Producer Nate Moore said that the Ironheart series will serve as a direct sequel to Ryan Coogler's film in a recent interview with CinemaBlend.

"That show is an outgrowth of how much we liked her in this movie and even on the page. So, when we talked with [Dominique Throne] initially, obviously the character had been written to the script and she was the one and only person we talked about for the role. When she said yes and we were down the road with the script, we also started talking with [Ryan Coogler] about what the show could be."

"So, the show is a direct sequel to the movie," he continued. "And [Riri Williams] is carrying the experiences she had in this movie back home to MIT. And there are some interesting repercussions to her adventures that will set her on a fun course."

Ironheart still doesn't have a Disney+ premiere date.

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Syringe - 6/16/2023, 12:07 PM
Is it too much to ask for Blaze and Ketch before we get Mephisto?
Syringe - 6/16/2023, 12:09 PM
@Syringe - I mean to say either, not both. I guess I should've used the word "or".
JFerguson - 6/16/2023, 12:36 PM
@Syringe - The proper setup to a good Ghost Rider is to have the audience build report with an intimidating Mephisto first. That way, we know how manipulative and cunning he is to believe that he can convince hotheaded Blaze to sign the deal and become his slave.

I think the order of things is shaping up nicely
Syringe - 6/16/2023, 12:39 PM
@JFerguson - hmm I never thought of it like that...but I like it!
GhostDog - 6/16/2023, 12:16 PM
We need to dive more into the mystical so I am game. Magic versus tech is a concept that is really cool.
WruceBayne - 6/16/2023, 2:16 PM
@GhostDog - 100%
Goldboink - 6/16/2023, 2:30 PM
@GhostDog -
So many of the MCU movies were hero vs evil version of said hero so, yea, Magic vs Tech is a good place to branch out.
DrReedRichards - 6/16/2023, 12:22 PM
Just make sure this leads to a proper Midnight Sons adaptation. Too many mystical teases to not converge, eventually.
IronMan616 - 6/16/2023, 12:35 PM
lol, what's Marvel's least watched D+ show? Ms Marvel, She-Hulk? This one is going to take the crown.
JFerguson - 6/16/2023, 12:38 PM
@IronMan616 - The mystical vs tech plot seems interesting to propel the MCU in a different direction well. She Hulk is [frick]ing shit though
Vigor - 6/16/2023, 12:39 PM
This all must lead into ARMOR WARS.
With vibranium, maybe adamantly, all in the mix... there's going to be a serious conflict on the horizon.

To think thunderbolts, cap4, ironheart, and armor wars, all connect is some real good long term planning.
Vigor - 6/16/2023, 12:39 PM
@Vigor - adamantly lol. Thanks Samsung keyboard
Spoken - 6/16/2023, 12:44 PM
Why would Mephisto….need a bio suit?
CorndogBurglar - 6/16/2023, 2:00 PM
@Spoken - Maybe he wants it so he can get it in the hands of someone else that will do something really bad with it?

Mephisto isn't all about doing things himself. He's all about taking souls, usually through trickery. Maybe if he can get his hands on this bio-suit and then give it to, I don't know, The Russians, they will start some kind of war? War means death. Death means souls for Mephisto.
mountainman - 6/16/2023, 12:49 PM
Everything about this show sounds terrible.
MosquitoFarmer - 6/16/2023, 12:53 PM
Oh boy, it's one character whose name is rife for an uncomfortable porn parody...
marvel72 - 6/16/2023, 1:05 PM
@MosquitoFarmer - Ironheart was a JAV porn parody of Iron Man before Marvel stole the name.
JFerguson - 6/16/2023, 1:32 PM
@marvel72 - haha what the hell, that's a fun fact I didn't know I needed to know til now.
marvel72 - 6/16/2023, 1:42 PM
@JFerguson - Google it, I'm not lying.
MosquitoFarmer - 6/16/2023, 1:43 PM
@marvel72 - I wasn't talking about Ironheart, genius.
marvel72 - 6/16/2023, 1:48 PM
@MosquitoFarmer - it's Ironheart article,so just letting you know.

Ironheart JAV came out 2 years before Marvels Ironheart.
Lokiwasright - 6/16/2023, 1:41 PM
Mcu has a chance to make this into a serious movie.
Let's give them a chance and they won't ruin a fan favourite character mephisto.

No way Mcu has not learned from Hawkeye and Shehulk.
grif - 6/16/2023, 3:37 PM
i thought they were focusing on making quality products now. no? ok
cubichy - 6/16/2023, 4:28 PM
This is crap and makes no sense, Mephisto is a Thor level threat, why initiate in 2nd rate, Ironheart, which is fake ironman. Bring tony stark back, then do armour wars. How can they do that if the genius behind Ironman is gone, i won't allow for a replacement to Tony Stark, wont watch it on Disney plus or the movies. Not talking about the actor, don't care if they make tony stark white, black, new actor don't care, but it must be tony stark, he is Ironman. I have zero interest in Ironheart.
JobinJ - 6/16/2023, 4:48 PM
I thanks. The actress that plays her is annoying as hell and can’t act/overacts. Also. In Wakanda. She literally
Killed like 8 policeman. Wtf.
JobinJ - 6/16/2023, 4:49 PM
We do not want this show. We want an Isaiah Bradley Korean War Captain America show/movie.
Shivermetimbers - 6/17/2023, 9:33 AM
@JobinJ - Who is WE?
LenSkivorskiJr - 6/16/2023, 5:10 PM
DocSpock - 6/16/2023, 8:06 PM

Having that a$$hat Cohen as Mephisto & putting him in this D list show shows that they are not taking this GREAT Marvel villain seriously at all.

I love the MCU, but this is pitiful.

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