Moon Knight

Moon Knight
MOON KNIGHT Previz Video Reveals The Awesome Jackal Battle That Was Cut From The Premiere
A new previs video for Moon Knight has revealed the battle between Marc Spector and the Jackal that we didn't get to see in the episode itself. Find out how it would have played out here...
MOON KNIGHT Concept Art Features Alternate (And Terrifying) Designs For Khonshu And Ammit
Some newly revealed Moon Knight concept art offers a number of alternate designs for Egyptian Gods Khonshu and Ammit, and the latter looks particularly terrifying thanks to a fiery makeover. Check it out!
MOON KNIGHT Head Writer Jeremy Slater Reveals Whether Blade And Werewolf By Night Were Ever Considered
Moon Knight embraced the MCU's supernatural side but was light on cameos, and Head Writer Jeremy Slater has now revealed whether Blade and Werewolf by Night were ever considered for the Disney+ series...
FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot Enlists MOON KNIGHT Producers Grant Curtis And Nick Pepin
Moon Knight head writers Jeremy Slater has revealed that two of the Disney+ show's producers, Grant Curtis and Nick Pepin, are also working on Marvel Studios' upcoming Fantastic Four reboot.
MOON KNIGHT: Here's What Marc Spector Was Up To During The Blip (And Who Asked That Tour Guide On A Date)
Moon Knight Head Writer Jeremy Slater has revealed where Marc Spector was during The Blip, while also sharing his take on who was responsible for asking that tour guide in the museum out on a date...
MOON KNIGHT Head Writer Reveals Why He Scrapped Plans For Kit Harington's Dane Whitman To Appear
Moon Knight Head Writer Jeremy Slater has revealed that he planned to include Kit Harington's Dane Whitman in the Disney+ series before coming to the conclusion the cameo might be a waste of the character.
MOON KNIGHT Originally Made A Direct Reference To Kang The Conqueror Variant Rama-Tut
Moon Knight presented Marvel Studios with the perfect opportunity to make reference to Rama-Tut, but it never happened. Now, Head Writer Jeremy Slater has confirmed the Kang Variant was once mentioned...
MOON KNIGHT Cut References To THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER's Villainous Gorr The God Butcher
Moon Knight writer Jeremy Slater has revealed that there were once plans for the Disney+ series to reference Thor: Love and Thunder villain Gorr the God Butcher, with a couple of different ideas discussed.
MOON KNIGHT Concept Art Reveals A Very Different Setting For The Show's Epic Final Battle
Some newly revealed Moon Knight concept art confirms that the Disney+ series very nearly had a different setting for its epic final battle, and we can't deny this would have been pretty fun to see...
MOON KNIGHT: Marvel Studios Shares New SPOILER Stills & A Clip From The Season Finale
The season (series?) finale of Moon Knight hit Disney+ last week, and Marvel Studios has now shared some new stills featuring a few of the surprises from the episode. We also have a new clip...