Jon Bernthal Teases His Return As THE PUNISHER In DAREDEVIL: BORN AGAIN - One Batch, Two Batch...

Jon Bernthal Teases His Return As THE PUNISHER In DAREDEVIL: BORN AGAIN - "One Batch, Two Batch..."

THE PUNISHER: Rosario Dawson Walks Back Recent Revival Tease - I Can't Be Trusted
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THE PUNISHER: Rosario Dawson Walks Back Recent Revival Tease - "I Can't Be Trusted"

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Fogs - 1/23/2019, 9:08 AM
Good to know he gets do chase regular thugs in the end. That was my MINOR complaint so far.
SonOfAGif - 1/23/2019, 10:09 AM
@Fogs - Both seasons were fantastic. It was such a well told duology between the two seasons. I don't care what Netflix or Disney say going forward. John Bernthal is Frank Castle. And his seasons were so contained they could integrate him in future MCU projects once the two years are up. Give us an aged Frank with Bernthal reprising the role.
Fogs - 1/24/2019, 8:34 AM
@SonOfAGif - indeed, the best Frank Castle so far. As I said, as a punisher reader, a minor problem I had was Frank dealing with paramilitary activity only and not killing regular thugs. He'd never let that arms dealer go away the way he did in S1.
Fogs - 1/24/2019, 8:38 AM
Btw before anyone says it, I know Turk connects the series and blablabla. The question is Frank wouldn't let him go. Dunno if we find a reason for that in S2, but that's how I felt about it in S1.
SonOfAGif - 1/25/2019, 2:43 PM
@Fogs - I think the reason he let Turk go is because Turk has so much Intel on various mafia & crime families that at anytime Frank needs Intel he could torture Turk for it. The enemy of my enemy is my friend kind of ordeal.
MarkCassidy - 1/23/2019, 9:12 AM
I liked the season overall. It wasn't as good as the first but there were some major highlights and Bernthal was born to play Castle. If it is the last season, though, it must be considered a disappointment.
Doomsday8888 - 1/23/2019, 9:47 AM
Yeah same, pretty much what i think.
Overall it was quite good, but i wasn't a big fan of how the ended the season, actually i started having doubts near the end, but whatever, it's probably the last season so...
AbidNaga - 1/23/2019, 9:13 AM
Just finished it a day ago, and I feel like its on par with season 1. Franks relationship with Amy was honestly great and made up for the lack of Micro (who I wish was present in some capacity at least, not even a mention was a bit sad). My biggest complaint with S1 was the government conspiracy plot line and I'm glad that's not involve this time around and we get good ol' punisher vs organized crime. Without spoilers, I'm sure many will might think the ending of Russos plot line is a bit anti-climactic, but I personally felt it worked perfectly for a Punisher show. Wish we got more of Frank Vs Pilgrim as I really liked their relationship towards the end.
MosquitoFarmer - 1/23/2019, 9:14 AM
I'm sure they have their reasons (probably financial), but someone needs to lay a smackdown to the Netflix folks.

L0RDbuckethead - 1/23/2019, 9:17 AM
It was a hell of a ride, sad to see this one end.

One batch, two batch... Penny and dime.

GhostDog - 1/23/2019, 9:20 AM
Pretty good season. Not as good as season 1 but still solid stuff.

Only major gripe: Jigsaw [frick]ing sucked. No need for him. Pilgrim was so good and Billy's story was so boring, you couldve kept him in a coma and had the season end with him waking up.

Shame because Billy was so good in season one.

Hotel fight and the bathroom fight were amazing.
HeavyMetal4Life - 1/23/2019, 9:56 AM
@BlackBeltJones - yeah I was disappointed with how Billy was handled this season, they dropped the ball with him. He had some really good moments this season, yes, but much of his story fell flat.
GhostDog - 1/23/2019, 10:04 AM
@HeavyMetal4Life - i felt like if you're gonna do the amnesia angle, go full on Davod Lynch almost. Add some flare to it;get weird.
HeavyMetal4Life - 1/23/2019, 10:13 AM
@BlackBeltJones - Exactly. Which is what I thought we were going to get from the previews and promos they put out, which seemed to hint that they would explore how psychologically deranged and scarred Billy was. Really explore someone struggling with mentally putting the pieces back together. They kind of gave up on this part way through the season.

I was hoping they would go full on 'mentally fractured' like they did with Fitz.
GhostDog - 1/23/2019, 10:59 AM
@HeavyMetal4Life - that Fitz work was sublime.
HeavyMetal4Life - 1/23/2019, 11:02 AM
@BlackBeltJones - Top Notch acting, superb and sublime indeed. Some people even have videos online saying "Iain de Caestecker invents acting" with how he portrayed Fitz, especially in The Devil Complex episode from Season 5.
GhostDog - 1/23/2019, 11:05 AM
@HeavyMetal4Life - he should be blowing up as an actor. Guy has the chops to lead a film or a show. Without question.
GhostDog - 1/23/2019, 9:20 AM
Bernthal IS THE PUNISHER. Chills...
HeavyMetal4Life - 1/23/2019, 9:27 AM
@BlackBeltJones - Finally, been waiting for a gif of that to appear online. It was indeed an awesome shot to end the season on.
XelCorp - 1/28/2019, 11:02 AM
@BlackBeltJones @HeavyMetal4Life - I think this is frank wishing or imagining how he would of gunned down the gangs that opened fired at the circus where he and his family were. Some kind of deal was suppose to go down? Both parties draw their guns? Idk it just looked or should I say sounded very familiar
Flop123 - 1/23/2019, 9:22 AM
Does anyone remember if Frank gets his wedding ring back from John Pilgrim??
HeavyMetal4Life - 1/23/2019, 9:31 AM
@Flop123 - he doesn't. Forgot about that until you just mentioned it here.
Flop123 - 1/23/2019, 9:40 AM
@HeavyMetal4Life - Yeah I didn't think so. Something the writers must of forgot about. Definitely something that should have been included though.
HeavyMetal4Life - 1/23/2019, 9:43 AM
@Flop123 - yeah, its minor but I think it would have been a nice token of 'understanding' between the two if Pilgrim gave the ring back to say thank you for everything in the scene with his sons. I also wish that Pilgrim had been the one to kill Mrs. Schultz, would have had a lot more impact.
Flop123 - 1/23/2019, 10:04 AM
@HeavyMetal4Life - Totally agree. Much better ending in my opinion
blackandyellow - 1/23/2019, 9:24 AM
I'm 4 episodes in so far and I'm glad they haven't found a way to shoehorn in Claire or Karen.
JacobKarr - 1/23/2019, 10:54 AM
@blackandyellow - Oh my friend...I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you're not gonna be happy in a few eps time....
HeavyMetal4Life - 1/23/2019, 9:26 AM
Finally nice to have a Punisher article out. Lots to talk about, here are my 'negatives'.

The second season was good and enjoyable, but it was not as good as the very good first season. I rewatched season 1 the weekend prior, and season 2 was definitely a bit underwhelming overall compared to the first. And honestly, I finished the season a little disappointed about this because I was hoping season 2 would be as good as, if not better than season 1. The ingredients for an excellent season were all there, but ultimately it seemed like the show was running in place, never reaching what was at the end of the road. Season 2 for me is like an 8.8 or 8.9 out of 10.

This season had a lot of issues with pacing, they really stretched the story out for 13 episodes. At times it was a bit boring with not much going on; I think episode 4 was the weakest of the season. It was largely slow for the first 2/3 of the season. And the story in general was just not as interesting as season 1, and kind of retreaded at times what we had gone through during season 1. I found the writing and narrative in season 1 much stronger.

I really didn't like the therapist, her storyline was a major detraction from more interesting stuff going on; much less time should have been spent with her. I also didn't care for Madani much of the season, she became very one dimensional and I found her to be poorly written compared to her arc in season 1.

Billy Russo... I was kind of disappointed with his story. I expected them to explore his fractured mental state much more, to really show how crazy and damaged he was. From the promos and previews, it seemed like we were going to get a really damaged Russo, and that just never happened. Instead we ended up with someone who... thinks Curtis and Frank are his friends for a while. And I also didn't like that he never actually remembered what he did. At first he was struggling to remember, and that just kind of was tossed aside to focus on him screwing the therapist. And while it was apparent towards the end of the finale that he would die, I didn't quite expect Frank to just show up and kill him that quickly. I think it robbed us of a heartfelt apology from Billy. They honestly should have had Billy more of a background secondary character, and have set him up for a potential return in a third season (while also closing his story if the show were to not continue).

I think the absence of a military and/or government component also negatively affected the season. Frank is a soldier- you need to have a military presence like we had in season 1. And while the DHS office time got boring at times in season 1, this season we had absolutely none of that.

While Amy was a perfectly fine addition to the show and they did a pretty good job exploring and developing the relationship between her and Frank, and it was pretty heartfelt at times, especially when she and Frank say goodbye since he kind of became a surrogate father to her, she is no Micro. The absence of a Micro like character also had an impact.
HelaGood - 1/23/2019, 9:31 AM
...L.A. Guns and Alice in Chains!!!!!! the music this season was AWESOME!!!!
HeavyMetal4Life - 1/23/2019, 9:51 AM
@HelaGood - It sure was!! The acoustic "Would" performance from Alice in Chains was integrated into the finale perfectly, really packed a punch. Great job right there.
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