Fired THE MANDALORIAN Star Gina Carano Hits Back At Disney: "They Will Attempt To Destroy Your Career"

Fired THE MANDALORIAN Star Gina Carano Hits Back At Disney: "They Will Attempt To Destroy Your Career" Fired THE MANDALORIAN Star Gina Carano Hits Back At Disney: "They Will Attempt To Destroy Your Career"

Following Disney's attempt to throw out Gina Carano's lawsuit, the fired star of The Mandalorian has hit back at the House of Mouse by accusing the studio of discriminating against her. Check it out...

By JoshWilding - Apr 13, 2024 02:04 AM EST
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Earlier this week, we shared the news that Disney has made moves to have Gina Carano's lawsuit dismissed. She claims that the studio unfairly fired her from The Mandalorian for expressing personal political opinions online, while the House of Mouse argues it had a First Amendment right to dismiss the actress based on her online conduct. 

The main point of contention is a February 2021 social media post which saw the Cara Dune actress compare the treatment of modern-day conservatives to the persecution of "thousands" of Jews in Nazi Germany (downplaying one of the worst genocides in history). 

Carano, who is seemingly angling to be rehired for future Star Wars projects (we're not sure how that would work), is being backed by X owner Elon Musk and has now responded to Disney's argument it had a "constitutional right not to associate its artistic expression with Carano's speech."

Here's what the former MMA star had to say in a lengthy X post (via

Disney has confirmed what has been known all along, they will fire you if you say anything they disagree with, even if they have to MISREPRESENT, MALIGN, and MISCHARACTERIZE you to do it.

They are now on record letting everyone who works for them know that Disney will take any chance they get to control what you say, what you think or they will attempt to destroy your career. Glad we cleared that up.

The First Amendment does not allow Disney to wantonly DISCRIMINATE, which is what they have done in my case and frankly have now admitted they did. If you ever wanted to know what today’s ‘Disney values’ are, they just told you."

Carano isn't backing down but had become a controversial figure even before the comments which got her fired. She'd shared posts voicing views against COVID restrictions, questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election, and got wrapped up in the debate surrounding trans rights. 

For Disney, Carano's post - which, in part, read, "Most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?" - was the "final straw."

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story as we have them. 

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THE MANDALORIAN: Gina Carano Denies Reports She's Eager For Disney To Give Her Old Job Back
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THE MANDALORIAN: Gina Carano Denies Reports She's Eager For Disney To Give Her Old Job Back

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bobevanz - 4/13/2024, 2:09 AM
Nolanite - 4/13/2024, 2:14 AM
Slow news day it seems.
Or Joshua Wilder is throwing shit at a wall hoping for clicks
Nolanite out
dracula - 4/13/2024, 2:18 AM
What career?
Goldboink - 4/13/2024, 3:11 AM
@dracula -
The one that was non existent prior to her getting the gig on Mandalorian. They taught her how to act. And, btw, nobody has a constitutional right to employment.
ComicBandit - 4/13/2024, 8:53 AM
@dracula - lol. Exactly. TBH she's destroying her so-called career all on her own. Any studio looking at this will never hire her knowing she might pull this shit.
Apophis71 - 4/13/2024, 9:18 AM
@ComicBandit - If it was just being fired for what she said I could imagine some studios could consider hiring her if considered an asset and/or perfect fit for a role.

The thing I tend to feel makes that far less likely is reports that she was warned to reign it in multiple times first and instead doubled down on it then after went even more vocal and litigious. A studio could overlook what she had posted, may be open to the freedom of speech argument or even agree with her position in those instances.

What they are unlikely to risk is hiring someone who is likely to rebel against any lines the studio draws in the sand or sue if fired/contract not extended even if good grounds or narrative reasons why that occurs. So they may support her freedom of speech on all of what went on at Disney, but may still fear what she could say or do in the future if unable to toe a company line and how she would respond if they asked her to reign it in etc.

Ample cases where folk stopped getting work due to considered too difficult to work with and not like she has a big enough body of work to backup being considered a major name/talent in the acting world to counter that. Why most actors actively avoid making waves or even demanding better pay/conditions at the start of their acting careers regardless how we feel about all of that/this.
ComicBandit - 4/16/2024, 1:37 AM
@Apophis71 - Exactly.
Doomsday8888 - 4/13/2024, 2:37 AM
If Gina really wants to work so much for Disney then she just needs to go on an apology tour like Blue Hawke in the Boys.


Disney like Vaught only cares about money and how they are perceived, their image, they don't have any values.

It's the nature of the beast and they have the power not to work with you, Gina.
Origame - 4/13/2024, 7:14 AM
@Doomsday8888 - she doesn't. She never once said she wants to work for disney again. This is something people like Josh are throwing out there to make Gina look worse.
JFerguson - 4/13/2024, 2:56 AM
“They Will Attempt To Destroy Your Career”

User Comment Image
ObserverIO - 4/13/2024, 5:03 AM
@JFerguson - saying something Disney disagreed with.
Origame - 4/13/2024, 7:15 AM
@JFerguson - yes, it's very stupid of her to *checks notes* be conservative.
Vigor - 4/13/2024, 7:18 AM
@ObserverIO - lookup external locus of focus, vs. Internal locus of focus
ObserverIO - 4/13/2024, 8:26 AM
@Vigor - All I got was Hocus Pocus Focus instead.

I blame the internet.

ObserverIO - 4/13/2024, 9:41 AM
@Vigor - No, I know, lol... hence my ironically blaming it on the internet.
dhlthecobra - 4/13/2024, 2:59 AM
User Comment Image
Robby - 4/13/2024, 3:01 AM
She’s right but people dont want to acknowledge an uncomfortable topic. Its pretty much taboo
Vigor - 4/13/2024, 7:14 AM
@Robby - nah we have allowed and enabled too much shameful behavior these past 8 years. You let her win this case and it opens America to become a wasteland
Matchesz - 4/13/2024, 9:04 AM
@Vigor - imagine saying “all lives matter” and being labeled a racist cause thats what was happening in this country too. Shit is twisted and one sided but it’ll soon change in November when we get that corpse out of office with someone who doesnt need a teleprompter
TheSuperMex - 4/13/2024, 9:12 AM
@Matchesz - lol people who say “All Lives Matter” are called racist because they only say it to get black people to shut up about police brutality. Don’t you ignore that part.
Matchesz - 4/13/2024, 9:18 AM
@TheSuperMex - they was saying “all lives matter” too because of all the small business owned by other less popular minorities were being looted lol. As i said its all twisted and one sided. A lot of those blm charities turned out to be scams also which ultimately sucks cuz nobody looked good in that whole situation
TheSuperMex - 4/13/2024, 9:23 AM
@Matchesz - you’re really making a strong case for people to think those “ALM” folks are racist. No matter how you try to downplay it, “ALM” was only made to counter black people saying “BLM” to get them shut up about police brutality. Once again you ignore this because you know you have to counter. Don’t act like you care about other minorities.
TheSuperMex - 4/13/2024, 9:25 AM
you have *no counter
Matchesz - 4/13/2024, 9:27 AM
@TheSuperMex - i just try to be fair to everyone. Im not arguing the white people with ALM picket signs at BLM rallies werent racist incels but im sure the chinese people or mexicans whose business caught a stray were saying ALM also. Would have been a great pepsi commercial moment if both sides agreed “alm” and hugged it out but people take their ideals to the grave like its a sports team and dont want to view things from the other side
Matchesz - 4/13/2024, 9:34 AM
i support “blm” but i admit those protests got out of control tbh. half my fam is black so i always think about all the ignorant shit ppl do that makes the black community as a whole look bad
Malatrova15 - 4/13/2024, 3:07 AM
FireandBlood - 4/13/2024, 3:17 AM
No accountability whatsoever
Superheromoviefan - 4/13/2024, 3:25 AM
well, when you are unhinge you cant expect no counter
Moriakum - 4/13/2024, 3:50 AM
Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from its consequences.

User Comment Image
Origame - 4/13/2024, 7:17 AM
@Moriakum - why do you think sharing political views should lead to consequences though?

And don't even tell me this is because of comparing things you disagree with to nazi Germany. Plenty of people do it to the point it's meaningless, and even Pedro pascal did it to Trump and the immigration policies, yes he kept his job.
TheSuperMex - 4/13/2024, 9:10 AM
@Origame - seeing how Trump’s rhetoric around immigrants this past year, Pedro isn’t far off. Oh don’t forget how many immigrants, including children, have been abused in immigrants holding facilities. Let me guess you turn a blind at that? Too worried about protecting the feelings of conservatives?
IAmAHoot - 4/13/2024, 9:35 AM
@Origame - If the employer tells the employee that they've been getting a lot of complaints about the employee's actions, so they either need to cut it out or get terminated, why wouldn't there be consequences?
Origame - 4/13/2024, 10:58 AM
@TheSuperMex - so in other words, it's acceptable if you agree with it 🙄
Origame - 4/13/2024, 10:59 AM
@IAmAHoot - it shouldn't have even gotten to that point.

And come on. They've had several people complain about employees constantly calling average people racist and sexist, yet none of them get fired or warned.
SDCA27 - 4/13/2024, 4:08 AM
“Running my mouth off has worked out well for me. I’ll keep going with it”
LSHF - 4/13/2024, 4:38 AM
Making comparisons with extremely horrifying examples is NOT the best way to make a point.

One problem is that, by trying to make one thing seem much worse by comparing it with something much worse, to some, it sounds like it is lowering the magnitude of the worse example by comparing it with something not near as bad.

It's a shame she didn't know this (if that's the case).

I hope I explained that well enough and it made some sense.

ZaphodDent42 - 4/13/2024, 4:43 AM
The fact that she think putting things in capitals will help make her point tells you a lot about her, saying it louder doesn't make it any more true.
ObserverIO - 4/13/2024, 5:09 AM
I agree with that statement. Not sure about the legality of it, but it's fairly apparent that Disney disagreed with her politics. Otherwise they wouldn't have asked her to stop saying what she was saying in the first place. Least they could do is own it (unless that is actually an illegal discriminatory practice and then they should deny it entirely, lol).

There are some discriminatory laws, but I'm not sure how far they extend or how they are defined. If for example she was fired for being gay, I'm sure that would have been illegal. In principle there is no difference, but legally there might be.
ObserverIO - 4/13/2024, 5:16 AM
Actually when you thin about it, being fired for a political belief, or in this case political philosophy, is pretty bad.

Yes a corporation should be allowed to fire whoever they want for whatever reason, but then if that reason is that they don't want their company to be associated with homosexuality or Islam or wokeness, then they would no longer be able to fire who they please, legally. So should a person's deeply held political belief be any different?

The idea of large corporations having employment policies based on which way you are planning to vote is extremely worrying. Wouldn't you say?
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