THE LAST OF US: Neil Druckmann Teases Abby's Debut On First Season 2 Promo Poster

THE LAST OF US: Neil Druckmann Teases Abby's Debut On First Season 2 Promo Poster

The Last of Us co-creator Neil Druckmann has teased the planned second season of HBO's The Last of Us with a promo poster hinting as the introduction of the sure-to-be controversial Abby Anderson...

By MarkCassidy - Mar 19, 2023 04:03 PM EST
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"Endure and survive."

The first season of The Last of Us concluded last Sunday with a powerful finale, but the critically-acclaimed series has already been renewed for more episodes, and co-creator Neil Druckmann has now shared what appears to be some early promo art for the second season.

If you've played The Last of Us Part II, you'll know that this artwork is teasing the introduction of Abby Anderson, a somewhat controversial character who winds up becoming the game's secondary protagonist (or its primary antagonist, depending on your perspective).

Spoilers for the games and (potentially) the second season of the show follow.

Abby is an imposing, formidable member of the WLF (Washington Liberation Front), who is obsessed with tracking down Joel for killing her father (the doctor that was preparing to operate on Ellie in the season finale).

Season 2 hasn't been given an official premiere date, but Ellie actress Bella Ramsey did give us a rough idea of when to expect more episodes while speaking to Jonathan Ross on his show (via the Independent UK).

“It will be a while," the Game of Thrones alum confirmed. "I think we’ll probably shoot at the end of this year, beginning of next. So it’ll probably be the end of 2024, early 2025.”

Check out the poster, which is inspired by a key moment from the second game, below.

The Last of Us is set 20 years after modern civilization has been destroyed and centers on the relationship between Joel, a smuggler in this new world, and Ellie, a teenager who may be key to a cure for a deadly pandemic. Joel, a hardened survivor, is hired to smuggle the 14-year-old girl out of an oppressive quarantine zone. What starts as a small job soon becomes a brutal, heartbreaking journey as they traverse the U.S. and depend on each other for survival.

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TheBlueMorpho - 3/19/2023, 4:39 PM
I wonder how many viewers the show will lose when the THING happens. Will the viewing community lose their minds as much as the gaming community did?
MyCoolYoung - 3/19/2023, 4:42 PM
@TheBlueMorpho - doubt it. Gamers are over dramatic and viewers tend to love dramatic things. If anything I think it’ll drive traffic
MyCoolYoung - 3/19/2023, 4:52 PM
TheBlueMorpho - 3/19/2023, 4:56 PM
@MyCoolYoung -

Hope so
AmazingFILMporg - 3/19/2023, 4:59 PM
@TheBlueMorpho -

Didn't the last of us 2 do big numbers?🤔
DalekCraigWasson - 3/19/2023, 5:00 PM
@MyCoolYoung - Fun fact: this line was written by James Cameron, although it was his original villain meets Electro who said it.
TheBlueMorpho - 3/19/2023, 5:34 PM
@AmazingFILMporg -

It did. But it also pissed off a lot of people. Also the trailers of the 2nd game made it appear Joel and Ellie were going on another adventure together. So they felt they were lied to.
MyCoolYoung - 3/19/2023, 6:28 PM
@DalekCraigWasson - that is a fun fact. I wouldn’t of ever known that. Thank you 🙏🏽
DalekCraigWasson - 3/19/2023, 7:44 PM
@MyCoolYoung - It's a very interesting treatment (there is also a Doc Ock script written by other people that Cameron shamelessly put his name on without changing anything).

The main thing the treatment contributed that made its way to the final film is the reworking of the origin and Mary Jane. Cameron simplified the origin from a house burglar to carjacker and he combined MJ with Liz Allan, the high school girlfriend of Flash Thompson.

The villain was named Carlton Strand and was Osborn / Fisk in most everything except he had Electro's powers and Magneto's mutant superiority philosophy. Sandman was his number two.

It was also hard R and that was hit or miss. Stuff like Peter saying [frick] and having sex with MJ seems juvenile, but there is a great scene where he is stopping some guys stealing a TV on a fire escape and the escape collapses and he can save one guy but not the second. He struggles with, "Was that a big enough crime to intervene and let that guy die?" The NYPD also turns on Spider-Man when he stops a Rodney King style police beating.

There is also a lot straight out of Lee / Ditko. He goes into one of the set pieces with a cold. His first costume in the movie was supposed to look amateurish and badly sewn, then get destroyed in battle with Sandman. So, in a scene from a comics, he goes to a Halloween store and spends $150 on a high quality costume that would be used for the second half of the film. Stuff like that told me that, despite some misgivings, Cameron "got" Spidey and a couple drafts later, it could have been a fantastic film.
bcom - 3/19/2023, 8:48 PM
@TheBlueMorpho - The internet comments sections will probably blow up for a while for those that haven't played the game.
LongMayHeReign - 3/20/2023, 12:03 AM
@MyCoolYoung - Also the leaks helped to pre conditioned many gamers to go into the game with their minds already made up to hate the game. As well as the usual suspects on Youtube pushing their narratives and stirring up their communities into a hate mob.
MyCoolYoung - 3/20/2023, 1:53 AM
@LongMayHeReign - can’t forget about them. I don’t think people recognize they can start to hate something well before seeing it. I thought the concept was interesting even if people don’t like the execution.

Also, people have somehow convinced themselves that Joel was a good person in the first game or something
MyCoolYoung - 3/20/2023, 2:30 AM
@DalekCraigWasson - that scene you were describing with the fire escape sounds really interesting. I would’ve loved to have saw that
LongMayHeReign - 3/20/2023, 9:20 AM
@MyCoolYoung - Oh yea bruh they think Joel is a damn beacon of virtue. And they also think he's Batman to the point that he would never soften over time living in a comfortable relaxed environment.

Peak madness!
MyCoolYoung - 3/20/2023, 3:03 PM
@LongMayHeReign - which I think is the point of Abby. Abby and Ellie has the same story in the second one essentially. She also parallel Joel because Joel killed many people without consequences. The difference between Joel and Abby is we didn’t have a full game to fall in love with her and her dad before she killed someone we knew.

If Marlene was the protagonist of the first and Joel came and killed her then the last of us part 2 was the last of part 1 showing how Joel got there. I don’t think people would care.

That’s a great point about Joel softening over time. He pretty much softened over the course of the first game so it was a natural progression of just him wanting to live like he would’ve with Sarah
LongMayHeReign - 3/21/2023, 1:11 AM
@MyCoolYoung - Yup TLOU2 deals a lot with perspective and how things look drastically different from the other side of the fence.
TheyDont - 3/19/2023, 4:39 PM
Christian Bale has already begun training.
SuperBatCap1 - 3/19/2023, 4:43 PM
Screw Abby.

Seriously, there is no storyline/storytelling device that’s going to make me like her. The game didn’t do It. The series isn’t gonna just magically make her okay.
Twenty23Three - 3/19/2023, 4:44 PM
@SuperBatCap1 - well. If a girl getting revenge for her father isn’t going to make you like her nothing will. However, that’s the whole point in last of us 2. Abby and Ellie have the same story.
TheSuperMex - 3/19/2023, 6:33 PM
@SuperBatCap1 - you don’t have to like her but she was in her right to do what she did to Joel. Her parts of the game are great.
TheHumanSpider2 - 3/19/2023, 6:41 PM
@SuperBatCap1 - Why do you even dislike her? it was because of the way she was presented.
bkmeijer1 - 3/19/2023, 6:44 PM
@SuperBatCap1 - think having the show open with Abby's flashbacks to the die Joel killed her dad would be more effective in getting the viewer on board I think.
UncleHarm1 - 3/19/2023, 6:58 PM
@bkmeijer1 - I think if the game were in chronological order people would care a lot more. Every character they introduce in Abby's half we've already seen Ellie kill, so there's no story tension. Got to get to know a character before we care about their death...
bkmeijer1 - 3/19/2023, 7:03 PM
@UncleHarm1 - yeah, that would really work so much better.

The only death that still shocked me while I knew it was gonna happen, was Owen's girlfriend. That was pretty dark in hindsight.
HxCorbett - 3/19/2023, 11:21 PM
@UncleHarm1 - this is 100% true and why I cared for Manny so much bc we didn't know his fate. I think Part II is great as is, but a change like this definitely would've improved it
Origame - 3/20/2023, 6:50 AM
@Twenty23Three - considering said father was trying to kill a little girl...
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