THE LAST OF US: Marlene Voice Actress Merle Dandridge Set To Reprise The Role For HBO Series

THE LAST OF US: Marlene Voice Actress Merle Dandridge Set To Reprise The Role For HBO Series

The actress who provided the voice and character movements for Firefly leader Marlene in both The Last of Us video games is set to reprise the role in live-action for HBO's upcoming adaptation...

By MarkCassidy - May 27, 2021 04:05 PM EST
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Source: THR

It's been a while since we had any updates on HBO's upcoming The Last of Us adaptation, but THR is now reporting that another principal cast member has been added to the ensemble, and the actress is very familiar with the material!

Merle Dandridge (The Night Shift, Sons of Anarchy, The Flight Attendant) is set to play Marlene, the Firefly resistance movement leader she voiced in the Naughty Dog video games. She joins Game of Thrones breakout Bella Ramsey as Ellie, The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal as Joel, and Terminator: Dark Fate actor Gabriel Luna as Tommy.

The Last of Us is set 20 years after modern civilization has been destroyed and centers on the relationship between Joel, a smuggler in this new world, and Ellie, a teenager who may be key to a cure for a deadly pandemic. Joel, a hardened survivor, is hired to smuggle the 14-year-old girl out of an oppressive quarantine zone. What starts as a small job soon becomes a brutal, heartbreaking journey as they traverse the U.S. and depend on each other for survival.

Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) and the game's creator Neil Druckmann are writing and executive producing the show. The first season will adapt the events of the original game, but is also expected to include elements of the sequel. Druckmann recently confirmed that the series will take some liberties with the story.

A premiere date has not been announced, but production is expected to kick-off later this year.

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SuperIronman12 - 5/27/2021, 4:15 PM
Thats cool
Ha1frican - 5/27/2021, 4:16 PM
This actually instills a bit of confidence that they are taking adapting the game seriously so I dig it...
Boyle360 - 5/28/2021, 1:28 AM
@Ha1frican - with Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann making it, it's definitely going to be a good adaptation.
RageDriver2401 - 5/27/2021, 4:17 PM
Nice. Cautiously optimistic about this one. Cast looks pretty good so far.
dracula - 5/27/2021, 4:20 PM
So is this going to be a limited series or are they going to adapt the first game and then make up their own stuff.

Doubt many would care if they dont adapt the second game
dracula - 5/27/2021, 4:32 PM
@kazuma - havent played either game just heard good things about the first so if the sequel is better, cool. Although doesnt seem like most people agree.
Nightwing1015 - 5/27/2021, 4:41 PM
@kazuma - Nah that's nonsense, most people I've seen comment on it have legit criticisms of it. Is Angry Joe a neckbeard now???
Nightwing1015 - 5/27/2021, 4:53 PM
@kazuma - "Only the neckbeards hate the second game"

"I'm not calling him a neckbeard for disliking it"

This is what confused me
DarkDetective - 5/27/2021, 5:36 PM
@kazuma - Theres people with solid arguments about why they don't like it. Regarding the woke stuff, I have no problems with Ellie being lesbian (we knew it since the first game) and I liked Abby. Its the reasoning behind some decisions that seem idiotic when you hear the director talk about them (like why he only had “unnatractive” women in the game). I personally loved it, tho.
DTor91 - 5/27/2021, 6:55 PM
@kazuma - Yup. That and Red Dead 2 were my favorite games of the recent generation.
Supes17 - 5/27/2021, 4:25 PM
I think Ellie was shockingly miscast. Hope she proves me wrong.
Boyle360 - 5/28/2021, 1:29 AM
@Supes17 why?
MarkCassidy - 5/27/2021, 4:43 PM
TLOU Part II > TLOU Part 1

I will not be taking questions at this time.
DenimChicken - 5/27/2021, 5:09 PM
@RorMachine - I agree! Might be an unpopular opinion. Both are incredible games though.
Ha1frican - 5/27/2021, 5:34 PM
@RorMachine - I think Part 2 has a better overall narrative, but I also think it has far worse pacing so I come out about even with the two game in that I love them both for different reasons
LongMayHeReign - 5/27/2021, 5:59 PM
@RorMachine -

GhostDog - 5/27/2021, 4:50 PM
Cast shaping up nicely.
DenimChicken - 5/27/2021, 5:12 PM
I really hope this is good but I almost can’t imagine it having the same emotional punch the games had. Idk, I hope I’m wrong. Looking forward to it though!
SonOfAGif - 5/27/2021, 5:14 PM
Bring in Edward Norton as David
DarkDetective - 5/27/2021, 5:38 PM
@SonOfAGif - steve buscemi lol
DarkDetective - 5/27/2021, 5:39 PM
Should have cast Diego Luna as Tommy, tho
BB8ANG - 5/28/2021, 8:03 AM
@DarkDetective - They did.
DarkDetective - 5/28/2021, 8:17 AM
@Jahleel007 - didnt know Gabriel Luna and Diego Luna were the same person
BB8ANG - 5/28/2021, 2:30 PM
@DarkDetective - Lol, you're right. My bad
bobevanz - 5/27/2021, 5:56 PM
Can't wait til season two 😩
Grodd87 - 5/27/2021, 6:14 PM
How is this going to break down the game into seasons or is this just one season ?
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