MORTAL KOMBAT Movie Funko POPs Seemingly Confirm A Major Fan-Theory - SPOILERS

MORTAL KOMBAT Movie Funko POPs Seemingly Confirm A Major Fan-Theory - SPOILERS MORTAL KOMBAT Movie Funko POPs Seemingly Confirm A Major Fan-Theory - SPOILERS

Funko has unveiled the first wave of POP vinyls based on the upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot, and one of 'em seemingly confirms a massive fan-theory relating to a certain character. Possible spoilers...

By MarkCassidy - Mar 18, 2021 01:03 PM EST
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Funko has unveiled the first wave of POP figures based on characters from the upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot, and it consists of Sub-Zero, Sonya Blade, Cole Young, Scorpion, and... Cole Young as Scorpion?

Fans began to speculate that Lewis Tan's mysterious character (who was not in any of the video games) might be revealed as a descendant of the spectral ninja after the recent trailer, and it looks like we may now have confirmation.

Funko POPs don't offer particularly detailed depictions of the characters they're based on, of course, but even still, that certainly looks like the Cole Young figure's face beneath Scorpion's hood.

So, will we see Mr. Young don the fiery costume of his undead ancestor to compete in the tournament? We'll have to wait and see, but he did seem pretty handy with those twin blades in the teasers!

In “Mortal Kombat,” MMA fighter Cole Young, accustomed to taking a beating for money, is unaware of his heritage—or why Outworld's Emperor Shang Tsung has sent his best warrior, Sub-Zero, an otherworldly Cryomancer, to hunt Cole down. Fearing for his family's safety, Cole goes in search of Sonya Blade at the direction of Jax, a Special Forces Major who bears the same strange dragon marking Cole was born with. Soon, he finds himself at the temple of Lord Raiden, an Elder God and the protector of Earthrealm, who grants sanctuary to those who bear the mark.
Here, Cole trains with experienced warriors Liu Kang, Kung Lao and rogue mercenary Kano, as he prepares to stand with Earth’s greatest champions against the enemies of Outworld in a high stakes battle for the universe. But will Cole be pushed hard enough to unlock his arcana—the immense power from within his soul—in time to save not only his family, but to stop Outworld once and for all?

Mortal Kombat is set for a simultaneous release in theaters and on HBO Max this April 12.

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MahN166A - 3/18/2021, 1:10 PM
Could just be Sanada....
SKetCH - 3/18/2021, 1:25 PM
@SatsuiNoJXA -

My thoughts exactly. I think it's just OG Scorpion with his mask off. We do see him without it in the mirror scene so it's not unlikely that we see him in full-costume without the mask. 🤷🏻‍♂️
JFerguson - 3/18/2021, 1:35 PM
@SatsuiNoJXA - I agree. Upon closer examination the chin hairs on those figures are different.
Origame - 3/18/2021, 7:01 PM
@JFerguson - not to mention with their facial hair it'd be pretty hard to make them look different in a funko pop figure anyway.
dracula - 3/18/2021, 1:14 PM
hope they do something mileena's mouth, maybe have it open up really big, like the Witches movie
QuiGonsGhost - 3/18/2021, 1:17 PM
jerryblake - 3/18/2021, 1:52 PM
Cole is using Tonfas to fight Goro. First i thought he is using Tarkatan Blades rip off from one of Tarkatans but those are actually Tonfas. They were used by Tanya and Stryker. First character who ever used Tonfas was Jax.

Funny thing: they seem to be made of metal. I think they were made of the same steel Jax arms are made of. Maybe it was Jax who gave Tonfas to Cole.

OmegaDaGrodd - 3/18/2021, 7:39 PM
@jerryblake - I absolutely hated having to fight Stryker. Stupid ass grenades
cocaegelo - 3/18/2021, 2:03 PM
I would rather if he's Kuai Liang.
BB8ANG - 3/18/2021, 2:26 PM
That's not the same face. The color and beards are different.
Blergh - 3/18/2021, 2:39 PM
If they replace Hanzo with the new guy I'm out
AFriendFromWork - 3/18/2021, 3:45 PM
Seemingly confirms...CBMs greatest paradox. It’s not good news for this site when joshwildings crappy prose becomes the standard
Origame - 3/19/2021, 9:24 AM
@AFriendFromWork - well they gotta make up new ways of pretending they know nothing actually, since most likely they're wrong.
bcom - 3/18/2021, 4:10 PM
The goatee beard is different on both the Cole and Scorpion figures. I don't think its Cole. Then again, with Funko Pop figure faces being so generic looking, I don't think it can be proven true or false from these images.
Origame - 3/19/2021, 9:25 AM
@bcom - especially since the actor playing scorpion has like the same facial hair, just a bit longer.
bkmeijer2 - 3/18/2021, 4:22 PM
I don't know about the lore of Sub-Zero or Scorpion to know if this makes sense, but I think it would be cool.

Definitely better than making him Johnny Cage or Kuai Liang in my opinion.
BroskiTroski - 3/18/2021, 6:53 PM
I like how the only reason there’s debate here is because of Funko POP’s terribly simplistic designs . That could be either Cole or Sanada’s face, we’ll never know till the film.
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