A New Listing May Have Uncovered The Title Of The Next X-MEN Film; Plus Details On When It Might Start Filming

Earlier this week, a new production listing seemed to reveal the working title for the next X-Men film, and quite possibly when exactly Fox plans on getting the cameras rolling. Come take a look!

X-Men: Supernova

If recent reports are to be believed, that will either be the official title or is the working title for the seventh main storyline X-Men film (eleventh overall).

The title has been circulating since around mid-December, but until this week was believed to be the working title for Josh Boone's X-Men: The New Mutants. However, that all changed when Production Weekly released their latest issue, for the week of January 12th, which featured not the usual one, but two separate X-Men listings: one for the aforementioned New Mutants spin-off and one for the mysterious X-Men: Supernova.

Further details weren't provided and it's still up in the air even today whether or not the title is actually in reference to a new X-Men film or if it's just a mistake, but based on a recently posted second listing, it's starting to look like it might indeed be the former. The production tracking website My Entertainment World updated their site this morning with listings for the New Mutants feature film, which as expected will begin filming in late-April in Montréal, and also opened a new listing for X-Men: Supernova with a expected shoot date of mid-May 2017, also in Montréal. Check it out below:

Now, nothing is confirmed and this could easily be a mix-up as it's unlikely 20th Century Fox would want to kick off production on three, maybe four, separate X-Men universe films (including Deadpool 2 and possibly Gambit) within weeks of one another, but it's also not out of the realm of possibility, especially considering that both New Mutants and the Deadpool sequel will almost definitely be ready to roll by their respective production start dates. So, could the next X-Men sequel be much further along than we previously thought?

We already know producer Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Apocalypse) has been hard at work on the sequel's script since last summer and it's also been heavily rumored that the next film in the series will be a fresh take on the über-popular Phoenix Saga, this time set in the roaring '90s. As for the cast, we don't have an exact beat on which First Class cast members would return, but we do know that Tye Sheridan (Ready Player One), Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones), and Alexandra Shipp (Straight Outta Compton) all signed multi-picture deals back in 2015 to portray Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm for the foreseeable future, so they'll almost definitely return to lead the X-Men in any future installments.

With all of the details presented above, it's not a stretch to assume Supernova may just be a clever codename and/or placeholder for Phoenix as that's where the story seems to be going. It's either that or Fox could be gearing up to surprise everyone with an adaptation of the Rogue-led comic book story X-Men: Supernovas (although that's unlikely at best). Regardless, we'll just have to wait and see over the next few weeks as we probably won't get any concrete answers on the future of the blockbuster X-Men franchise till Hugh Jackman's epic swan song Logan rolls around March 3.

So, what do you guys think of the recent developments? Sound off with your thoughts below!

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